(FW) Banana

By: Flavor West (FW)
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Amazing Strawberry Banana. Don’t believe me mix it up get nasty.


The names says it all.
Fresh mango, creamy coconut & a bit of banana to bring it all together. Straight forward yet dynamic and well balanced.

Essentially, I just took my favorite concentrates from each category and layered them together to create something that is fruit forward & tropical but still delivers a creaminess I love in any mix. Instead of getting carried away with loads of flavorings as I tend to do I wanted to keep things as simple as possible. 5 flavors and some super sweet. That's it.

In my mind nothing tops FLV Mango or VT Shisha Mango in the mango category. They're both fabulous but they're also quite different. Combining the two was a no-brainer for me. VT brings the bright vibrancy. FLV brings the creaminess. FLV Sweet Coconut is the coco goat. There is simply NO possible substitute for this one. Lastly, TPA Banana Cream is my #1 when it comes to bananas and pairs beautifully with the sweet coconut.

That's all folks! Enjoy! And be sure to post your feedback in the comments ;)

-Modesto Bravo

This is DMC's second attempt at Cosmic fog Milk & Honey. By subbing out the graham cracker and bumping up the peanut butter it is closer than ever. If you enjoy the og this should get the job done. We may tweak a little after a long steep to see how it changes but it sure is tasty right now. Cloning with the Crew: Cosmic fog Milk & Honey Ep2====> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-eGhvNFVMMs


This is DMC's first attempt at Cosmic fog Milk & Honey.
Cloning with the Crew: Cosmic fog Milk & Honey Ep1.

My attempt at a honey nut cheerios or golden grahams cereal with marshmallows and slight hint of banana

Attempt at a traditional southern banana pudding like granny made

After being hooked on Nom Nomz Monkey Brek i decided to try a version i enjoy for myself..
Now im not a huge fan of Banana vapes as they always taste chemicly or like foams eughhhh so this is light on the Banana but you still get a good flavour from it, I found FW Banana a great all round banana, Shisha was a close second but tasted a little to candy/foams to me but feel free to swap it if thats what you prefer, Now if youve had Monkey Brek youll know its all about the biscuit... i have tried lots of variations but this one just got better.... This was also my first venture with VTA Buscuit base and it didnt really add much straight off but i think its a steeper so i left it in...
Also 0.5 Super Sweet sounds a lot but its not sickly sweet... if your worried try starting lower....
Hope you enjoy as much as i am :)

Attempt at a traditional southern bread pudding with bourbon and banana added. First attempt using newer Real Flavors brand flavors.

Fruity sweet concoction to enjoy while out at the beach admiring the whales or sitting around the pool watching the kids.

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