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(FLV) Blueberry Muffin

By: Flavorah (FLV) - Buy Direct
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This is one of my favorite custard recipes I've been making for a while now. I've made a few changes and figured I'd put it out there. The FW Blueberry, FLV Blueberry Muffin, FA Blilberry, and INW raspberry combo make a very sweet, and almost realistic blueberry. I sometimes use FA Fuji in place of the INW Raspberry, but I like my blueberrys a little darker with a custard. Speaking of custard I use the good ol Cap V1 VC as my go to custard, along with TFA cheesecake graham crust to provide that depth. And of couse I had to add in the combo of FLV Cream and INW Shisha Vanilla, made famous from the recipe "Longing" to finish of the cream base. Being the custard fan I am, I could vape this and Coop34's Raspberry Custard forever and probably not get sick of it. Let sit for a good 7 days, as with any custard it gets better with time. Hope you all enjoy!

Good PieLot 70/30(BluePielot Simplified)(remix)
This is my take on Stewart's Blueberry Pie in the Sky Ice Cream.
Thank you and enjoy!

A stack of crunchy blueberry cake donuts with a sugar glaze. My goal was to get a nice fried crunch on the outside of the donut, topped with a sweet glaze, and a fluffy wild blueberry cake inside.


This is one of my attempts to see if FLV is actually useful. And I guess it is this time. This is a Blueberry apricot vanilla muffin. The blueberry is the low note, while the apricot is the high note, and a touch of vanilla somewhere in between with a muffin finish. I was actually surprised with how much I liked this, but its still an early version.

My clone of french dude (Blueberry french toast) This to me is a better version with a slightly more authentic flavor profile. And honestly french dude doesn't taste like french toast anyways lol.

The FLV cupcake batter is the key to everything. I was single flavor testing it and after acouple weeks it started tasting just like waffles with a hint a maple already in it

The butter is pretty obvious, I initially had this at 1% and you couldn't notice it was there, at 2% its a perfect hint of butter.

I added the yellow cake in a second version to give it a little more of the sugary dough flavor that I felt was missing

FA Maple syrup again is pretty obvious, be warned it is extremely strong. I had it at .25% and accidentally put an extra drop bring it up to .4 and I actually liked it better there so I kept that odd number. You can play with this one for your taste of sweetness

FLV blueberry muffin - I added to try killing 2 birds with one stone to get more of a cake flavor and add the blueberry, however the blueberry was only a slight hint hence adding the few drops of bilberry really sent it over the top.

Bilberry - like I mentioned above I wasn't getting enough blueberry and added this in the 4th batch to up it just a nudge and this put the blueberry flavor right where it needed to be.

Believe it or not, this is actually damn good right away as a shake and vape however if it sits 2-3 weeks it becomes much more complex. I usually make 2 bottles, one to sit and one to vape on.

A spin off of my Grape Ice Cream Cone recipe.

I backed the Koolada down to 0.5% here to let some of the blueberry taste shine through. It can be omitted if you prefer, but I feel it adds to the ice cream.

Steep overnight, develops a bit more after 5-7 days.

A blueberry muffin with Captain Crunch topping.

Courtesy of New Amsterdam Vapes.

"This is my new favorite all day vape recipe. It's a salty peanut butter with sweet fruit jam and bananas. One of my favorite snacks and makes for a great vape."

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