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Awesome Box February 2017

I didn't get the first awesome box so i made something out of the ingredients i had on me and i think it turned out pretty well.
It might not be something groundbreaking new,but for sure it's tasty as hell.
For those who don't know the flavors:
JF Strawberry sweet - a sweet,almost syrup like strawberry
TPA Vanilla Swirl - I want vanilla in my Strawberry milk and Vanilla Swirl does a great job in infusing some vanilla notes combined with creaminess
FA Vienna Cream/Meringue - My number one combo for a sweet Milk taste.those 2 together can't be beaten imo
FW Hazelnut - You won't taste Hazelnut but you get a more malty taste from the Milk
JF Biscuit - It adds some body,some thickness and buttery qualities to the whole mix

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This was created by ingredients in the February awesome box. The LB waffle combined with the JF Biscut are the base of this waffle. Then I smeared on the a dollop of butter which combines with the biscuit to add buttery goodness. Then I stacked on some fresh mixed berries with Forest mix and JF sweet strawberry. Then topped it off with a layer of whipped cream combined with meringue.

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A deep and alluring blend of forest berries, basking in a decadent silky vanilla cream.

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Everyone has probably wakened with regrets from the night before - too much fun - and the only thing that might get you through the day is to jump on that horse again with a salty, savory drink...a Bloody Mary. Well imagine a world without salt or savory vegetables. Imagine a world of only sweet and creamy. This is my take on the Bloody Mary version of that world...a Bloody Berry.
So this is for the contest using only the flavors from the last Awesome Box.
Simple yet flavorful Strawberry Crème drink
not much to say about the flavor notes, pretty self explanatory.
Max VG
Shake n Vape


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This spicy and sweet cake is a wonderful coffee-time dessert, especially with the creamy custard sauce

This recipe has been entered in a contest: Awesome Box February 2017

This is a unique recipe that brings a nice tarty cookie flavor together with the perefect amount of sweetness and body.
Forrest Mix brings in this nice tarty flavor with not a lot of sweetness but a great flavor.
JF sweet Strawberry brings out the sweetness in the fruits to give really blend them together.
Cap Sugar Cookie to me is a must and gives off that great cookie flavor that you can only get from this flavor.
FW Bavarian cream helps to add body and is great in a cookie and really helps this pastry.
FA Vienna cream brings in a nice sweet vanilla flavor accenting off the Sugar Cookie to add sweetness as well as that vanilla needed to make a
FA Cream Fresh add to this recipe bringing in that nice tartness as well as giving off that milky Taste that you need when dipping your cookies in milk. It makes it go to the next level.
JF biscuit This flavor add the crunch to the recipe as well as rounding out to give the recipe a full body cookie crunch taste.

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When I first got my box I thought itd be cool to try a recipe with only ingredients in the box so i got a 3 day head start. Im posting now before someone else makes this profile. I know these flavors pretty well and a longer steep is not going to hurt it. When looking at the list of ingredients I enjoyed alpine strawberry standalone @1.25% and its probably something I could vape alone and be happy with. My wife even hurt my feelings when I told her to try this flavor her words were "this is the best recipe youve ever made". OUCH. I dont value her opinion on flavors anyway her palate is shot to hell..proof here https://www.reddit.com/r/mixersclub/comments/5e9b0t/couples_that_vape_together_stay_together/ I get a jammy fresh strawberry preserve off this flavor. So that mixed with JF sweet strawberry as I like jf sweet straw to just stay low and compliment the jam. Apricot low as well to just barely lend some of its peach like qualities to the strawberry. CAP sugar cookie is G.O.A.T so you would imagine naturally how the cookie, butter, biscuit can leave you with a delicious shortbread. AS PROVEN BEFORE MYSELF. THAT base is looking familar. With good reason because thats a very accurate shortbread base. Bav cream and hazelnut are just there to add not cream but bridge everything together and make it a lighter more blended feeling.

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Simple Cookie with a Apricot filling and sprinkled with sugar.

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Contest? I'll give it a whirl.

I don't have much from the JF line but what I do own, I love. So far i've tried their strawberry sweet, biscuit, yellow cake and lemon juicy; all excellent.

Here is a recipe to highlight how yummy strawberry sweet can be, and how nicely it can play with everybody else.

The Strawberry
Going for a macerated strawberry effect. JF Strawberry sweet is already 90% there, the addition of FW hazelnut and FA meringue just bring it to another level. This strawberry takes a couple of days to really shine. Meringue brings a ton of powdered sugar. Hazelnut boosts the strawberry and also plays very well with our buttery stuff.

The Butter
TPA butter is the obvious choice. I threw in CAP sugar cookie because it is buttery, and sweet and adds to the butter effect in this mix. FW hazelnut is also playing a role in the butter taste. In this recipe, hazelnut is doing triple overtime playing a role in the strawberry, butter and cream.

The Cream
I did not want this to be a super creamy or milky thing, this is buttercream. The butter is also the cream but we've got one other guy to give this recipe a full bodied creaminess.
FA vienna cream in combination with FW hazelnut, CAP sugar cookie and FA meringue make this recipe smooth and thick like butter(cream).

There it is, pretty simple and I tried to use some of the most common basket ingredients so everyone could mix this up, enjoy!

I've only just shake and vaped this one but it is very similar to another recipe i've been working on. Give it 3-4 days, strawberry sweet needs to steep.

OPTIONAL ADD ON: TPA Vanilla Swirl 1%, let it steep a week for that tablespoon of vanilla extract effect.

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This is a Butterscotch Ice Cream Sandwich. The FW Butterscotch Ripple paired with FW Bavarian Cream, FA Cream Fresh and Vienna Cream puts the ice cream flavor right where it needs to be. This sandwiched between the combo of JF Biscuit and FW Hazelnut brings the cookie. The flavor on a shake and vape is vanilla ice cream. After the 7 day steep the prfoile comes together the butterscotch ice cream and cookie sandwich shines.

This recipe has been entered in a contest: Awesome Box February 2017

Earn yourself a FREE Awesome Box!

This is a super simple contest, judged by the community:

1) Make an original recipe using as many or few flavors as you like - but ONLY from the standard or premium flavors in the February 2017 Awesome Box (list below).

2) Share the recipe on All The Flavors. (Use the gift code AWESOMEBOX if you don't have a pro account) before March 10th.

3) Add the recipe to this contest. (Use the little trophy icon on the recipe's page)

3) Like All the Flavors's Facebook page and share a link to the recipe on that page

That's it! This is a public recipe contest that is open to EVERYONE - even CokeCan ... and it will be judged by the community, not a special set of judges.

The two best recipes, as chosen by the All The Flavors community will receive FREE Awesome Boxes! If you've already bought one, you'll get the next one free!

The allowed flavors:

  • FLV Alpine Strawberry
  • DS Clove
  • LB Waffle
  • JF Sweet Strawberry
  • JF Biscuit
  • JF Ry4 Double
  • JF Fuji
  • TFA butter
  • TFA Vanilla Swirl
  • TFA Whipped Cream
  • FW Hazelnut
  • FW Butterscotch Ripple
  • FW Bavarian Cream
  • CAP Sugar Cookie
  • FA Forrest Mix
  • FA Cream Fresh
  • FA Vienna Cream
  • FA Meringue
  • FA Apricot