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Hibbadoray shared a strawberry watermelon recipe idea for pod systems with me and a few others on Facebook. I decided to try it and play with the percentages and make some additions to improve upon it. This is a really great recipe for pods. The flavor punches through and doesn't hide at all.

Alpine Strawberry is a really potent strawberry that even strawberry non-tasters will be able to enjoy. It drives that berry base layer and gives a solid foundation to the mix. I know it's expensive but a bottle will last a very long time because of it's potency. Splurge and treat yourself.

Watermelon Candy brings the bold watermelon to the party and strongly pushes everything towards a candy profile. It's here to bring a punch and not a whimper.

Cactus brings the juiciness and the rind notes of the watermelon. I've used it relatively high here because it plays so well with both the strawberry and watermelon. It gives the much needed juiciness that keeps this a candy profile and reinforces the rind note of the candy watermelon to push it just a bit more towards the authentic side.

Super Sweet/Cotton Candy is here to sweeten up the mix. After all we're looking for a candy profile. The Ethyl Maltol in the Cotton Candy helps to round off the harsh notes that I get from just about every watermelon. It's used low so we don't go muting everything we've built.


This is a pod/nic salt version of my vanilla peppermint recipe. It's so good and surprisingly flavorful and sweet!

Just cool sweet mouthful of vanilla and peppermint.


I wanted a nice warm, subtly spiced apple cider. I could drink those little cider packets by the gallon during the winter. I find that most "jug" cider has a metallic taste so I usually prefer the packets unless I open up the wallet for the really good pressed cider.

Hangsen Apple Mix is my new favorite concentrate for apple cider mixes. It's a little artificial so I add some crisp authentic apple with FA Fuji. The liquid amber turns them both a little more towards cooked and adds some depth and warmth.

TFA Brown Sugar is here to mingle with the inherent darkness in Liquid Amber and turn it a bit sweet and slightly caramelized.

The obvious choice for cinnamon is the king, FLV Rich Cinnamon. I use it super low here so it doesn't take over the mix and just accents it.

The Apple Mix, Fuji and Rich Cinnamon together can go a bit in the dry direction so I'm boosting the juiciness with FA Pear. It also adds just a little depth to the apple.

I like a little orange zest simmered with my warm spiced apple cider. It brightens up the apples and accents the cinnamon really well. I chose FW Tangerine because it's a subtle sweet tangerine that doesn't bully other flavors. It does the job of brightening this mix without being obvious.

This is good shake and vape but give it an overnight steep to get really saturated flavor.


Eating an end of summer blue raspberry popsicle made me want to do some research on the flavor. None of the blue raspberry recipes or concentrates I've tried quite nail that fully saturated blue raspberry flavor.

I read all of the usual articles out there that give the history of the blue color after FD&C Red No. 2 was found to be carcinogenic. These articles also told the story of the rubus leucodermis, more commonly known as the "whitebark raspberry" or "blue raspberry". None of the articles actually delved deep enough to mention the actual aromas/flavors used in popsicle/candy making that make up the profile.....but one.

I spent some time balancing this and eating popsicles to try and get it right. I hope you all enjoy it. I got some serious brain freeze just for you.

The flavors I've used here are generally what the candy industry uses to concoct a blue raspberry. Pineapple, banana and cherry.

I chose INW Pineapple and CAP Golden Pineapple because it gives what I feel is a nice sweet balanced pineapple to build upon.

For the banana I knew I wanted something that was a good banana that would fit in the mix and work well with the other fruits. I arrived at HS after the other few bananas I tried stuck out like a runty whore in church.

INW Cherries was a no brainer. It's my favorite cherry and doesn't bring a bunch of medicinal baggage to try and mask. The problem I had was keeping it low enough so that it blended in like a sniper in a ghillie suit. My first few batches were very cherry forward and it stepped all over the pineapple/banana instead of working with it.

FA Oba Oba and CAP Hibiscus bring the sticky syrupy sweetness to the party.

