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Description: Truck Driver who does not have very much time to mix..Have figured out ways to develope my own recipes recently tho it is a long process for me as i only mix when i am home once a month or so. On the good side of this issue tho is steep time is not an issue. I love mising and will continue to do soon as i have something tasty i will release it.
Interests: Mainly Bakery/desert flavors profered...getting into mints and tobacco as of lately
Location: Magnolia,Ky(home)......Anywhere,USA(work location)

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dont know how this is yet,,,we shall seelive on the show.knknj kjbj jjj

I have really been enjoying Flavorah tobacco flavors. They are not harsh or off as alot of other offerings in this area of flavors
I like this combo of KY and Red Burley here. For tobacco lovers I am sure most would agree it id hard to go wrong with Red Burley and.......

FLV Rose Essence adds a unique sweetness to this mix and realy anything i have used it in.

TPA Vanlla Custard nothing you do not already know it is a creamy light vanilla tyoe of flavor but i didnt want that over the top Cap vanilla that is in CAP V1 Custard

INW Shisha Vanilla...just to add some more mouthfeel as well as additional vanilla flavor. I will add that the vanilla in this mix is still on the mild side and you may prefer more

If you mix this please let me know what you think as together we discover and make each other better mixers

Made for LGBTQI charity stream on FRESH03. A simple strawberry cream with orange accents

The orange just does something to the strawberry here. It adds brightness but at the same time puts a little tart in here as well

Give it a go. Together we can make it better. Let me know your improvements on this. Thanks for mixing and your feedback

Made for kindground mixathon. Notes to come after the steep. Standby

PROFILE - Vanilla cream with a nutty note. Rose vanilla on the exhale(use 1 drop smooth vanilla per 30)



FLV KINAKO SOY - Provides a slight nutty note or a slight darkness and some texture to the cream

FLV ROSE ESSENCE - This recipe would not be possible without this flavor. All the other roses on the market are way too floral. This concentrate is like smelling a rose not eating it. It’s a light rose scent on the exhale not floral at all IMO

Made on diy DOWNUNDER 4/27/19 blah blah blah 10 words needed. Blah blah


A simple mango lemonade.

WF ISLAND MANGO - Not a strong mango flavor at all...not real funky either ..
LA LEMONADE - Wonderful powered drink mix kinda lemonade
INW CACTUS - Used here at ONE DROP PER 30 ML to add some moistness into the mic
SWEETENER - As needed...i like this mix slightly sweeter than with no sweetener
CAP ITALIAN LEMON SICILY - Adds a little zest to the lemonade

The Mango and the lemonade blend well here. After the steep you get a mango/lemonade up front with a lemonade finish. The INW Cactus does help add a little fubkyness back to this mango

What a lovely little recipe not harsh and i have days i cant put it down #GIVEITAGO let me know what you think if you tweek it and like it better also let me know so i can try your vwrsion TOGETHER WE DISCOVER!!!

Cap 27 BEARS Nice gummy candy qith texture and a slight pineapple taste this can be civered pretty easily but will add brightness to other flavors as well

VT PINEAPPLE JUICE Tart and sweet pineapple taste i let this mix sit fir almost two months and the pineapple did fade slightly but is still very present

VT BLOOD ORANGE CHAMPAGNE Used here to support and brighten the pineapple

VT RASPBERRY JAM Used to add some additional gummy and jelly texture

CAP SUPER SWEET Add to taste



I have been on the quest to sort out flavors I can use vs what needs to be gotten rid of to make room for all the new stuff and this little gem was born.

ONE PEACH - Weak but pleasant canned peaches in heavy syrup. No throat hit for me from this one.

TPA VB GELATO - Vanilla creamy non eggy goodness. Adds some mouthfeel as well.

VT HONEYCOMB - This is used to add some Caramel type of a flavor to darken the cream a little and add some sweetness

JF HONEY PEACH - Love this peach. Sweet kinda dark with a little honey note. For me I prefer this one after a steep.

FLV CREAM - Just a great cream for all this peach to hangout in.

FW SWEETENER - This is my goto sweetner as of late feel free to sub whatever your preference is.

FA ARMENIA - This adds some Juciness helps brighten the other peaches adding and there layer to the fruit.

A simple yet delicious raspberry strawberry candy style recipe.

VT YOGHURT DRINK---- A pleasant lemon lime creamy concentrate that is easy to work with. Used here the lemon lime provides that sweet tart candy feeling maybe a little pixey stickish but good none the less

SWEET STRAW/RASPBERRY COMBO----- Used together to create this unique berry blend taste that leaves me wanting more...its not strawberry or raspberry but both...LOL

SWEETENER----- In all honesty the this could be cranked up to 1-1.25 depending how swwet you want your candy use what ever sweetener you want i just seem to be on a FW kick lately.

User: VapinTrucker Score: 4 Entered: almost 3 years ago
So i tied this at various points of the steep.I mixed it on 9/18/16. Smells wonderful from the get go...its been steeping since then and I really like what it has turned into for sure. If your a cookie vape lover you will love this...i recomend a three week steep personally..i drive a truck so i end up using a tank and at three weeks the flavors comes shinning thru. Thanks John for sharing this's now in my rotation!!!...BTW...I only gave four stars because i am reserving the 5 star for APPLE BUTTAH!!!
User: VapinTrucker Score: 4 Entered: over 1 year ago
So just off the shake. This is simply delicious. The light cherry note from the pistachio blends so well with the light banana note. Very easily going to be added to my rotation of frequently vaped liquids. Can’t wait for everything to meld together over the next few days.
User: VapinTrucker Score: 5 Entered: over 1 year ago
Nice balance of milk and banana. The banana is present not too strong and the cream is there as well. Thanks for sharin this gem of a recipe
User: VapinTrucker Score: 5 Entered: about 1 year ago
OK so I did have to substitute Madagascar vanilla with FA Vanilla bourbon. This being said this recipe used a new flavor I had just got which is what led me to mix it. I wanted to try the OOO butter pecan ice cream. Now what to say here. Thus recipe reminded me how much I love butterscotch ripple. Combined with the OOO It leaves that creamy pecan taste just like eating the ice cream. The recipe is very well balanced and tasty. It's sweet enough but not too sweet. If I had to say anything negative at all I'd say I wish the flavor was just slightly stronger but that being said I have mixed 2X50ml and today I will make a 100ml batch as is. There is just something about the cream and the nutty flavor with the slight buttery finish that keeps me coming back. Thanks Tammy for a great recipe that I will be Vaping well into the fall I'm sure v
User: VapinTrucker Score: 4 Entered: 6 months ago
What a pleasant surprise in this recipe. Normally Horchata for me is harsh especially off the shake but not this one here. It does get better with a steep however it is great off the shake. It's creamy it's Caramel it's Horchata and it's cream brulee. The brown sugar with the cream brulee absolutely helps sell the hard burnt sugar top. I can't recommend this enough. Easily an all day vape for me and I don't do that. Thanks for the great recipe can't wait to see what else you've got!!
User: VapinTrucker Score: 4 Entered: 4 months ago
What a lovely recipe. Different. Fresh. Fig. Banana. What’s not to like right. The strawberry for me is light but present I prefer this after 2 week steep personally. Give it a go
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Being a person who is nor a fan of Zepola this recipe impressed me. It's simple versatile and delicious. Thanks for sharing. This is my new favorite cake donut recipe. Thanks as well for all the variations as well. I haven't tried then but will do shortly. Here is a link to my thoughts on this great mix.
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