(FE) Oak Milk
By: Rageisalotofwork
Score: 80 / 100 Solo: 5.0% Mix: 2.0% Steep: 5 days Difficulty: 70 / 100
Created: over 4 years ago Updated: over 4 years ago

Earthy bitter milk.


This Is one the strangest, and good flavors I have ever had. It is a bitter earthy aeromatic milk. flavor. The mouth feel makes me think of the thickness of butter milk or thistle milk, but the flavor is closer to a malt/soy milk with hints of nutmeg.

Neutron 25mm, dual 4/5 fused aliens .24ohm

Chocolates, especially heavy chocolates to make a good fudge flavor. spices, creams. Probably not light fruits, or at least I wouldn't.