You can add your preferred amount of whatever coolant you want if that's your thing. I left it out when developing the recipe so I could taste what was going on. WS-23 gives me heartburn much over 0.75% but would be my choice here.

Bon Appétit!

My nuts in your coffee RY4.

I wanted a nutty sweet dessert type RY4 that was similar to my PB Cardinal mix that didn't blacken coils so quickly. I love Holy Holy Grail and FLV tobaccos but they kill coils and cotton pretty quickly.

JF RY4 Double is a great base to build upon. It's very caramel/vanilla forward and just needs a boost here and there. I chose to boost the tobacoo with INW Vanilla for Pipe which is a nice tobacco forward flavor that pushes the tobacco notes a bit more to the front. It won't show up in the mix for about a week, but when it does this mix starts to shine.

FA Caramel and INW Shisha Vanilla are here to boost those accent notes in the VFP and RY4D a bit more forward and make the mix sweeter with more depth of vanilla/caramel. These 2 bring help without bringing a ton of baggage or off notes and work with the tobaccos instead of clashing with them.

FLV Peanut Butter was chosen for the nut notes because it doesn't fade as much and we don't really need a perfect peanut butter here. We just want the nutty notes and pyrazines that it has to offer. I added FW Hazelnut for it's creaminess. It helps keep the PB from being dry and adds some creaminess to the vanilla/caramel notes and rounds out the nutty profile nicely.

I wanted a coffee accent because Holy Holy Grail RY4 has some coffee notes that I love. Coffee flavors are all lacking in my opinion and I felt that this choice was one that would make or break this mix. I chose SC Cappuccino because it adds a bit to the creaminess of the hazelnut and stays away from that burnt popcorn note if you keep it low. Its a relatively dark concentrate, but it's still kind to coils/cotton. Some may be sensitive to the burnt popcorn off note and I would recommend adjusting this ingredient to your liking if you want more/less.

I spent a lot of time balancing this recipe and checking it after a steep. This is, of course, for my palate. If you find that yours is different feel free to tinker with the percentages a bit. This won't need sweetener. The chosen concentrates do all the sweetening it needs. If you mix this up please leave a review or some feedback. All opinions are welcome!

This is good after about a 7 day steep. It's phenomenal after a month though


I was finishing up a PB&J sandwich one day and took a vape of Cardinal. That when I had a peanutiphany. We have a chocolate Cardinal thanks to ID10-T. There needed to be a PB Cardinal.

The obvious choice is TFA DX Peanut Butter, but I give it a helping hand (to not fade so much) with a touch of FLV Peanut Butter. The FW Hazelnut adds a little creaminess and complexity to the PB part.

I vape Cardinal right away even through the fade and reappear dance of the FLV tobaccos. I enjoy that red burley so much fresh. Then after a week I'll let it sit for a week until they get over their shyness.


A remix of DB Liquids Black Blossom Tea and my attempt at a Cherry Blossom Iced Tea. Don't be alarmed by the flavor percentage. The TFA I'm using here is super weak (especially Sweet Tea).

When ID10-T turned me onto TFA Sweet Tea I knew that I had the base for this remix. It's really weak and you can probably push it up to 15% solo. The generic watered down restaurant iced tea it pushes is light and doesn't bully a mix like FA Black Tea would here.

TFA Honeysuckle/Cherry Blossom brings the cherry with some floral brightness. The Honeysuckle pushes it a little sweeter and adds some depth to the florals. I tried it without the Honeysuckle but something just seemed to be missing.

CAP Hibiscus is here to add a bit of it's renowned sticky mouthfeel and add to the sweetness.

The small amount of FE Lemon brightens things up just a little bit and isn't really noticeable in the recipe. Can't have iced tea without just a little lemon.

INW Natural Mint adds just a touch of cool natural mint to the profile. It's sits way on top and is just noticeable.

Add coolant if you wish. I like this with just the mint. It's a pretty delicate vape even with the high flavor percentage.


I shamelessly stole this top voted July monthly recipe from kirkt on the diy_ejuice subreddit. Fuck it!

Great for flushing out wicks or just giving your tasters a break.

