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(CAP) Churro

By: Capella (CAP) - Buy Direct

Used in 128 recipes at an average of 2.706%.


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Attempt at a doughnut fried treat with dulce de leche topping

Attempt at a doughnut fried treat with dulce de leche topping with chocolate

Attempt at a doughnut fried treat with dulce de leche topping

Challenging finding a good free photo - anyway... looking here for chewy and cherry and sweet - so using angel cake to back up the churro and I love cherry crush - using the candy watermelon to back that up and add a sweetness plus super sweet cuz this one is supposed to be sweet hmm???!!!! We'll see LOL

Week 9 Challenge - dedicated to Emily - I am new to this game so I don't know her nickname but I think everyone knows who she is. I don't have sugar cone or waffle cone which she has been mentioning alot lately or at least in shows where I've seen her. Churro is my best next go to for a different kind of bakery.
This tastes great shake and vape - I hope it holds up to some steeping. I thought churro with orange and cream sounded good so I went for it and added a floral dash to it - straight away it's not obvious but the bergamot you can taste right off the bat even at such a small percentage and it adds a nice extra bitter-sweetness somehow. If you want something sweeter than this you could definitely bump up the super sweet. The biscuit is silverline but I don't see that here.

Allow the mix to rest for a day.

feedback would be much appreciated :)

Mr Churro, fried doughnut, caramel, creamy, one of my personal favourite mixes, its just amazing!!


I called this one Churros? because I can't remember what a real churro tastes like. So maybe this does, maybe it doesn't. The original recipe seemed to think it did.

Orig Recipe - http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/1226583/Secret%20Strawberry%20Churrio%20%28The%20best%29

Added TFA Strawberry Ripe instead of CAP Sweet Strawberry
Added a couple % of TFA Sweetener
Removed TFA Meringue - It's pretty rough on my throat even at low %s.

I may still test removing the TFA Acetyl Pyrazine too. I haven't mixed it too much and honestly, since I usually only make 10-15ml at a time, I don't like having to futz with such small %s. If it doesn't make too much or any difference to me I'll remove it from here.

Listed it at a 7 day steep even though the original says SnV/3 as it was better to me after having more time to sit.

Based on the profile of a well known fast food establishments apple 'pie', although it's more of a deep fried sweet apple pocket in reality, the pastry is nothing like a traditional pie and I've tried to achieve that thin doughy fried pocket that it comes with the use of the CAP Churro and FA Zeppola.

CAPple Pie adds a little summin summin to the fuji and works as the go between the apple and the pie profile.

TFA Brown Sugar and CAP Cinnamon Danish Swirl are seasoning to a degree, the CDS gives the doughy crust a bit of cakeyness (if that's a word?). The Brown Sugar helps with a slight richer sweetness and goes with the shell and cooked apple.

FA Fuji & FA Liquid Amber stewed/fried/seasoned sweet apple.

Feel free to Vape at 600F for blistering authenticity.

That's about it.

Its close, i may need to slightly edit the banana percentages.
But here it is in all its glory THE BANANA CHURRO

Cap churro.
This is the main pastry of the mix, sitting at 3.35% it has just the right amount of texture and flavor without hitting play dough.

Cap Pralines and cream.
This is our pecan dusting, while simultaneously boosting our cream mix.


Cap Banana & Banana Split
Banana split is the start of both our banana and our cream base.
Both are nice, but maintain the artificial flavor i was looking for.
Cap banana reminds me of store bought banana cream pie.
Banana split is ever so slightly different, complementing cap banana and starting a great cream base.

Cap cake batter
This is our cream-churro bridge.
At this low of a percentage it complements the whole recipe.
Added depth to the churro and a touchy of creaminess to the banana.

Cap vanilla whipped cream
This is the part one of our topping.
A delicious cream, and one that compliments the rest of the mix. light vanilla and a dense mouthfeel.

Cap Honey
the finishing touch. a light honey drizzle on top of our fluffy churro.

Cap super sweet
This is a 3 fold ingredient
1. It tames the playdoh flavor some people get from cap churro.
2. The citric acid in CSS pops our banana nicely.
3. its a sweet recipe, we dumped sweetened whipped cream, pralines and honey on top of a savory fried pastry.

Live mixing video and notes here

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