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This is a butter pecan and vanilla bean milk shake. I get this by using flavor west butter pecan as my butter pecan ice cream part of my mix I do this at 4% at this amount I feel it doesn't overpower the creams and works well. I use Capella vanilla bean ice cream for none other than my vanilla bean ice cream part of my ingredients and also I find it to work better in shake and vape situations than its counter part. I use vanilla bean ice cream at 2.5% because it works good at tgis percentage. I then use Vienna cream to basically pull all my ingredients together not only does it really help the vanilla bean ice cream become a full bodied ice cream but it does the same thing to the butter pecan flavor it also helps fill out the malted milk flavor. The last of my four flavor's is malted milk by tfa tgis gives the recipe it's milky part of the milk shake I accomplish this with only 1% of malted milk because first of all I don't use muck milk in my milk shakes and further more this flavor puts off a harsh after taste I feel at a higher percentage. I then used ethyl maltol to sweeten up my creams and help calm down the Butter pecan without drying it out.

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A S&V dark chocolate and raspberry milkshake. With valentines day coming up, this is a darker play on a sweetheart shake. The original is a bit of a sugar bomb, especially with the whipped cream on top. I wanted to really push that dark chocolate to front, and bring in a fruit syrup that was tarter and darker than the original cherry.

CAP Vanilla Bean Ice Cream- The ice cream base for the milkshake. I needed some fairly rich ice cream, both to hit the profile and to help carry the drier FA Cocoa. I've went with CAP because TFA's VBIC has that black pepper note and some dryness that needs to steep out. 3% was enough to get a fuller, richer ice cream flavor without getting too dense.

TFA Bavarian Cream- Thicker cream notes, heavy body, and most importantly works as a S&V. At 2%, without steeping, that nutty off-flavor works as a stand-in for the malty notes you'd expect from a milkshake. The volume and sweetness gives you some of what you'd get from using a separate marshmallow concentrate or a whipped cream to top the shake.

FA Cocoa- Dark cocoa powder that works as a S&V. 1.25% gives a punch of dark chocolate. The richness of the milkshake base fills the cocoa out and works to counteract any of the chalky texture you get can get from a drier chocolate concentrate.

FW Razzleberry- Bright, syrupy, raspberry with just a bit of darker blackberry flavor. Almost a "maraschino" raspberry flavor, Not floral, so works well without a steep. Stands in for a raspberry syrup added into the milkshake before blending.

And that's it. My S&V milkshake. Like all the other rounds, the true challenge here is in the restrictions. I felt like the S&V restriction was the biggest design challenge, although keeping a full milkshake flavor down to 4 concentrates also presents some issues. It was all about watching out for those unsteeped off-notes from dairy concentrates, while trying to build that milkshake base as simply as possible so I had some space to create an engaging flavor.

I mixed at 70% VG / 30% PG, with 1.5mg nic, but follow your heart. Works fine at 60/40.

This recipe has been entered in a contest: DOD WORLD MIXERS II Round 3

If you ordered a mint milkshake and someone accidentally added a scoop of banana ice cream to it by mistake you would think you would be pretty pissed right? Wrong! Well at first you might...until you tasted this delicious happy accident. This combination is so delightful it will make you question every flavor you thought didn't go together. This milkshake will most definitely bring all the boys to the yard. Enjoy this unusual treat!

TFA Banana Cream - This flavor makes the perfect banana ice cream to act as an accent or backnote to this mix.You can tell there is banana in your milkshake but it doesn't get in the way of that amazing mint..It is mellow and very creamy and adds to the authenticity of the milkshake.

FA Cream Fresh - I used this flavor to help boost the creams and give the mix a more milky mouth-feel and flavor.

FW Creme de Menthe - This is the perfect mint flavor for this mix. It has a soft nuanced creaminess to the mint that just works so well as a milkshake. The slight vanilla notes further add to the accuracy of this milkshake along with the cooling sensation it provides that pushes this mix over the edge into milkshake land. Creme de Menthe also provides most of the sweetness for this recipe and makes it so darn enjoyable to vape.

CAP French Vanilla - Here we have more vanilla to add to the milkshake, but this flavor does more than just add some vanilla to the mix. It bridges the gap between the starkly different flavors of banana and the mint. So instead of having a scoop of banana ice cream in your mint shake, you have an evenly blended together concoction.

This recipe has been entered in a contest: DOD WORLD MIXERS II Round 3

When deciding on a milkshake flavor, I knew I really only had one choice. Arby's Jamocha Shake. Why? Because I wanted something different. I wanted something I myself would really enjoy. And if I go to Arby's, I always get Jamocha. It is light and cool and sweet, and it almost never fails to make me wish I had gotten a bigger size. Now to Create an accurate shake, you need the right base. I could go with one of probably 6 or 7 choices for the creamy milky base. But with the need for a quick steep and not a lot of room in the recipe for helpers, Capella's Sweet Cream was the clear winner. I went a little higher with the percentage so that it would be present right away. But even though it is a slightly heavier cream, I did want to bring in a component that would fill it out. That is where Flavor West's Creamy Hazelnut comes in. At slightly higher percentages, the hazelnut really comes through, and I did not want to do that. Kept at this low percentage, it actually accomplishes two purposes. It acts as a milk, to fill out the sweet cream, but then the slightly nutty undertones create a bridge for the next flavor to come in...The Coffee. Flavour Art's Up is perfect for this shake, because it is a coffee that is already sweetened, and has this element to it that is just slightly creamy. Not obviously so, but just sweet and creamy enough for it to be a perfect match for this recipe. Because you can't have mocha without chocolate, that is where Flavor Apprentice's double chocolate clear comes in. It blends with the other components and offers that element necessary to accomplish what I was going for. Once we had the flavor married together and happy, there was that singular last thing I needed. Cold. For my one allowable enhancer, I chose Flavor Apprentice's Koolada 10% PG. At just under 1%, it gives you the chill in your mouth and throat to let you know you have a milkshake, without an overwhelming blast of freeze that causes an ice cream headache. Again, I kept all the percentages pretty low, because if you have ever had a Jamocha shake yourself, you know it is a very lightly flavored milkshake, and for accuracy's sake, I needed to remain true to the real thing. While a shake and vape, this recipe benefits greatly from an overnight steep. Enjoy!