I was working with another mixer, leptest, on a raspberry/currant profile. He went another direction. This is what I ended up with.

FA Blackcurrant is dominant here, turning the raspberries darker and highlighting the show. It sits on top here very well.

INW Raspberry/TFA Raspberry Sweet gives us a pretty potent Raspberry with a little bit of sweetness (EM) to tone down the floral notes a bit. If you're sensitive to INW Raspberry you can dial it down to 1-1.5% if you want. I can vape it straight all day long at 2%. Some people can't.

INW Shisha Strawberry brings more berry sweetness to the base and keeps the mix interesting, giving it that certain something.

FA Pear is here for juiciness and to lighten things up. I find that it keeps a leash on the syrupy side of Shisha Strawberry.

FE Lemon here in a tiny amount helps to lift and brighten the berries just a smidge.

I like this without sweetener and/or coolant. This mix is really great with a little koolada or WS-23 though.

This simple recipe is meant for low wattage MTL devices like the Juul and Suorin Air/Drop.

Don't be afraid of the high percentages of flavoring. These devices need triple to quadruple the amount you'd use for a typical RDA. This is a very accessible recipe as most people already have these flavors in their stash.

After 5-6 iterations I really like this mix. I tried INW Pineapple and FLV Mango but when I pushed them high enough to saturate the flavor it wasn't what I was looking for. The Capella Golden Pineapple and Sweet Mango can go pretty high without getting all weird.

I was still missing some depth, so I went searching other mango recipes. It seemed that people were using peach to brighten things up a little and fill out the profile. So I went with all Capella and used Juicy Peach. You can't taste it much but it rounds out the profile well.

