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DIY or Die is hosting a mixer's competition. If you are entered in the competition, contact us here to get on this page.


A basic cannoli recipe limited to 6 flavours from FW, FA, TFA, Cap, & INW Biscuit


This is my entry for the cannoli contest for DIYorDIE. Before this contest I've never tried a real cannoli, but after having about 10 in the past two weeks, this is my best attempt at nailing the profile. Straight up cannoli. No lemon or chocolate just pastry and filling. Thanks for making me gain a few pounds, Wayne!

This was only able to steep for a week, but even with just a week steep it's good. I feel that letting it steep longer than a week will definitely benefit this recipe.

This is the cannoli recipe that got me into the finals. Needs at least a week before the cereal from the meringue Captain Crunch type blend in and become a cannoli crust. Mix at 70/30