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(FLV) Crunch Cereal
By: Chrisdvr1
Score: 80 / 100 Solo: 5.0% Mix: 3.0% Steep: 2 days Difficulty: 75 / 100
Created: over 4 years ago Updated: over 4 years ago

Grainy and slightly sweet great representation of cereal.


Mouth Feel - sweet and slightly savory light on the tongue with no throat hit moderately dense 4 out of 10
Flavor Properties- grainy and slightly sweet great representation of cereal.
Relatable Flavors - Captain Crunch without the berries you know those little yellow things that cut the shit out of your mouth or a pancake without the syrup
Position in the recipe - going to do best in the background pushing the percentage should bring it up and make a great base

Rda/ Velocity Coil/ Dual Clapton 6 wrap at 0.46

Start with the obvious berries, and cinnamon. This flavor should go well with creams, and ice creams, other cereals and bakeries( such as inw biscuit )should push the cereal flavor a little further.