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(FLV) Eggnog

By: Flavorah (FLV)

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This is my recipe for the holiday season. Ive always loved a nice butter rum/ butterscotch drink. With the holidays creeping up on us i knew exactly what i needed to do. This profile is reminiscent of a holiday, spiked, butter rum eggnog. With wonderful bourbon and butter rum boozy notes mixed wonderfully with the creamy dulce de leche and the sweet decadent spice of a tasty holiday eggnog.

Eggnog, gingerbread, and tobacco. Nothing better to get you ready for the holiday season.

INW Falcon Eye and HS Gingerbread together make a really nice gingerbread. The HS is a bit dry, but it works really well here.

FLV Eggnog is a really tasty eggnog flavor, but needs a bit of help in the eggy department, so INW Custard helps with that.

Black for Pipe adds a really nice smokiness and HS Elder Captain has some nice holiday spice notes.

Lovage root in there to help with how dry it ends up being. The Elder Captain and Gingerbread are fairly dry, and the Lovage helps with that.


I haven't released a recipe in a while, here's an idea I'd been playing around with literally since the Beginner Blending competition. Inspired by my boy RiFF.

A tobacco vape with notes of vanilla bourbon throughout, and a nice little slap of banana on the inhale. Notes and all that shit below, as always.

FLV Banana / TPA Banana Cream - y'all know how much I like TPA BC, but I usually pair it with LA Banana Cream to create a more interesting and full flavoured banana note. However, after using FLV Banana, I found much more success. FLV's banana option carries a lot of the same flavour properties of LA's option, so if you're like me, expect some of that more candied, banana runts type note from it. However, I noticed more body to this option. There was some silky mouthfeel to it, a little less banana candy, and more of some sort of unholy creation that is a super sweet banana. I prefer this combination over the TPA/LA approach. We end up with something that is truly reminiscent of some sweetened banana cream, almost reminds me of banana milk or yogurt. This creates some nice sweetness to balance out the recipe, while also giving us some boost to the tobaccos in both flavour and mouthfeel.

TPA Kentucky Bourbon / FLV Bourbon - this is my go to bourbon/whiskey flavour combination. Usually I would keep TPA's option higher in the mix, but the more I've messed with FLV Bourbon, the more I realize this is the better front note for a bourbon. We're still missing some of the depth needed for a good bourbon flavour, but the TPA comes in to provide some of that bite and warmth, while FLV keeps those dark, sweet, oak notes prevalent.

FLV Red Burley - okay. So the more I've messed with FLV Red Burley, the more I realize it's almost not a good tobacco for me. I find it sickeningly sweet and thick, and while it carries a lot of wonderful flavour, I can't get away from that overt sweetness. However, this is why I thought it'd be a good match for this recipe. All of these flavour profiles have a tendency to carry some sweetness, just in different ways. The Red Burley hits us with some notes of sweetened peanut butter at times, while still giving that sense of a full bodied, yet sweet tobacco. The banana plays with these notes very well to bring some neutral fruit note as well as that earthy sweetness we get from bananas in general. And as always, the bourbon acts as a counterpoint to all of that sweetness. While it does carry some, it's still a more sharp and pronounced note that helps accent everything else.

FLV Eggnog / FLV Oak Barrel / FLV Virginia Tobacco - these act as our accents and support for the recipe. I am falling more and more in love with FLV Eggnog the more I use it. It is simply what is claims to be, a straight up eggnog with notes of fall/winter spices that accent the tobacco and bourbon quite nicely, while the thick mouthfeel boosts the bananas to a new level. The best thing I can compare it to is a cooked or fried banana/plantain flavour. The FLV Oak Barrel is here to add some more depth and complexity to the bourbon, for one thing I always find missing in our options for whiskey and bourbon is that wood note. Oak Barrel is perfect for that, and keeps the bourbons from feeling too sugary or sweet. Finally, FLV Virginia Tobacco, I know there are better options out there for a more dirty tobacco flavour, but I simply don't have them yet, so this was the option. Virginia Tobacco balances out that overt sweetness and syrupy note from Red Burley, while still pushing this recipe to be a tobacco forward profile. I love these three accents in this recipe, for all of them act as both supporting notes to certain concentrates, while being counterpoints to others. A perfect symbiotic relationship.

