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A lemon Custard filled doughnut, i'm bad with descriptions, just mix it! :)

Profile: A three layered Custard Cake with a light sweet lemon finish.

The body: TPA Vanilla Custard II and CAP Vanilla Custard v2 are the dominant flavors here with CAP Vanilla Cupcake V2 to soften the richness of the Custards. CAP New York Cheese Cake V2 was added to simulate the moist dense texture of Pound Cake.

Supporting flavors: The combination of CAP Juicy Lemon, CAP Bavarian Cream and CAP Golden Butter add a smooth but tangy citrus note that is present but not overpowering. It is noticeable on the inhale but much more present on the exhale.

Steep time: This recipe really comes to life after 2-3 weeks. The depth of flavor and mouth feel are spot on with a full months steep

Sweet mixed berry with a slightly tart/sour finish

Starting with forest fruit and adding blackberry to darken things up a bit. Adding juicy lemon enhances the underlying touch of tartness in forest fruit. Coconut added a nice background note and also blends well with berries. Off the shake you will indeed get a lemony sour note, after 12 hr or so the distinct lemon flavor fades and winds up as a slight tart/sour note in the finish of this tasty mix.

Sweeten and/or cool to taste.

new recipe .. lets see how this turns out... first thoughts smells goood of the bat

So I get these sour apple and strawberry candies from work and wanted too try my hand at it and it came out awesome as always give it a mix boys and girls

This is a shake & vape. I really needed something to go with some corona the beer. It pairs up nice with a beer and some warm weather. I’d say sweeten to taste. I got the idea from Superbloke and his line of juice. It came out good. After a week or two the strawberry starts to fade and the watermelon pops out more.


it needs a few days to turn into a awesome somewhat tart blueberry lemony cheesecake I hope you all enjoy my first recipe here any feed back is welcomed

Inspired by this recipe here -----> https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/175889#pink_punch_lemonade_clone_by_denske

I didn't have the lemon's he had, so I used juicy lemon cap and Lemon Sicily.

Super sweet can be adjusted. I just like it on the higher side for this. 0.5% to 1%

Notes to come, this is my dessert island recipe using only Cappella flavors.

a first draft of a lemon curd tart. VT lemon meringue tart for the base, juicy lemon CAP to candy out the lemon more, FA cookie to help the crust fa custard to help the curd aspect, fw bavarian creme to add some weight and who doesn't like a little butter and use sweetner to your liking

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