(FLV) Dragon Fruit

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Just a little touch of Canada in a simple yet tasty recipe made by a Canadian,,

Steeping time will vary to your taste so here is my take on 1 day - 3 day - 5 day
Day 1 - I get the high cake flavor..
Day 3 - I get a ton of marshmallow and Dragon Fruit
Day 5 - I get a nice rounded Sweet Coconut with Dragon Fruit on the exhale and the rounded cake note on the inhale.

Taking you back to your youth in the 70's or 80's with the crisp grape taste .. Or better yet watching Scooby Do and Grape Ape on the T.V. and drinking that grape soda or Kool-Aid you had always liked..


A remix Method1's Lemonaids which is a remix of SlashaLO's Satyra.

This shit bangs. No subs possible. Best damn ratio of concentrates in the game. Fuck me up, fam.

ATF won't allow me to put the accurate steep day for this one, so please note that this recipe is best at about 5 days BEFORE you mix it. Trust me.

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