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Flavorah (FLV)

Flavorah is super concentrated flavoring made for DIY ejuice. Unlike other concentrated flavors available on the internet that were formulated for candy and baking, Flavorah's uniquely crafted flavor notes and high potency make it the real choice for flavoring vapor. Give our flavors a try in a new ejuice formula, or to update a recipe that needs to be distinct and flawless.

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Name Recipes Avg
FLV Virginia Tobacco 268 1.53%
FLV Waffle 6 0.88%
FLV Watermelon 638 2.32%
FLV Wheat 21 0.49%
FLV Whipped Cream 157 0.93%
FLV White Chocolate 255 1.34%
FLV Wild Melon 1333 1.54%
FLV Wood Spice 100 0.52%
FLV Yakima Hops 348 1.80%
FLV Yam 71 1.15%