(LB) Vanilla Ice Cream
By: Fear
Score: 100 / 100 Solo: 7.0% Mix: 4.0% Steep: 14 days Difficulty: 20 / 100
Created: over 4 years ago Updated: over 4 years ago

Creamy, rich, complex, complete vanilla ice cream that mimics several types of ice cream and even frozen custard at different percentages.


4% A good vanilla note, heavy on cream notes and sweet reminiscent of "cheap brick ice cream" (mellorine) but not in a bad way. In a, we are poor and this was cheap and good way. Needs to be stronger for main note but would work with a fruit or other flavor to hide the taste of VG *dumps the rest in a half empty bottle of mango yogurt.

6%, This is really close to Vanilla Softserve, creamy, sweet, vanilla, hints of custard notes. Dairy Queen or Culvert's frozen custard? Interesting that the flavor goes from a light icecream to a rich and buttery ice cream as the wattage changes..

8% two week steep, This is full on premium vanilla ice cream. Not the current "Vanilla Bean" types more of the classic old fashioned rich vanilla ice creams. Heavy, creamy, buttery, sweet, VANILLA for days. Does not change much from lower wattage to medium, high wattage brings out more of a frozen heavy vanilla custard note than ice cream.

M-Atty, naRDA, Hadaly, Next Gen using mesh, Origen Genesis using mesh, and Kayfun V5

First a note on the steeping, this flavoring is actually fantastic as a SnV but beware, it changes significantly on a steep. At 14 days it has gained all the depth and complexity that it is going to, but will get a little richer up to 30 days.
This is an interesting take on ice cream, IMO asides from Hangsen it is the most complete ice cream concentrate out there. Very good as a stand alone but also very easy to work with. This works well with CAP or TFA VBIC to bolster those two flavors into deeper more complex ice creams. This pairs well with fruits, bakeries and coffee's. It is less useful than CAP and TFA VBIC when used as a "creamifier?" as it is going to be very much vanilla ice cream /frozen custard. But also more useful than either when an ice cream note is needed as it stands on it's own without other supporting creams. BEWARE those that are sensitive to custard notes, when used in higher percentages it has a strong custard note to it.