User: kindground Score: 4 Entered: almost 2 years ago
This is one of my favorite recipes. The lemon in it is just perfectly balanced with the meringue and crust.
User: kindground Score: 5 Entered: almost 2 years ago
Great recipe! Just what I was looking for in a summer vape. I'll be mixing a 120ml of this for sure. I dropped the CAP SS and Koolada percentages a bit for my personal tastes and it's just right.
User: kindground Score: 5 Entered: almost 2 years ago
Really great recipe. Nailed the profile perfectly for me. Great mouthfeel, fluffy, and not overly sweet with the perfect amount of pastry. I want to add some sort of fruit "compote" to this but it's just so perfect as is.
User: kindground Score: 5 Entered: almost 2 years ago
Two words. Fucking amazing. I don't know why it took me so long to finally mix this up, but I don't think I'll stop anytime soon. This is a perfect pina colada. Just the right balance of coconut cream and pineapple juice. The work you put in on this definitely shows. It's very full flavored and nails the profile spot on.
User: kindground Score: 5 Entered: over 1 year ago
Love this so much. It scratches my summertime itch. Better than Grack Juice IMO.
User: kindground Score: 5 Entered: over 1 year ago
Really like this juice. It's not heavy handed or complicated. Refreshing and light for summer. Berries up front and lemon lime in the back. Love it.
User: kindground Score: 4 Entered: over 1 year ago
Im not normally a person that likes peach but I love what the candy HS Blueberry is doing to it here. Great recipe.
User: kindground Score: 5 Entered: over 1 year ago
This is really good. Your friends are right. It is really well balanced. I thought that sweet guava may overtake the blood orange and sweet tangerine but it doesn't. This is superbly balanced very refreshing. Thanks for a great summer recipe!
User: kindground Score: 5 Entered: over 1 year ago
I really like this a lot for the summer. Very refreshing. I added 0.75 INW Natural Mint and it was really nice with the menthol and Koolada.
User: kindground Score: 5 Entered: over 1 year ago
This is heaven. I mixed a liter and I can't put it down.
User: kindground Score: 5 Entered: over 1 year ago
This is a delicious clone. For me, It needs a little more airy dairy in the middle to fluff it up and mellow out the banana a little more to be spot on. I haven't had the real thing in a few months though. I'll still vape the crap out of this. Great job.
User: kindground Score: 5 Entered: over 1 year ago
I really like this recipe. Very unique flavor but hard to put down. I may try adding a touch of Cactus just to see if it makes it that much better.
User: kindground Score: 5 Entered: over 1 year ago
I love this mix. Very sweet and juicy. The INW Raspberry is the star here with that pear lingering on your palate. Nicely done. This will be on my list of fruit mixes to keep coming back to for sure.
User: kindground Score: 5 Entered: over 1 year ago
This is simply delicious. Needs a week to steep but it's worth it. The vanilla and the bakeries are really bringing out the chocolate notes in the tobacco for me. I love it!
User: kindground Score: 5 Entered: over 1 year ago
Very light and refreshing recipe. Great authentic melon flavor with a nice rind note that keeps it real. I'll definitely be hanging onto this recipe to mix again in the future. Great job!
User: kindground Score: 5 Entered: over 1 year ago
Love this recipe. Nice and simple. The apple isn't enough for me so I upped it a percent and it's perfect. The pound cake and cds are perfect together in this.
User: kindground Score: 5 Entered: over 1 year ago
Great recipe. I normally would turn my nose up at 4% CAP VC V1 but I figured all the Vanilla would help smooth out all that egginess. And it does! The touch of graham cracker keeps it interesting. Great adv. I'll be mixing a lot of this in the future.
User: kindground Score: 5 Entered: over 1 year ago
I really enjoyed this. The light cake and airiness were unexpected. The balance of spice is perfect considering. I have to admit that I was expecting it to head towards a darker spice cake but I enjoyed it as is. I'll definitely play with adding some dark sweetness to push it further.
User: kindground Score: 3 Entered: over 1 year ago
Tastes great for about 5ml. Good lord it's a coil killer with all that EM. Especially in conjunction with sugar cookie. Probably just like Mech Sauce.
User: kindground Score: 5 Entered: about 1 year ago
Love this recipe because it's a very complex yet simple "build it yourself" mix. It's great as is but since it was a contest entry with restrictions, I decided to tinker with the top notes a bit. The overripe aspect plays really well with brighter top notes. Add 2-3% TPA Cranberry to this for a really pleasant surprise. It turns it almost into a combination of granny smith and golden delicious.
User: kindground Score: 5 Entered: about 1 year ago
Vanilla DAP bomb with the perfect combination of cookies. I always come back to this when I'm looking for something different and decadent.
