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(CAP) Cake Batter

By: Capella (CAP) - Buy Direct
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This needs some balancing, so I'm very much open for ideas...
The recipe was influenced by the first-ever-premium liquid I've fallen in love back in 2014 - "Gold Tiger" by X-Bud(Liquideo FR). It's by no means a clone but rather an inspiration taken from the days of using low power mods and MTL atomizers (Vamo v5 and Nautilus).

I love the combination of various custards with CAP Cake Batter and there's nothing I can do about it. Tobaccos are not too bold but still quite noticeable even after two weeks of steeping. Thick caramel tobacco custard with some SPICE!

For those who want less tobacco but more caramel can simply drop the HS Ry1 and increase HS Ry4 percentage up to 4% or use your preferred Ry4. Enjoy!


A light Biscuit dipped in a Strawberry Marshmallow Cream.

For a fluffier Version change Vienna Cream with 1% TPA Whipped Cream!
If you want only the dip, without the bakerie notes, you can mix it without the 2 bakery flavours.

I love OOO Marshmallow Vanilla. Such a nice Vanilla and creamy sweetnes. Its more a Marshmallow Cream than a real Marshmallow.
I also love OOO Strawberry Jam its not only the nice fruity jammyness, also the strawberry is with a little help wonderful.
The whole recept is to bring the spot on this two flavours.

The Marshmallows gives this mix a nice sweetnes, but add sweetener, how you like.
You can vape it S&V but taste better if you give it 3-5 days, that the flavours can melt together.

My take on the lockdown classic. Everyones baking it, so I ate mine with tobacco.

Dark gooey cookie with a delicious blueberry chunks and a jammy filling perfect for that morning coffee fix

made live on fresh03 show. made for HooPty. Thanks For Your Donation

All credits goes to @mlNikon
i just changed percentages and added some more aromas.

This is a sourdough soft center Funnel Cake. It’s good deep rich slightly burned sugar notes and a sugary sweet exhale.

my attempt at custard that soothes the grumpy old bastard in me I aint no fancy diyer I just make stuff I like feedback welcomed

A yummy carmel custard
Taste very good, but maybe you have any improvement ...


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