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Beginner Blending MIXXED Round 1

This is my entry for the challenge. First, this is my 9th recipe (attempt) for this ejuice, i just vaped it after 2 weeks steep and to be honest i really like it, and proud of it! At first, i tried to make the Fuji apple my main note, but had a hard time making it shine, so i went for the Strawberry for main note, i think its well balanced. Then tried many cream bases, and settled with a simple vanilla bean ice cream + Vanilla Custard, a classic.

When the main notes and cream base was balanced, i looked for something different, out of the known paths for the accent. After looking at many real danish swirl recipes, i noticed that some recipes where Green Tea based. I tried to implement the green tea without success. Finally, the Black Tea worked! It gives a nice thick taste on the exhale and stays on the tongue long after exhale, i find it pleasant, anyways for tea lovers;).

The name of the recipe came to me after using the black tea, reference to the British sub culture of the 60'.

This is my 2nd recipe i created since i started to DIY 2 months ago. Trying real hard to understand the matches between flavors by reading alot, and of course the videos on DIY or DIE.

Please note that English is not my first language, so be understanding if my explications are a little weird;)

So......Cheers for the Beatnik Swirl!!

Luc Corbeil Montreal, Canada

Should be mixed at 65VG, and a minimum of 1 week steeping.

This recipe has been entered in a contest: Beginner Blending MIXXED Round 1

A childhood classic! A fall favorite! Infamously sticky and famously delicious! This is my take on the nostalgic caramel apple lollipop that I'm sure we all remember from our days of tearing it up on the playground, with just the lightest touch of cinnamon mixed in.

JF Fuji - Yummy green apple, used at a high percentage for a strong forward flavor
FA Caramel - Sticky caramel candy flavor
FLV Butterscotch - Sweetens and thickens the caramel, making it a bit creamier
CAP Cinnamon Danish Swirl - Adds a nice pinch of cinnamon and the pastry notes push the caramel further to the chewy side
TFA Strawberry Ripe - Adds a lot of fruity sweetness without distracting from the flavor profile
FA Lemon Sicily - Brightens the apple, calms the cinnamon way down, binds the caramel and apple together. This is totally the ingredient that makes the whole thing work.

Really needs a 3 day steep to come together.

This recipe has been entered in a contest: Beginner Blending MIXXED Round 1

Reminiscent of an orange Mounds bar. Smooth, creamy chocolate covered coconut orange candy.

While trying to create a recipe for this contest, I was aiming for something unique for the season of Fall. More precisely, I was aiming for using the 'colors' of Fall as opposed to using Fall 'flavors'. Orange, brown and white achieve that color spectrum for me.

I wanted a relaxing vape involving chocolate as a subtle note. Possibly even a back note. And that, in the beginning, was all I was sure of. As I was considering my options, I reached to open a Mounds candy bar(one of my favorites since childhood). As I bit into it tasting the smooth chocolate, sweet coconut and a nearly imperceptible hint of cinnamon, I swooned and sunk back into my couch totally relaxed and chilled out. My senses immediately awakened. I've only tasted that faint cinnamon in Mounds(specifically) and often wondered if it was only in my imagination, as other people I've known can't taste it at all. At any rate, it hit me like a truckload of....coconuts(pun intended)! I wanted to make an orange flavored Mounds bar eliquid. And one as relaxing as I find eating a Mounds bar to be. I've never worked with orange flavorings EVER, so this would be a very challenging task for me. Truthfully, I can't even think of a time when I even purchased an orange flavored eliquid.

I was very pleased this turned out exactly as I wanted on only my second formulation. I find it extremely pleasing to my palate and I hope you will too. On the inhale I taste coconut most prominently with a light mandarin orange. On the exhale, I taste a light coconut, stronger orange, and smooth creamy milk chocolate mixed with extremely light cinnamon at the back end. I found myself immediately mixing up a larger batch as I knew my first batch would never last long enough for even a week's steep(due to the TFA DCC recommended steep time).

I usually find coconut flavorings to be very harsh. But I believe the TFA Ripe Strawberry flavor not only enhanced the creaminess of the coconut...it also, to my surprise, eliminated the harshness of the coconut that has always been a turnoff for me. The FA Fuji always provides that 'candy' aspect to any recipe whether you are looking for candy apple or just looking to "candyize" any particular flavor, which in this case, was the orange. Fuji just adds a sort of "buttercream" candy sweetness to my mix.

This contest was a total surprise to me, as I never(on the surface) would have thought to add Strawberry Ripe, CAP CDS, or FA Fuji to a recipe if I was looking to create an orange Mounds-like flavor. But when forced to use these bastard basket flavors, I was forced to think of how to make them work for what I was aiming for. And that's something I would have never done on my own. Yes, if told to use "any" 3 flavorings plus 3 other flavorings, I would have created my Orange Mounds bar. But I seriously/homestly doubt it would ever taste as good as this mix does. Without those basket flavors, my new ADV would have never been developed. Thank you all so much for making me come out of my linear comfort zone!!


7 day steep recommended, though I find it delicious after only 2 days!!