User: kindground Score: 5 Entered: 11 months ago
Fantastic and simple recipe. I love creamy vanilla peppermint! I added a half a percent of FA Peppermint and it helps carry it through the steep a little more. Now I know what to do with that huge bottle of LB WCP.
User: kindground Score: 5 Entered: 11 months ago
This is delicious but you are definitely right about the coil carnage. 5mls in cotton destroyed and can't taste much but burning paper (because the coils are so caked).
User: kindground Score: 5 Entered: 11 months ago
I subbed FA Fresh Cream and it seems to work well. This is delicious once the rich cinnamon starts to steep into the rest. Very well balanced after 15 days. The Almond is nice and soft and doesn't scream CHERRY like some almonds/marzipans can.
User: kindground Score: 5 Entered: 11 months ago
Your touching eulogy made it impossible for me to NOT mix this. My sincerest condolences for the loss of such a great friend. This mix is a really nice summer mix. The pear does exactly what it's supposed to and brings some juiciness to the mix. The pink champagne is also a nice touch that brings something different to the profile. Great job.
User: kindground Score: 5 Entered: 11 months ago
Really creamy vanilla recipe. Love the simplicity. I may swap out TFA Vanilla Bean Ice Cream for LB to see if it loses a bit of egginess. Great recipe! Love it.
User: kindground Score: 5 Entered: 10 months ago
Shake and vape this is fantastic. The Watermelon is right up front and leaves you with that Strawberry/berry goodness. Very full flavored, juicy and well balanced mix. Perfect summer ADV. I added 1% ws-23 for cooling after tasting the original mix. Love it both ways. Thanks for the recipe!
User: kindground Score: 5 Entered: 9 months ago
Love this mix, the common ingredients, and the balance. It's really tough to get blueberry to pop with all the vanillas. I personally added .5% HS Ice Cream to my second batch to make the vanilla a bit richer and left out the sweetener. I will definitely be making this a staple.
User: kindground Score: 5 Entered: 9 months ago
I'm embarrassed to say that Wayne's Johnson is very satisfying. It's not as girthy as I'm used to in an apple vape, but it pushes all my buttons just the right way. I prefer a much lighter Johnson in the summer anyway. I'm vaping it now at the 10 day mark and the apple and Watermelon are still holding up well. Great job.
User: kindground Score: 5 Entered: 8 months ago
This is so delicious, and simple, and unique. I love it! The candy FLV Grape up next to my favorite candy lemon/real lemon combo is just genius. I used the Subohm recipe and lowered the coolant a bit more.
User: kindground Score: 5 Entered: 8 months ago
I can't believe I've not reviewed this. It's been a staple since it was released. Grapey, juicy, wet, and weird. It's perfect. I like it both with koolada and without. Sometimes I'll also throw a half percent EM at it to round it off and sweeten it up a bit more.
User: kindground Score: 3 Entered: 8 months ago
I wasn't really a fan of this. So much AP from the Biscuit and actual AP all I could taste was corn chips. I imagine if I tinkered with the percentages I could get something I liked.
User: kindground Score: 4 Entered: 8 months ago
This is a nice mix. You can't go wrong with Butterscotch Ripple and Vanilla Swirl and Sugar Cookie in the mix. I like this as a starting point with a few additions and subs. JF RY4 Double at the same percentage makes this so much better. Also, knock the TFA Pistachio back to 1.5% and add 0.75% FLV Pistachio.
User: kindground Score: 5 Entered: 8 months ago
Sticky, decadent, rich vanilla custard. This is not a light custard, it a very bold one with that much Butterscotch. I lost the Almond in the steep, but a half percent of INW Marzipan helped that issue.
User: kindground Score: 5 Entered: 8 months ago
This is a staple summer recipe. Flavor is realistic and well balanced. The raspberry/strawberry combination creates a great berry to bring the pink to a great lemonade base.
User: kindground Score: 5 Entered: 8 months ago
Love this. Fresh, I love the chocolate note that red burley brings. It's a little harsh fresh but that chocolate note blends with the vanilla in the RY4 and seems super creamy for me and sits beautifully right on top of the tobaccos. After about 10 days that chocolate note fades into the background and I'm left with the perfect tobacco forward RY4. The caramel is sweet and dark. The vanilla brightens that caramel up a bit. Then underneath is a well balanced tobacco combo that fits the profile perfectly. Great job! This should be a EVERYONE'S perfect RY4.
User: kindground Score: 4 Entered: 8 months ago
I really love this mix with JF RY4 Double subbed. The caramel element interestingly comes from the cookie dough and with a really dark and sweet brown sugar note. You can twist and add to this mix pretty easily to make it your own as well. Great job!
User: kindground Score: 5 Entered: 8 months ago
