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Beginner Blending MIXXED Round 1


What a great time I had crafting multiple variations of the basket ingredients. It was definitely a challenging experience, but what I finally settled on to present to the judges is a Maple Infused Apple Berry Brulee.

The Brulee is simply a baked custard. This is why I chose (I know...I know) CAP Vanilla Custard v1. Adding to the "baked" feel, I wanted a little more volume and sweetness to the custard - this is why I chose to add TPA Toasted Marshallow. I felt it was the perfect amount of "burnt" sweetness to play nicely with the custard. Adding in CAP CDS adds to the overall appeal of the custard while also giving the custard more of a rich spice.

Making the custard a little more playful, this is where the Apple-Berry combination comes into play. Image marinating freshly cut apple slices and strawberry slices in a bath of maple syrup. After a nice long marination period, this mixture is then intertwined within the custard mixture and then placed into the oven until completion. This is the experience I get with my vape.

I wanted to step outside of the box a little bit and add another layer of complexity within this baked custard mix. This is where the idea of adding maple came in to play. FA Maple is a flavor that can easily overpower a mix, but with the various basket ingredients it was easier to go on the higher side of the recommended percentage to allow it to be a relatively front-forward note.

I hope you all enjoy ... win or lose - I had a blast!

This recipe has been entered in a contest: Beginner Blending MIXXED Round 1

Setup i used: dual fused clapton @0,21Ohm on a Velocity RDA @75-80 Watts

The Idea:
I did not want to use the basket ingredients to be the base for a pastry,which would be pretty obvious.Especially Cinnamon Danish Swirl and Fuji together could already be a pretty good and simple recipe.
So i had the idea to use CDS only as a top note.But the challenge was to find something that binds to this ingredient and is strong enough to cut through the fruit mix without overtaking it.Pretty soon i found that TPA Pie Crust could be a good match for what i was looking for.It's not sweet,dry and strong enough to differentiate itself from the sweet fruit base.I also think it mimics the crisps quite well in this particular case.
It's a little "sharp" though at this fairly high percentage so in order to round those sharp edges a bit i used EM at 0.5%
EM also brings out some of the inner sweetnes of the fruits,which isn't a bad thing at all.

The fruit base: Fuji is the main note and Strawberry Ripe is more of a sweetening agent here.It's not supposed to be a strawberry blast which hits your palate like there is no tomorrow.The good old FA Meringue has never let me down when it comes to add some white sugar to a recipe. FA Liquid Amber was also a No-brainer.It brings some fermented,warm feel to the table which turns that fruits/meringue combo into something that has slowly being cooked and stirred for some time .Meringue and Liquid Amber together brought me the Compote taste i was going for.

The Conclusion: A sweet,warm Apple Strawberry Compote freshly made with some Cinnamon Crisps on top

Steeping:after 4 days everything comes together nicely and especially the Pie crust tones down a bit.

Sidenote:After i had the recipe together i realised the i have been using V2 of Capellas CDS.I know i'm an idiot but i hope that V1 is not completely different than V2.I don't know if you guys see it as a major mistake,but now it's too late anyway because i can't get V1 in time here.
Thanks for this awesome Competition!

Feedback would be highly appreciated especially if i won't make it into the next round!

This recipe has been entered in a contest: Beginner Blending MIXXED Round 1

Steep time: 1 week.
So after 12 recipes I think this is the one I'll submit. The idea with this recipe is to really focus on the apple and the spice. JF Fuji and 1.5% gives a solid apple flavors that doesn't overpower the recipe and TPA Strawberry ripe adds some sweetness to the apple to really balance out the tart and spice notes.
FW Hazelnut adds a bit of a malty/nutty/buttery flavor that blends well with the bakery aspects of the recipe. CAP Cinnamon Danish Swirl serves two purposes in this recipe, first it provides the cinnamon for the spice layer, and second it provides a kind of dry bakery note to serve as a base. The CAP Sugar Cookie really just works on this bakery base to help it be a little more buttery and fluffy while sweetening up the recipe as well. Lastly the FA Cardamom is the secret ingredient in the recipe. It really helps nail the fall spice flavor and perfectly works with the cinnamon and apple while also balancing out the pastry elements.