This recipe has been entered in a contest: Beginner Blending MIXXED Round 1

Straw ripe 6
Cap butter cream - 2
Pound cake 2
Cds - 2
Fuji - 1
Hazelnut - .25

This recipe has been entered in a contest: Beginner Blending MIXXED Round 1

This recipe was created for the beginner blending mixxed contest.
My goal was a light cinnamon peach, Apple bakery flavor. I'm not big on cinnamon so I kept it light, had it not been for the contest I probably wouldn't have tried cinnamon. I'm glad I did as I love this recipe!
Early on the inhale you'll get a nice light cinnamon note shortly followed by a nice soft, chewy bakery flavor. As you prepare to exhale the perfect blend of sweet honey peach and apple pops through that cinfully good bakery note. After the exhale you're left with the perfect blend of "all the flavors" as a delicious aftertaste that keeps you wanting more!
The cinnamon Danish swirl and sugar cookie gave me the desired bakery notes I was after.
The meringue just helps add some depth and thickness to the bakery.

The honey peach and fuji apple blended really well together to make one full bodied, solid fruit flavor. The honey peach brings in some sweetness while the fuji brings some tanginess to the mix.
Last but not least is the strawberry ripe. While you don't get much of a strawberry note out of it in this recipe, it does play a huge role in bringing it all together. The strawberry ripe works great to blend and sweeten the mix. What good is a bakery without some sweet!

This recipe has been entered in a contest: Beginner Blending MIXXED Round 1

Cinnamon Apple Crunch Cereal. Steep 3 Days. Basket Ingredients: CAP CDS @1% kept the cinnamon where I wanted. It evenly spreads a nice amount of cinnamon throught the cereal. JF @1.5 wasnt going for if you were to bit into an apple but more like a light non distracting apple flavoring. Its there but not smacking you in the face. I tried using fa fuji as well and it just made the apple too sweet probably because of the next ingredient. Strawberry Ripe @1% this wouldnt probably be the first thing i used in this recipe but i knew i wasnt going to use it alone for an actual strawberry flavor(IMO its just not strong enough alone) but instead for its Ethyl Maltol. for the circumstances of the competition i worked in reverse and started high and kept cutting down till it wasnt muting the mix and it wasnt turning the fuji into something i didnt want. MY 3 ingredients: Cap Cereal 27 @4.5% my favorite cereal if i want a nice cereal crunch like berry crunch without the berry. to get more to the corn flake side this needs some Acetyl Pyrazine @.5 FA Meringue @1.5% because i cant imagine a cereal vape without meringue. evey1 knows this gives a nice sugary coating. Thank you guys love what ya are doing and appreciate all the info I get out of this community. Thanks for making it fun. Hope you enjoy!

This recipe has been entered in a contest: Beginner Blending MIXXED Round 1

This is my submission for the MIXXED Competition.

What I created here is a Cinnamon Apple Cream Cake. What I wanted was a nice yellow cake with a thin but sweet cream layer topped with Cinnamon Apples. Hope you guys enjoy!

I have not had much experience with CAP Cinnamon Danish Swirl so this whole process was a lot of fun to work with something I had never touched before. I had a lot of ideas but this is the recipe that stood out most to me and I enjoyed vaping on the most. With that said, here we go.

CAP Cinnamon Danish Swirl: Going into this comp I had never used this flavoring or any cinnamon flavoring before. So of course I began doing my testing and I settled upon 1.5% because I wanted to get that Cinnamon Apple. I felt like too much CDS would lead to the danish coming out which I didn't want. At this percentage it compliments the apple nicely giving me that Apple cooked with some Cinnamon that I was looking for. This is a really useful flavoring that I look forward to working with more in the future and it's thanks to this competition.

FA Fuji: This is my favorite Apple flavoring. It can be quite strong so I settled for 1.5% to match the CAP CDS. 2% would have probably worked as well but I didn't want this flavoring to overpower the cake, the cinnamon and the cream.

TFA Strawberry Ripe: This is not a flavoring that works very well with cinnamon. What it does do is supply EM to the recipe to round everything off. 2% may actually be a little high here but I do enjoy it here to curb the cake, the apple, the cinnamon and the cream together into a flavor I enjoyed.

JF Yellow Cake: The hype is real. I never used FW Yellow Cake once the drama around the use of fructose and corn syrup exploded and I refrained from using it. Then comes along Jungle Flavors Yellow Cake and BAM, this is such a wonderful cake flavoring. I knew once I tried it that I wanted to make at least one recipe for this contest that included this. At 3% you get a very nice light fluffy yellow cake that isn't intimidated by the creams, the cinnamon or the apple.

FA Meringue: This is probably my favorite of the FlavorArt creams. It's extremely versatile and can be used in so many situations. Here I wanted to add a nice layer of cream that wasn't super heavy like a custard or heavy cream but something that was still sweet. Meringue does exactly that in this recipe and at 1% it gives me the nice thin sweet layer of cream that I want.

FA Cream Fresh: Now that I have my thin sweet layer of cream, why would I add FA Cream Fresh? Well, I like how it accentuates Meringue and makes it just stand out a bit more. It compliments FA Meringue at an equal 1% and makes the Meringue just a bit more noticeable in the face of cake, apple and cinnamon.