Very amazingly balanced, slightly floral, incredibly interesting and super creamy ADV. Those particular creams and the extra vanilla really helps stand up to the Honeysuckle. This is definitely one of my top 5 favorite recipes.
User: kindground Score: 4 Entered: 8 months ago
This is very close in taste to its profile. Super accurate. I enjoy this but I have issues with a lot of cake concentrates. Initially I did not like what this steeped into after about a week. I omitted the cake and the notes that made it muddy for me went away. I subbed in 3% DFS Angel Food Cake and it was Delicious!
User: kindground Score: 3 Entered: 8 months ago
I like this for a summer mix but I prefer a bit more candy Watermelon. The amount of double apple with the honeydew in the wild melon definitely bring the green forward. I get a whole lot of green apple from it.
User: kindground Score: 5 Entered: 8 months ago
Loved this. The floral notes really mix well with the 2 Pears to fill this profile in. The cream settles everything down and can be subbed with whatever generic cream you like best. Perfect!
User: kindground Score: 5 Entered: 8 months ago
User: kindground Score: 5 Entered: 8 months ago
I like this profile a lot. The graham and the honey are really good together. I have issues with FLV cream and for some reason Toasted Marshmallow amplifies that tangy off note I get. At first I thought I'd bring the TM down. Next I tried subbing FA Cream Fresh in. Bingo. FLV Tangy Cheese was the culprit! Love it with this 1:1 sub.
User: kindground Score: 5 Entered: 8 months ago
Such a great recipe. Fully saturated flavor and absolutely decadent. It's great off a shake with in your face lemon, but after a day or so it comes together even better. This is everything I look for in a lemon bakery vape. Nailed the profile perfectly. The perfect lemon riding on top a rich buttery pound cake. Excellent job.
User: kindground Score: 5 Entered: 7 months ago
Excellent simple fruit mix that is amazingly good. I wouldn't change a thing. This is a staple in the summer.
User: kindground Score: 5 Entered: 7 months ago
This is a really tasty well balanced mix. The almond and mango are right there together perfectly balanced. I have a personal issue with FLV Cream and I get off notes that I don't like with it. Still, I mixed as intended and like it a lot. Enough to rip through a 30ml in 2 days. I may sub out for a different cream the next time I mix it.
User: kindground Score: 5 Entered: 7 months ago
This is a really nice tobacco forward recipe! You can't go wrong with Red Burley. That chocolate note is amazing. I was afraid that it would clash with the Butterscotch here but it doesn't. It layers with it nicely. The Cured keeps this a bold tobacco with its cigar like quality and slight ashiness. When I vape this I get a face full of that chocolate note layering with the subtle Butterscotch and all that tobacco goodness backing it all up underneath. Very nicely balanced mix! If you love tobaccos this is a winner.
User: kindground Score: 5 Entered: 7 months ago
Super simple and delicious. Perfect light summer vape. The fizzy sherbet is definitely something that I can taste working here to bring that fizz perception. I'll be investigating it and VT Lemonade in the near future. That sour, powdery, pixie stick things is definitely what mimics this. It lingers on the tongue for quite a while. I love this as is or with the percentages raised a tad with a little sweetener and ws23. Thanks for a superb simple 1-2-3!
User: kindground Score: 5 Entered: 7 months ago
Excellent recipe. This nails the profile. I had to order CAP LMP but I think it's worth it. The balance between crust, meringue, custard and lemon is perfect. The lemon is very forward in the best way but in perfect balance with the other elements. Great job!
User: kindground Score: 5 Entered: 7 months ago
I've never had the original but this is a nice commercial custard flavor. I tried it without sweetener or EM and wasn't fond of the sharp/tang note (personal preference). I used .5% EM to round that off for my own tastes.
User: kindground Score: 5 Entered: 7 months ago
Love this recipe! Tastes like a melted lime popsicle. Those 2 limes together make a perfect candy/artificial lime.
User: kindground Score: 5 Entered: 7 months ago
Great mix. I'm usually not a fan of most banana mixes but I wanted to at least try it, well because it's yours. That VT banana custard sits nicely on top and blends really well with the Bavarian Cream and Frosting. My only critique is that I would like a little more bakery underneath. I may try boosting the sugar cookie and yellow cake just for my own palate. Thanks for the excellent recipe!
User: kindground Score: 5 Entered: 5 months ago
