(CAP) Lemon Meringue Pie
By: Rageisalotofwork
Score: 95 / 100 Solo: 7.0% Mix: 5.5% Steep: 7 days Difficulty: 25 / 100
Created: over 4 years ago Updated: over 4 years ago

Extremely close to a actual Lemon Meringue Pie, but closer to whipped cream than meringue. Lemon is prominent but not overpowering, Pillowy light cream with a hint of crust on exhale.


The flavor is that of a lemon meringue pie, and it's close. The lemon is prominent, but not sour, almost sweet. The meringue flavor isn't there for me but it has a very pillowy light floaty sort of whipped cream feel but not thick enough to be a cream, and the crust is very nice and light on the exhale.

Very pleasant and subtle flavor, surprising to me as I hate lemon meringue. Mouth taste is what Lemon zest would taste like without the bitterness, exhaling through the nose brings a decent graham cracker crust.

I'm so happy I bought this, I'm already thinking of half a dozen recipes I want this in and it's one of the best concentrates I've found to date. There is no throat hit so I recommend a slightly higher pg or nic than usually if its the main flavor.

Gunker? Nope. Clear liquid and after fifteen ml the cotton is pure white, surprisingly for a citrus flavor.

ADV? Yes please! I already ordered a big bottle for when I get home. Just a super satisfying vape all around.

Flavor 10/10
Harshness 0/10
Boldness 3/10
Throat hit 1/10
Flavor Accuracy 8/10(didn't get the meringue)

Tested on a Avocado 24: .35 ohm dual 4/5 wrap kanthal fused Clapton bacon cotton v2 wick.

I recommend this with bakery recipes and citrus/melon pairings. I DO NOT recommend recomend mixing this with chocolates or you will get a sour milk taste, I tried it already.