Like all of my recipes I like to mix this at an 80vg/20 pg blend and as a shake & vape it is decent but a few days steep really brings those two creams out and makes the recipe more complete.

This recipe has been entered in a contest: Beginner Blending MIXXED Round 1

How can you have a Cin Apple Berry roll without some apple. Apple is
The perfect filling for a nice fluffy roll. Fuji is acting as our top note. 2% puts it right where I want it.

Again no CinAppleBerry roll would be complete without everyone's favorite strawberry.
The Strawberry is supporting but not outdone by the Fuji. Strawberry ripe is propping up our top note while adding that ever elusive complexity we are all chasing.

Cin. Danish Swirl is acting as our base and really forming the roll of this delicious desert.
The is no other Danish I would rather wrap my AppleBerry in.

Unlike some other super sweet desert rolls we are filling this one with Bavarian cream.
Not only does this add a nice bridge between the fruit and the Danish but also provides a silky smooth vape.

I want my roll to have a cinnamon coated outer layer but a nice cakey
layer between the cinnamon and the filling. Yellow cake provides this layer nicely.

Marshmallow is fluffing up all the ingredients while adding a touch of sweetness to the creamy filling
of this desert vape. Nothing brings a recipe like this together quite the way marshmallow does.

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The base- cinnamon Danish swirl macaron and Ginger Snap come together for a fantastic cook. The inspiration here was cookie I ate on my honeymoon this is a very Dominican thing cinnamon and Ginger macaroon. The cinnamon Danish swirl mostly a cinnamon flavoring with a light Bakery Downey combines flawlessly with the Ginger Snap to give you that slightly dry cookie flavoring I've been added macaroon for the hint of coconut and to make the cookies more complex.

The top notes- you getting a nice bright Apple with the rest of the cookie flavoring Fuji and strawberry ripe come together here as the top notes do you strawberry simply sweetens the Fuji and adds a layer of complexity.

Accents- meringue does so many different things here boosts the cookie by giving it that trademark meringue cereal flavor along with sweetening everything else.

Sleep time- I've been on the fence about this one for some time now I knew it was one of my favorites but wasn't able to discern whether or not to submit it until the two-week steep time had passed I don't think you need the full two weeks but it's not going to hurt. So 2 weeks lol

This recipe has been entered in a contest: Beginner Blending MIXXED Round 1

This was inspired from the basic basket flavors for the New mixers Competition from Diy or Die.... i did some looking around for a bakery pastry recipe that incorporated those flavors and came across this, and it actually worked well...i was looking for that apple Strawberry melody accompanied with a cinnamon and pastery warm note.... along with the sweet

Req @ least 2 to 3 day steep

This recipe has been entered in a contest: Beginner Blending MIXXED Round 1



This contest was built to push your ability as a mixer, teach you to adapt, and help you learn about flavor ratios. More information at DIY or DIE

We are proud to announce All The Flavors and E-Cig Express as official sponsors for our contest. They will be helping facilitate prizes for the winners.

You will be judged on three criteria points for each round:

  • The Basket Ingredients - You must use all basket ingredients assigned to you. They must be present and noticeable in your final product. These should be the showcased flavors of your juice.
  • Presentation - You must include a description with your juice detailing what your were aiming for, how it turned out, and what we should expect when vaping your juice. Does your description match what the judges experienced?
  • Is it good? - Very simply put, is this something I would want to continue vaping. Would the judges add it to their weekly rotation? Did you utilize the best additional ingredients possible to elevate your juice from good to great?

Leaving out a piece of the criteria will not be an automatic disqualification, but it will be weighed very heavily against you at the discretion of the judges.

Each round will consist of a designated list of basket ingredients that must be present in your juice. You can use any flavor, up to the max number of allowed flavors for the round, from the vendors listed below to help augment your final product.

  • Capella
  • The Flavor Apprentice
  • Flavor Art
  • Flavor West
  • Flavorah
  • Jungle Flavors

While not forbidden, you are highly encouraged to not use flavors containing fructose.

Sweeteners, including Ethyl Maltol, Maltol, Sucralose, and Erythritol, will be considered free ingredients and do not count against your additional flavor total.

All submissions must be made to All The Flavors. You can use a free membership to submit your recipe if you do not already have one.

Anyone can join if they follow these rules

Basket Ingredients

  • CAP Cinnamon Danish Swirl
  • JF Fuji/FA Fuji
  • TFA Strawberry Ripe
  • Up to three additional flavors allowed

PRIZES (Awarded for the final round of three)

$100 cash for 1st place from the Beginner Blending and DIYorDIE crew submitted via PayPal

$100 cash for 1st place from an anonymous benefactor

$50 cash from Mr. Harwicks Podcast

$50 cash for 1st place from All The Flavors

Prize bag from ECX

1 year Premium Membership to All The Flavors for the final four contestants

Lifetime membership to DIYorDIE for 1st place

Full line of DIYorDIE concentrates for 1st place

Original label design for juice of your choice by our own Mr. Matthew Kocanda for 1st place

And more prizes to be announced

(1) Entry per contestant!