Excellent from the ground up recipe. It's definitely a cola but not a commercial cola like Pepsi or Coke. This has the bite of a gourmet crafted cola and is truly delicious. The spice of the cinnamon is there but you wouldn't know that it was cinnamon if you were unaware of the ingredients. The fizzy sherbet reinforces that citric acid perfectly when paired with the blood orange. It also gives it that candy bottle cap kind of feel straight off the shake. This fades and balances out after a steep. The choice of vanilla bourbon is genius too. Another brighter vanilla probably would have accentuated the cinnamon and citrus more instead of working to balance it. Absolutely fantastic recipe Alfred. Thanks for sharing.
User: kindground Score: 5 Entered: 5 months ago
Yummy recipe. Super sweet just like the real thing. Being from St Louis I've had this many times. The powdered sugar is a surprisingly nice finishing touch and the choice of cream cheese and custard for the rich butter element works very nicely with the yellow cake base. This is really great, rich, sweet cake vape. Well done.
User: kindground Score: 2 Entered: 5 months ago
This is a decent shake and vape and very enjoyable in the first week or so. It gets seriously muddy with a steep. It feels like the cap lemon-lime does something strange to muddy up the bakeries with a steep. Another lemon may work better.
User: kindground Score: None Entered: 5 months ago
This is a really nice change from the heavy vanilla custards. The creaminess of the pudding really shines through everything. I love FLV Vanilla Pudding so I had to mix this up. The use of INW custard keeps this from being heavy and overly rich while adding some body to the pudding. The dark spicy vanilla bourbon also plays a big part in keeping this very vapable. You get a big vanilla bomb but its not too bright or cloyingly sweet and plays really well with the vanilla in the pudding. While I don't really notice the golden syrup and the coconut I'm sure they play a big role in bringing it all together. My only complaint is that this is a bit dry in the middle notes through about day 10 of steeping. After day 10 it works itself out and by 14 days it's perfect. Great mix! Very enjoyable.
User: kindground Score: 5 Entered: 4 months ago
This is really nice, simple, straightforward coffee vape. No burnt popcorn note and lots of cream. The caramel is just enough to sweeten it up and accent it nicely. Great mouthfeel too because of the cream and marshmallow. Because of the caramel and the slight vanilla notes it almost tastes like an RY4 that has the tobacco replaced with coffee. Well done.
User: kindground Score: 5 Entered: 4 months ago
This is a really nicely developed mix. Most cheesecake recipes have too much or not enough crust element. The crust here sits nicely balanced in the mix. The cheesecake is pretty authentic and not overly rich letting the strawberries do their thing nicely right in the middle. My only criticisms are that I would lower the Yes We Cheesecake a little bit. It gets a little waxy for me much above 3% but that is strictly subjective. I might also raise the Shisha and Sweet Strawberry for a little more of a strawberry syrup direction. Again that's a subjective preference thing. All around this is a really great cheesecake mix that I'll definitely come back to and tweak the balance a bit to my personal preferences. Well done Alfred!
User: kindground Score: 5 Entered: 4 months ago
Very nicely surprising mix that taught me a few tricks that I wouldn't have thought about. Firstly I was really surprised at the cereal elements being so authentic without using some AP. I was wondering where the corn note was going to come from but it's there thanks to the FA Cookie and brown sugar combo. The use of Strawberry Ripe and Forest Fruit as the berry was equally surprising as the berry note. I wouldn't have thought that it would bend into a crunchberry but it does so perfectly. Spot on. My only criticism is a personal preference issue. FLV Cream tastes a little sour to me unless it's steeped longer than a week. Because of that I probably would have used FA Cream Fresh if I had developed this. I tried it at the recommended 5 days and got the sour note from FLV Cream. At 8 days it sunsided for me and became the delicious cereal milk as intended. All in all this is a great recipe with some nifty tricks. I will definitely put those tricks in the mixing spank bank for use later.
User: kindground Score: 5 Entered: 3 months ago
Really tasty mix that hits all the marks for a ginger snap which I love. The spice is very deftly balanced and the cookie is crisp and sharp. The touch of honey makes this really nice and compliments the ginger and cinnamon really well. My only criticism is completely subjective. I get a musty stale beer note from Cap Gingerbread that I've never really liked. The honey seems to latch onto it and accentuate it. Still a very enjoyable mix. I may try substituting FLV Ginger Snap or HS Gingerbread next time.
User: kindground Score: 4 Entered: 3 months ago
I thought this was good the first couple of days. The apple dominates the mix making it enjoyable. After a few days it seems to turn to mud though. Everything sort of blends together and the strawberries fade. I'd mix it again. Just in smaller batches that I can vape in a day or two.
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