This recipe has been entered in a contest: Beginner Blending MIXXED Round 1

I couldn't think of a clever name so I thought of a cool one. None Shall Pass sounds a lot better then Apple Cinnamon Strawberry Iced Cookie. So that's the profile. I used the basket ingredients with enough percentage that they would be noticeable and to my surprise it actually helps this recipe. I added the biscuit from Jungle flavors to get my cookie and it worked wonderfully. I boosted the ripe strawberry with jungle flavors sweet strawberry and added FA meringue to give me that iced topping effect. So there you have it this profile is an apple cinnamon cookie Sweet strawberry icing. It's a very tasty recipe with no enhancers I hope you all enjoy it. (((((Mix 70/30 with a 4 day steep))))))

This recipe has been entered in a contest: Beginner Blending MIXXED Round 1

I'm excited to participate in the MIXXED contest. Thank you to the sponsors.
My entry aims to enhance the required Basket Ingredients and turn a good recipe into a great one!
Let me tell you about my selections. The TPA Strawberry compliments the TPA Strawberry Ripe very nicely. They make a more well rounded strawberry flavor together. This is important because strawberry is the main flavor of my recipe. Most recipes can benefit from having a creamy element added. I enjoy TPA Bavarian Cream. It is very versatile and always gives a nice creamy experience. Finally I added FA Cookie to enhance the bakery notes of the Cinnamon Danish Swirl and give the recipe more texture. This recipe is sweet and does not require any added sweetener.
I think my recipe is delicious and I'm happy to vape it. I love the apple and strawberry. The cream gives the vapor more thickness and the bakery notes round out the recipe and give it texture.
I am new to mixing. I recently quit smoking cigarettes by switching to vaping. I believe vaping is a healthier choice. For the last four months I have been spending most of my free time researching and experimenting with recipes. I have created 3 recipes of my own that I think are good and I am developing other recipes that are not finished yet. I currently have 64 flavors to work with. I already had all of the Basket Ingredients for the contest so it was easy for me to join in. I hope to win this contest. That would be a great way to get started mixing. Thank you for viewing my recipe.

This recipe has been entered in a contest: Beginner Blending MIXXED Round 1

When I first saw the flavors, I thought oh crap, what am I supposed to do with that??? I thought about some of the crazy flavors that I could put together, but in the end I wanted something that would hopefully be delicious. Then I started thinking flavor combinations… What can I put together to make this tasty? Given the constraints of the contest, I know I'm going to do cinnamon strawberry apple something. I started out with the idea of a crisp, but given my limited mixing abilities, I knew there was no way that I could make this work with 3 other flavors. So I started a Google search with strawberry and apple and I came across this Polish pie recipe with meringue. I know, I know we're supposed to think outside the box… and I went Bakery!!! The pie itself looked DELICIOUS! I ordered in every combination that might work in this recipe, some meringues, pie crusts, butterscotches, caramels, etc… and then I came across Cocoon…hmmm. Plenty of options to start with at any rate. Hey, this will help build my flavor base…right? After multiple a few trials, I think I finally found something that others would also enjoy. Hopefully you'll enjoy this as much as I do!!!

TLDR - Polish Pie cause I’m a Pollock.

It needs a minimum of 4 day steep to really bring out all the flavors, I prefer a week. I don’t use any of those newfangled steeping methods, but if you do…have at it!

Flavor Notes:

CAP Cinnamon Danish Swirl – I used the 1st ingredient to give the apple cinnamon base I wanted the pie to have. I used it at this % so it gives a nice addition of cinnamon without overpowering the rest.

JF Fuji – This apple gives a nice tart taste and really works well with the other ingredients. I used it at this % and I think it melds nicely at this ratio. Due to the Cocoon, I used a lower percentage so that the apple didn’t overpower the rest

TFA Strawberry Ripe –This is a weaker strawberry so a higher percentage is needed. I just wanted a hint of strawberry instead of an in your face strawberry for the contest.

FA Apple Pie – I preferred this as the crust. You can’t have a pie without some kind of crust. I used it at this % and I think it gives you enough of the pie crust flavor without overshadowing the fruits.

TFA Meringue – This was a harder one. I had to figure out the right amount to add without muting the other flavors but still adding that meringue flavor that makes this pie so special. I used TFA over FA as the TFA was less sweet and gave me more of an eggy taste like a real meringue pie.

