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Deliciosas galletas cremosas con canela, una fiel versión de mis galletas preferidas. No superar la cantidad de mantequilla de cacahuete, ésta en mayor proporción se comería el resto de sabores y desvirtuaria el conjunto de la receta.

This is a remix of a famous
flavourshot from ChefsFlavours uk.

Mexican Styled Fried Vanilla Ice Cream

A sweet vanilla ice-cream inhale and a cereal exhale with hints of cinnamon & almond, bringing all the flavours together with the added taste of coconut.

Attempt at a doughnut fried treat with dulce de leche topping

Attempt at a doughnut fried treat with dulce de leche topping with chocolate

Attempt at a doughnut fried treat with dulce de leche topping

Challenging finding a good free photo - anyway... looking here for chewy and cherry and sweet - so using angel cake to back up the churro and I love cherry crush - using the candy watermelon to back that up and add a sweetness plus super sweet cuz this one is supposed to be sweet hmm???!!!! We'll see LOL

Week 9 Challenge - dedicated to Emily - I am new to this game so I don't know her nickname but I think everyone knows who she is. I don't have sugar cone or waffle cone which she has been mentioning alot lately or at least in shows where I've seen her. Churro is my best next go to for a different kind of bakery.
This tastes great shake and vape - I hope it holds up to some steeping. I thought churro with orange and cream sounded good so I went for it and added a floral dash to it - straight away it's not obvious but the bergamot you can taste right off the bat even at such a small percentage and it adds a nice extra bitter-sweetness somehow. If you want something sweeter than this you could definitely bump up the super sweet. The biscuit is silverline but I don't see that here.

Allow the mix to rest for a day.

feedback would be much appreciated :)

Mr Churro, fried doughnut, caramel, creamy, one of my personal favourite mixes, its just amazing!!


I called this one Churros? because I can't remember what a real churro tastes like. So maybe this does, maybe it doesn't. The original recipe seemed to think it did.

Orig Recipe - http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/1226583/Secret%20Strawberry%20Churrio%20%28The%20best%29

Added TFA Strawberry Ripe instead of CAP Sweet Strawberry
Added a couple % of TFA Sweetener
Removed TFA Meringue - It's pretty rough on my throat even at low %s.

I may still test removing the TFA Acetyl Pyrazine too. I haven't mixed it too much and honestly, since I usually only make 10-15ml at a time, I don't like having to futz with such small %s. If it doesn't make too much or any difference to me I'll remove it from here.

Listed it at a 7 day steep even though the original says SnV/3 as it was better to me after having more time to sit.

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