Steep time - While this is good on a shake, give it at least a week to let the flavours get to know each other. As it continues to age, the flavours start to pronounce themselves more noticeably, our banana notes take the inhale, the bourbon carries us through the vape, and the exhale gives us all of those complex tobacco notes.

This recipe has been a labour of love of the past few months, and I'm happy with the result. While the use of RiFF RAFF as inspiration is in name only, I woud like to think that the Neon Python himself would enjoy something like this while he's kickin it at the Kodeine Kastle with his pups.


Inspiration for this recipe struck after working on a pumpkin pie ice cream. Looking into it tropical eggnog, it is actually a thing!!! In Puerto Rico it's called Coquito After looking at a few recipes decided this was something I needed it my life. and trust me when I say you need it yours. Smooth creamy eggnog with a coconut kick, what's not to love?

FLV eggnog- this is hands-down the best eggnog flavoring I have tasted to date. smooth and creamy custard, with nutmeg and cinnamon. An obvious choice for a solid base to this recipe.

FA custard - wanted to add an extra layer of custard without the spices. I tried several different variations including, CAP vanilla custard, and FLV custard, flavourart custard was my favorite. CAP vanilla custard ended up muting all of the spice notes, but was still very tasty. FLV custard was also very tasty but didn't add any complexity into the recipe.

Coconuts - all three of these flavorings have their strengths and weaknesses. The combination of these three, at these percentages, highlights all of their strengths. To be honest you could probably get away with just using one (my favorite was sweet coconut at 3%.) That said this combination is far more complex, and was definitely my favorite.

FA Jamaican special- frankly how can you have eggnog without rum? And when looking at rum flavorings if a Jamaican special, also known as Jamaican rum is definitely at the top shelf. This concentrate has a great rum flavor, that pairs up perfectly with the eggnog. I was hoping it would bring a little warmth to the recipe unfortunately, that is not the case you could always try a little TFA Kentucky bourbon, it does bring a level of warm but can't get past the off notes.

FA marshmallow - does a few things here, for us helps soften the harsh notes, the nutmeg can have as a shake and vape, along with adding a fluffy texture, and adds an extra level of sweetness.

When I was blueprinting this recipe before doing any research on the topic I had banana in the mix. After researching and tasting a reference. Decided to keep this traditional, oddly enough the combination of eggnog and coconut does give me a banana flavor, and TFA Banana Foster would fit in here very very well.

Criticism and feedback, are much appreciated. Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy.


The Tobacco Base: FLV Arabian, INW TA Virginia, TFA Red Oak. Arabian tobacco has probably been the trickiest tobacco I've ever tried to use. It was dominating mixes for me at .1%. I never completely gave up on it though because it has something that I really like about it. It's incredibly earthy, musky, and a bit acrid. Very authentic tasting. Just so fucking strong. Perfect here at .12%. The Virginia is also very earthy, but more of a grassy/hay type of thing. Along with the TFA Red Oak, it really blends with the Arabian nicely to complete the base.

The Pumpkin Spice: this recipe was a request, and when it was first requested I hit up the googles to see what pumpkin spice was all about. Found an essential oils recipe to make a pumpkin spice scent, so I just went with that. Ginger, cinnamon, clove, Cardamom, and nutmeg. All things I was already playing with for what I had planned to be a Christmas recipe. I wanted to use some other tobacco flavors to make up as much of the pumpkin spice profile as I could. Why? Because why not? Cinnamon I went with FE Hongtashan. It's got a very distinct Cinnamon note to it. It's a warm and dark flavor, which is perfect for the season. INW Falcon Eye is for the ginger. When I first tested this flavor, ginger jumped out at me. Not much tobacco, but that's ok. I just use it as a ginger flavor. NBD. Nutmeg I went with FLV Eggnog. It's got a nice spice taste that isn't too strong on the eggy part, so I think it works well here to give me the nutmeg I needed, and also help the Hongtashan with the cinnamon. It doesn't push it too far in to winter flavor territory (or at least I hope not.) The clove and cardamom kind of speak for themselves i think. I originally picked them both up for an Arrakis clone, and I've been fiddling with them quite a bit the last month. Very easy for them to get a little out of control, so I keep 'em low.

First I'd like to start off by saying, I know this looks like a lot of flavors for a recipe, and the percentages seem high.Let me explain, I haven't found a šŸŽƒ flavoring, that I have liked to date, and so half of this recipe is my šŸŽƒ Stone.

