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(FLV) Wild Melon
By: CheebaSteeba
Score: 100 / 100 Solo: 3.0% Mix: 1.5% Steep: 1 days Difficulty: 10 / 100
Created: about 4 years ago Updated: about 4 years ago

This is a great, flavorful, refreshing, melon mix. I almost get an Orange Watermelon flavor from it, similar to INW Melon but a little better IMO. If I had to try to pick which melons I'm tasting I would say Watermelon, Honeydew, Cantaloupe. I'm not sure what exactly they were going for with this one but it came out really darn tasty.


Like orange watermelon, or mixture of Watermelon, Honeydew, Cantaloupe

Velocity; Dual Fused Clapton @ 0.15Ω; Reuleaux rx200 @ 75w

Creams (light on dairy note), Marshmallow, other melons, fruits