(CAP) Banana Split
By: Rageisalotofwork
Score: 65 / 100 Solo: 7.0% Mix: 3.5% Steep: 7 days Difficulty: 70 / 100
Created: almost 5 years ago Updated: almost 5 years ago

Tastes like artificial banana, vanilla ice cream and nilla wafer shoved into a very heavy concentrate.


The flavor is that of a banana split. What it tastes like is artificial banana, vanilla ice cream and a nilla wafer all shoved together in a very heavy concentrate. No berries ,cherries ,chocolate ,syrup, nuts our anything else you would expect in a banana split.

I'm going to use this to replace the banana I have in my gorilla juice clone.

Very rich and heavy creamy banana on inhale, light wafery vanilla flavor on exhale. If the wick starts drying you get a slight metallic taste.
Its not bad, would be great in a mix, but it's more of a artificial banana split candy bar flavor than the real thing. And I do enjoy the taste, but I wouldn't solo this again.

Gunker? Possibly. It's a clear liquid and the coils are fine, the cotton is still white but I was only able to vape 5ml in the last 24 hours instead of the usual 20-25ml because it's so thick and heavy.

ADV? Nope. No sir Hell no. Getting through 5ml was tough. The flavor is good, but it's not friendly. Too rich.

Flavor 6/10
Harshness 0/10
Boldness 6/10
Throat hit 3/10
Flavor Accuracy 5/10

Tested on a Tsunami 24: .29 ohm dual 7/8 wrap kanthal fused Clapton bacon cotton v2 wick.

I recommend mixing between 4-6% with creams and bakery, 2-4% if mixing with another banana I would keep it at half % of the other banana.