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If you like a nice tall glass of southern sweet tea on a hot summer day then this is for you! I have spent several months trying different flavors and combinations and none seemed to hit the spot till I tried what to me is the best sweet tea available. One On One sweet tea is perfection IMO!

OOO sweet tea makes the perfect base paired with LLS from Wonder Flavors to give a smooth mouthfeel. A touch of lemon using Cap ILS and FA Pear to bring them together. The mix is sweet without sweetener but the addition of FW Sweetener gives this an extra sweet southern tea feel! I toyed with using Cap SS but it seemed to mute what I was getting from the Lemon Lime Soda so i tried FW and it worked perfectly at .25! The only drawback to this is for it all to come together you need to steep for at least 2 weeks or so. If you like southern sweet tea give this a go.

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Something for the first time DIY people, its easy and nice to vape.

This was just something I felt like making at the time and did not want to go get from the shops cos why would I right.

Very simple to make and goes alright, probably can and should use a strawberry or a hint of pear just to finish.

Apple / Rose / Cardamom infusion.

I do not own any rights for the recipe's image and all credit goes to the awesome band Orphaned Land.

A family traditional apple infusion / semi-beverage from my mother's side, that my grandmother used to make before Yom Kippur's fast breaking meal.

It is a watery beverage made by infusing thinly sliced apples, cardamom, rose water and sugar with water. It is relatively light in flavor and served in a big bowl (similar to punch bowl). The apple flavor is very light and not so sweet, a bit more on the peel side (rather than apple flesh).

This semi-beverage purpose is to help the body regain liquids and to introduce some digestion activity gradually before the main meal, to prevent stomach aches after a 25 hours of complete fasting (for those who choose to fast).

I don't have many apples and FA Fuji seemed to work well as a realistic apple at 2%, in the right dose. Since it is the base of the recipe, it is tasty and thin enough for this purpose. FA Meringue helps to vaguely sweeten the recipe and fights FA Cardamom's throat hit. FW Sweetener is used in 1 drop per 15 ml.

The most delicious choc mint recipe ever?
See it being made here: https://youtu.be/DTqKbhwpr0Q

Went through many renditions, but I'm finally happy enough to release this.

Devon Cream + Custard Premium bring this really rich, buttery, smooth vanilla cream notes, and tossing in VSO Cornmeal takes it to another level, essentially making it taste like cornbread. If you didn't know, that's exactly why cornbread tastes the way it does lol cornmeal. And VSOs offering is a spot-on option to do that without too much bready notes and not enough corn.

I fell in love with this red date and smoked plum combo it gives me this really nice semi-cooked fruit. Smoked plum is a lil too bright and red dates is syrupy and cooked down so the bridge of them together gives me what i was looking for.

Fa black fire brings in some of the actual smokey vibes that inw plum is lacking, and toasted marshmallow bends it back into the dessert without things getting to dry. If you're not a fan of black fire, you can omit it or adjust to your tastes. I enjoyed it at both .2 and .25.

FW Sucralose here, dont need that cap citric sweet in this. Helps keeps things sweet and moist and full.

Give this a solid 2 week steep. Or longer if you believe in that, for this to be at its fullest. Still well balanced off the shake.

Much Love Homies

Roll up Roll up! Everyone's A Winner!
Welcome To My Latest Greatest Recipe!
A freakishly delicious recipe!
No circus monkeys or midgets were harmed in the creation process.
It started by chasing a popular commercial recipe called
"The One" by bearded vape. A hugely popular eLiquid!
I went to by some but at $40 a bottle, no thanks!
I was offered some but I like to have fun creating the best I can make from the profile description, & what I came up with here in my opinion is freakishly delicious!

The OG recipe profile description I worked from:
A strawberry doughnut filled with froth cream than splashed in ice-cold creamy milk. the flavor of fruity cereal blended with the infamous gooey strawberry glazed doughnut instantly delights your flavor palate. While you exhale, the smooth silky rich creamy milk seals the deal.

I think what I have come up with is something like that, made to suit my palette.

Mix it, steep it, enjoy it!
Let me know what you think!

I enjoy it vaped at 70w on a twin recurve RDA with SST coils.
Best 3 days on wards but very vapeable off the shake!

No circus monkeys or midgets were harmed in the creation process.

Not Another Pecan Pie! I really really like this one. The best that I've tested so far (of course it is 😋) . Whipped cream fresh is fantastic because it sits on top of the mix. 1.2 fw sweetener because those things are sweeeeeet. Enjoy or don't!

I've been mixing for over 4 years now and I would like to think that I know what I'm doing 🙃. So when I release a recipe, I tested it, readjusted it 2-3 times or more and vaped at least a 100ml. I don't like to write exhaustive description of my recipe, unless i use a flavor to do something special in the mix, because most of the time it's really straight forward.....for example: Pecan pie= cookie and pie crust for the crust, bav cream/butter pecan/ butter pecan pie and butter base for the gooey goodness inside and whipped cream well...for the whipped cream on top. If I use those ingredients it's because I loved them or they need some love because when you have 600 flavors or more they don't get used as often as they should. I'm writing this in my notes app and will copy/paste it in my next mixes for now on. English is not my first language so sorry if it's not always perfect! Cheers mother truckers!

Snap, Crackle and Pop's secret stash. It could always be better and dessert vapes aren't my specialty but I like where it's at and you can't go wrong with a single one of these flavors. God bless!

who doesn't like Nutella, now put that in a cupcake and add some vanilla and a hint of frosting and let me tell you, you will be in love.

let me know what you think.

Something Different, thought I would give it a go and OMG its good

I can defiantly taste the cola with just a hint of strawberry at the end its not two overpowering its just right.
I could vape this all day. Please give it a go.
let me know what you think

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