FA Cocoon – This was the kicker! This added a touch of the brown sugary caramely flavor that I wanted and a little apple flavor.

Sucralose – I only used .75% here. I think it helps with the sugary feeling you want with a bakery like this, without turning it into a candy.

This recipe has been entered in a contest: Beginner Blending MIXXED Round 1

Strapple cinnamon churro.This is my contest entry for BB. I had to really come out of my comfort zone as i despise apple vapes or I should say despised them. This is my take on something i've never seen but sounds delicious.
CAP- CDS- I used this to do a few things to get my churro just right at this % I get all the cinnamon and sweet with just the right doughy ness.
FA- Nonna's cake- this builds on the authenticity of the churro and at this low of a % it seems to just add to the flavor instead of being a flavor.
TPA- Straw Ripe - One of my Favorite flavors at this % it starts the strawberry and adds more sweetness to the churro
FA- Fuji- adds that hint of apple that i wanted and blends with the cinnamon very well.
CAP- Strawberry Taffy- Finishes the strawberry and adds the chewy sweetness i wanted.
FA- Joy- I have a love hate with joy sometimes its amazing others not so much. This % finishes the Churro and adds a lil more depth to the actual churro
TPA- Bavarian cream- This adds body and weight and kinda bonds everything together.

Finally either way this goes I had a blast and pushed myself way out of my comfort zone and my other mixes have benefited as well. Hell just today i joined the Best NEW RECIPE club and have had my chest out since..LOL But Thanks guys you are all awesome and a inspiration

This recipe has been entered in a contest: Beginner Blending MIXXED Round 1

The Apple cinnamion waffle with sweet strawberry sryup drizzled on top !! Multiple fresh Apple's cinnamion waffle with some good sweet strawberry sryup to top it off ! Ripe strawberry and sweet strawberry work great together here at these percentages imo ! And the Fuji works great off the green apple by flavor west here ! With a little Ethyl maltol to sweeten up the waffle ! This all works well for me ! Mix a 70vg 30 pg .. Best after one week.. My apple cinnamon waffle with some strawberry sryup !!!..

This recipe has been entered in a contest: Beginner Blending MIXXED Round 1

Your ADV getting boring? If so try Sancho! Don't know what Sancho is?! Sancho is the extra fun VWB (vape with benefits) that gets your taste buds begging for more! You will Forget all about your all day vape with every hit of Sancho, but no worries... Sancho is worth it, it's fruit nachos! On the inhale sweet strawberries, fuji apples, and peaches finely chopped. On the exhale the fruit medley in a perfect caramel & honey glaze with crispy cinnamon tortillas!

  • Strawberry Ripe, Fuji, and Honey peach adds a brightly balanced fruit blend that doesn't get old.

  • Caramel Candy and honey (from the Honey Peach) gives a beautiful light glaze for the fruit to mingle with and adds sweetness to the mix without the need of sweeteners.

  • CDS and Cookie mimics the taste of baked cinnamon tortillas for the fruits to sit on.

  • Sancho is good after 24 hours, but a week steep is preferred to let the flavors meld together and soften any soft edges.

This recipe has been entered in a contest: Beginner Blending MIXXED Round 1

This is for the Beginner Blending competition. I love tobacco vapes, but it's seriously hard to find good recipes that don't require strange flavors that I'll never use for anything else, ever again. I have some substitutions for this, but I think that all of these flavors are pretty commonly found, so hopefully most mixers will be able to make it. My main inspiration for this was Wayne's Pistachio RY4U recipe, but that was primarily for the TPA Ry4 Double + FW Butterscotch Ripple. This is one of my go-to bases for sweeter tobaccos, which are my preference.
The Breakdown:
I started off with a ton of ideas for this competition. Apple fritter, apple torte, focus on the strawberry more than the apple, turn it into a sweet pretzel bite with apple chunks... Nah. I went with tobaccos, because they offer a world of complex, nuanced flavors. This is not to say that bakeries and the like are not complex, but I find that I can consistently vape on tobacco mixes for longer than I can on bakeries.