This recipe has been entered in a contest: DOD WORLD MIXERS II Round 3

Coconut Rum Milkshake

Ahoy, buckos! Splice the mainbrace! Why in th' name 'o Posideon would ye blend a milkshake wit' landlubbin moo juice when ye could mix it wit' delicious coconut milk? 'N what kind 'o scurvy corsair would ye be if ye didn' load 'er up wit' rum?

CAP Vanilla Bean Ice Cream be th' meat 'n potatoes, ye sea rations 'o sorts, 'o 'tis milkshake. Avast! Don't be ye substitutin TFA VBIC in here; 'tis too buttery fer 'tis shake made fer pepper tasters, CAP's version has a wee bit more milkiness.

FW Bavarian Cream be sweet, rich, heavy, 'n dense, but not so dense dat ye can't be slurpin it through a straw. And hoist the mainsail, to be sure! It makes th' difference betwixt ice cream 'n milkshake har.

FA Jamaican Special: Aaarrrgh, maties! Rum! Right up thar wit' rapin' 'n pilliagin' on a pirate's priority list. 'Tis one's got some extra dark brown sugar, almost molasses, aspect t' it, which might be out 'o place in many profiles that call fer lighter rum, but them fit right in har 'n keep 'tis shake from needin' any o' dat coil rogerin' super sweetener. Yo-ho-ho!

Shiver me timbers! TFA Coconut Candy, when used low enough t' keep 'er from gettin' plasticy, be a jolly 'hore 'o a concentrate, a right burried booty wit' a taste reminiscent 'o th' white goop inside a Mounds bar... and o' th' coconut flavor in yer trusty Parrot Bay 'n Malibu rums, to be sure. Rums! Har, it also helps gift us more 'o dat milkshake mouthfeel, me hearties.

This recipe has been entered in a contest: DOD WORLD MIXERS II Round 3



This is the 2nd DIYorDIE World's. Top mixers from around the world will battle it out in a series of rounds displaying their skills crafting recipes under strict circumstances and restrictions. This competition will test the skills of the mixers, giving only a small amount of time for recipe development and steep times for the eliquids. Because of the HUGE cash prize, and a lot on the line, judging will be harsh and critical. All recipes from the competition will be released to the public so the audience can mix along. The purpose of this competition is to find the best and most passionate mixer of the group, and give them the push they need to take their mixing to another level with a nice boost of cold hard cash. And also, it's fun to watch mixers go at it.

How to enter:

The only way to enter is to be nominated. At 3pm Sunday (1/7/17) there will be form on diyordievaping.com that you need to fill out, putting in your nomination. You cannot nominate yourself. Your nomination bust have a record of recipe mixing, with either an account on ELR or ATF with at least 3 recipes submitted before 11/10/16. You DO NOT need to be a 'DIYorDIE Member' to nominate or be nominated, anyone from anywhere can join. The FIRST 30 nominations that meet the requirements will be entered and their names announced both on the webpage and on Facebook. The Nomination period ends on 8:30pm est Thursday (1/12/17). From there no other entries will accepted.

How does the competition work:

After all nominations are made, we will begin with round one. Each round will define a new set of restrictions to create a recipe under. The following week you will be judged, and 10 will move on. This will follow until 1 is left standing. Only TFA/CAP/FW/FA/INW flavorings will be accepted. Time is your enemy in this competition as you will need to craft your recipe and get it in our hands on the following TUESDAY at 8pm. The recipes will then be vaped and judged on Thursday and winners of the round announced on ITMPodcast at 9:30pm EST. If a recipe is not submitted by 8pm tuesday, your out. This is not "MIXXED" there are no "set" ingredients. Use what you want (but remember TFA/CAP/FW/FA/INW). The only way you will be limited is with time and amount of flavorings in the recipe. So make sure you grab whatever flavorings you need BEFORE the round begins. Good Luck! I will take questions in the comments.

* WINNER - $ 650 CASH (and growing) + $ 95 BullCityFlavors.com Gift Card + Flavor Pack & Kickbacks
* Last 3 Remaining - $ 75 BullCityFlavors.com Gift Card + Previous $ 20 Gift Card + Flavor Packs & Kickbacks
* Last 5 Remaining - $ 20 BullCityFlavors.com Gift Cards


If you do not make the "entry" level do not worry, you will have a chance during the next competition. We do not want this competition to last 4 months, so we need to restrict the number of entries. Also, disqualifications are at the discretion of myself, and the other judges. As long as you're respectful and play by the rules, you have nothing to worry about.

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AlltheFlavors.com is another sponsor that has been a tremendous service for the championship. Their amazing service allows us to funnel recipes in anonymously for completely unbiased judgement, as well as being a great place for mixers to showcase their work.