(FW) Black Currant

By: Flavor West (FW)
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I never tried yig but this is what I imagine it to be like

Dolphin bay, South Australia
Population; 247

Black current, watermelon & sour green apple
Been testing this for a while, nice summery liquid!

Decided to release early.

A friend serves blueberry rice milk with spicy Indian meals. It is just white rice, whole milk and sugar cooked until the rice is very soft, and then she adds fresh blueberries after it cools. I wanted to try to duplicate the flavor.

The base is FE Rice Milk since it is a creamy, plain rice.
I added FLV Cream to add a milky richness.

The beverage is very sweet, but I wanted to try to add the sweetness with a blueberry flavor, FW Blueberry, but it does not duplicate the flavor of fresh blueberries. I hadn't tried VTA''s Blueberry, so I used it, just to get a feel of how it would work in a mix, and FW Black Current to add some depth to the berry flavor.

Sweetener is optional, but I did prefer it with a little sweetener.

Tested on Engine Nano 0.31 Ohm, 43 watts

So long story short rules are rules. And even though I did my best to follow I got caught up in the moment, and did not check the website before I started. I used flavors that I know I had purchased the whole city in the past.

Before submitting I decided just to double-check and what you know it. Bull City stopped carrying flavor West black currant, which was the linchpin in my recipe. So as a hell Mary I had to substitute for flavor Arts offering. Which I don't own and have no idea how it's going to come out. But I can vouch for this recipe it is a great and unique makes of berries.

Going for an unique blend of mixed of berries here. Starting off with foresr fruit, adding a little extra current, to that flavor with FW black currant, and then giving you a little something unique with the cap fig.

Forest fruit- on its own is a fantastic flavoring, little harsh as a shake and vape, but calms down after a couple of days. Since we've been limited to three flavorings I thought I would go with flavoring that has multiple flavors. This flavoring is very strong and does a great job at 1%.

Flavor West black currant-can come off very Floral, and wasn't sure it was going to work here. Turned out to be a fantastic pairing with really bringing out the berries in this fruit mix.

Cap fig- I've tried using this particular flavoring with little success in other recipes. Took a chance threw it in the mix and WOW, it compliments the other berries well while sweetening everything, and just making it very interesting.

I'm super impressed with this combination of flavorings and can't wait to use it in a custard or Bakery.

Using my standard testing setup. Clapton coils coming out at .46 ohms, in my recoil testing at 70/30 with 3% Nic.

This flavoring is dark and delicious and should hold up even without the nicotine.

Flavor Notes

By: Chrisdvr1 Score: 95 / 100 Solo: 5.0% Mix: 2.5% Steep: 3 days Difficulty: 100 / 100

Tart with a light sweetness, slightly acidic, and light floral notes.

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