--Tobaccos: TPA Ry4 Double isn't much of a tobacco. It's really more sweet and dessert-y, but I feel that when you pair it with a stronger tobacco, they tend to balance and smooth each other out. In this case, I chose FLV Cured Tobacco. This is one of the few tobacco flavors that I have that aren't Hangsen or Inawera. I really should look more into FA tobaccos... anyways, it's a pretty strong tobacco, a little dry, and fairly smokey. I like it. Pairing it with the Ry4D softens up and mellows out the harsher, drier tones of the Cured Tobacco, and I think they complement each other rather well.
--Fruits: JF/FA Fuji obviously had to be in here, and I picked JF over FA Fuji because I think the softer apple flavor works a little bit better than the sharper FA one. Also, I kinda felt obligated to do it because I have access to it, so I didn't want to skip out on that. I'm still not 100% behind the percentage on this one, but I feel like it's pretty solid, and I've messed around with this fruit combination so fucking much I want to burn an apple tree. The TPA Strawberry Ripe also had to be in here, but it's a pretty weaksauce flavor. I used it here to 'bend' the apple and give it a bit more sweetness. It also helps to blend the sweetness of the FW Butterscotch and the JF Fuji together.
--Butterscotch: FW Butterscotch Ripple is just fucking delicious. It's begun to creep into probably half of my recipes now. It's like FA Meringue or some shit (not nearly as versatile, so don't hate me, it just fits my taste profile well). I need to play with other butterscotches and caramels, but I just can't bother with it. Moving on.
--Cinammon: CAP Cinnamon Danish Swirl is pretty good. I don't use it that often, but it's not bad or anything. I was playing with this and trying to figure out where the hell it should go in this recipe, and I realized that if you put it at a low percentage (1.5%), it just lends a nice cinnamon note. I upped it to 2% because I feel like the dryness comes out a little more gives a little more body to the tobaccos.

This recipe is a little weird, and there are some flavorings that would work better. However, I think that it incorporates the basket ingredients into a fairly unique submission in their best respective roles for this competition, and it helped me learn about my flavors a little more, especially the new JF ones. Thanks, guys.

This recipe has been entered in a contest: Beginner Blending MIXXED Round 1



This contest was built to push your ability as a mixer, teach you to adapt, and help you learn about flavor ratios. More information at DIY or DIE

We are proud to announce All The Flavors and E-Cig Express as official sponsors for our contest. They will be helping facilitate prizes for the winners.

You will be judged on three criteria points for each round:

  • The Basket Ingredients - You must use all basket ingredients assigned to you. They must be present and noticeable in your final product. These should be the showcased flavors of your juice.
  • Presentation - You must include a description with your juice detailing what your were aiming for, how it turned out, and what we should expect when vaping your juice. Does your description match what the judges experienced?
  • Is it good? - Very simply put, is this something I would want to continue vaping. Would the judges add it to their weekly rotation? Did you utilize the best additional ingredients possible to elevate your juice from good to great?

Leaving out a piece of the criteria will not be an automatic disqualification, but it will be weighed very heavily against you at the discretion of the judges.

Each round will consist of a designated list of basket ingredients that must be present in your juice. You can use any flavor, up to the max number of allowed flavors for the round, from the vendors listed below to help augment your final product.

  • Capella
  • The Flavor Apprentice
  • Flavor Art
  • Flavor West
  • Flavorah
  • Jungle Flavors

While not forbidden, you are highly encouraged to not use flavors containing fructose.

Sweeteners, including Ethyl Maltol, Maltol, Sucralose, and Erythritol, will be considered free ingredients and do not count against your additional flavor total.

All submissions must be made to All The Flavors. You can use a free membership to submit your recipe if you do not already have one.

Anyone can join if they follow these rules

Basket Ingredients

  • CAP Cinnamon Danish Swirl
  • JF Fuji/FA Fuji
  • TFA Strawberry Ripe
  • Up to three additional flavors allowed

PRIZES (Awarded for the final round of three)

$100 cash for 1st place from the Beginner Blending and DIYorDIE crew submitted via PayPal

$100 cash for 1st place from an anonymous benefactor

$50 cash from Mr. Harwicks Podcast

$50 cash for 1st place from All The Flavors

Prize bag from ECX

1 year Premium Membership to All The Flavors for the final four contestants

Lifetime membership to DIYorDIE for 1st place

Full line of DIYorDIE concentrates for 1st place

Original label design for juice of your choice by our own Mr. Matthew Kocanda for 1st place

And more prizes to be announced

(1) Entry per contestant!