(FW) Biscotti

By: Flavor West (FW)
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My take on the lockdown classic. Everyones baking it, so I ate mine with tobacco.

After being hooked on Nom Nomz Monkey Brek i decided to try a version i enjoy for myself..
Now im not a huge fan of Banana vapes as they always taste chemicly or like foams eughhhh so this is light on the Banana but you still get a good flavour from it, I found FW Banana a great all round banana, Shisha was a close second but tasted a little to candy/foams to me but feel free to swap it if thats what you prefer, Now if youve had Monkey Brek youll know its all about the biscuit... i have tried lots of variations but this one just got better.... This was also my first venture with VTA Buscuit base and it didnt really add much straight off but i think its a steeper so i left it in...
Also 0.5 Super Sweet sounds a lot but its not sickly sweet... if your worried try starting lower....
Hope you enjoy as much as i am :)

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