Fall is approaching fast, and if you want a delicious šŸŽƒ vape, I suggest you start aging you e- liquid now.This is a concept recipe, I have never actually had a šŸŽƒ, pecan, and pralines ice cream. That said it sounds good to me, and after developing this recipe, I will have to break out the ice cream machine and give it a go.

šŸŽƒ Stone

Let's face it, the šŸŽƒ flavorings on the market all fall short, in the one area that counts, the šŸŽƒ!!! Add to that that the spices are completely out of balance, with the allspice kicking you right in the nuts. I wanted to build the šŸŽƒ from the ground up.

TFA yams- is a good base to build off of for a pumpkin. This flavoring has a nice sweet, starchy, šŸŽƒ like taste. TFA yam is a little weak, and does lack some characteristics of a cooked squash.

FA caramel- First thing first wanted to give it a roasted flavor, after trying Coke cans grilled pineapple, was certain that FA caramel would do the trick. In addition it help sweeten the profile, and is a great accent, for butter pecan, and pralines as well.

FLV eggnog - next we needed to add those traditional pumpkin spices. Eggnog gives us vanilla, cinnamon, and nutmeg, without the ever offensive allspice, found in all šŸŽƒ spice flavorings. The custard aspect of this flavoring, also helps give the pumpkin a smooth, creamy, and buttery finish.

TFA honeysuckle - IMHO šŸŽƒ tends to have a smooth, creamy, sweet, and somewhat floral flavor, this is where this is where honeysuckle comes into play. Known to pretty much go with everything honeysuckle, helps give the recipe light floral note.

Ice cream

HS French vanilla ice cream - Quickly becoming a staple flavor in the community, and for good reason. It is a great ice cream flavor, that doesn't need any help. And at higher percentages starts to take on a malty, somewhat cheesy note, reminiscent of mascarpone.I really push the percentage on this flavoring since we are dealing with some really rich, complex, and strong concentrates. The vanilla and custard from eggnog pair beautifully in this recipe, and I am very happy with the results.


FW butter pecan - There's a reason flavor West butter pecan is a staple flavoring, it is delicious!!! In this recipe, on top of adding some complexity, the nutty note pairs perfectly with all the creams, and that dark squash flavor we're going for. Butter pecan makes everything deeper, and richer. Although butter pecan is a great flavor, it tends to bully everything around, I don't want it to take over the recipe, and at 1.5% it is well balanced and sits in the background right where I want it.

FLV pralines - is something of a Hidden Gem. I have yet to see it used in a recipe here on all the flavors. That might be in park but this is such a conundrum of a flavor, I can't decide whether it taste like pecans, hazelnuts, almonds, or all of the above. this flavor is the perfect accent to boost butter pecan, and adds a great level of complexity. In the words of Coke can, ā€œ fuck you it's delicious, just try it assholes and thank me later.ā€


HS French vanilla ice cream- there is some debate about this, but personally cannot discern a difference between HS ice cream, and HS French vanilla bean ice cream, and so this is a no-brainer swap for the exact same percentage.

Eggnog- LA eggnog and RF eggnog are the other two flavorings in my arsenal. They both worked, but lacked some of the body, that FLV brought to the table. That said what we're looking for from the eggnog is combination of nutmeg and cinnamon and my thoughts are most eggnog should fit into the profile just fine.

Caramel - I tried a few variations here and had success with butterscotch Ripple, and plane butterscotch. Dulce de leche would also be a suitable replacement, to be honest this really just came down to preference I have been falling in love with FA caramel all over again.

Yam - probably the most unique flavor in the recipe, I had to order mine from Wizard labs and I'm not sure where else you can get it, except potentially buying direct from TFA. The only other flavor company that I'm aware of selling a yam or sweet potato flavoring is OOO, and I currently own none of their offerings. I would love to get some feedback from somebody who does.

FW & CAP šŸŽƒ spice, would make suitable replacements for the pumpkin Stone, keep in mind you will be getting a healthy dose of allspice with both of these flavors.


Although good as a shake and vape, butter pecan, and the creams really stand out at the 3-weeks. And just keep getting better with time.

Thanks for reading hope you give it a shot. Feedback and criticism Are welcome and appreciated.

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