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Ok so this is my remix of Vapetasia Killer kustard lemon...The foundation of the custard my gotta have Capella V1 & New York cheesecake and my new favorite Flavorah vanilla pudding in addition I needed some sharp vanilla notes Holy vanilla plays that well and Flavor West yellow cake Ties every thing in..My lemon Sicily takes a note @ 2.5% paired with Capella lemon meringue pie @6% Caps LMP is the best for this recipe even though it's
a custard profile. This recipe is better than the original IMO. Steep time is 30days it should turn into a nice light amber color like the original version. You can substitute holy vanilla for Shisha Vanilla and if you feel funny about vaping FW yellow cake leave it out but it won't have the same texture in the custard I was going for....Thanks 😎

I give thanks to Folkart for the boss reserve remix I'm sure alot of mixers tweaked this recipe to there liking and others just left it alone ...I know when I mix "Cardinal " by Fear I'm always thinking of some way to improve it that's my OCD kicking in but this is my personal recipe for the Profile described by Cuttwood. mixing tips and knowledge I have learned over 2 years thank you everyone on ATF..🤩 *note This recipe is just my personal preference

Coconut custard and Tobacco... I wanted a tobacco that would be prominent Kentucky blend does a good job at that and Red burley to back it up .The custard is pretty basic my go to Capella v1 and Cap NY cheesecake & Flavorah vanilla pudding purilum super sweet @ .25% just enough to blend everything together. I do have another version of this recipe with FA almond if that's your thing add 1%

Banana, kiwi & Strawberry cream mayhem another simple mix for an all day vape the Banshee is screaming your name...

This is a really simple strait forward recipe very delicious and decadent hazelnut cinnamon custard goes good with a cup of your favorite coffee...

I wanted something bright and out of the ordinary my second best favorite Flavorah concentrate Boysenberry wont let me down. Inspired by Grack juice..

Wanted to make something with Liquid barn peach some really good fuzzy peach candyish notes in it. The pink candy burst adds more candy notes to the recipe and my beloved shisha strawberry ,strawberry ripe and to finish the recipe vanilla Swirl...SNV approved 😤

That's right Strawberry cheesecake jellybeans the first time I had these I went right home to work on this recipe give it a mix and comment tell me what you think...

My two favorite RY4's holy holy grail & Ry4 double team up to raise hell recipe inspired by Fear's Cardinal and Goofy's juice on ELR ....great for mouth to lung devices.

sweet and tangy delicious strawberry tart with honey Graham cracker and creamy undertones Flavorah boysenberry @ 1% really pushing this recipe to another level....

User: Slushy Score: 4 Entered: about 1 month ago
This looks very well thought out only thing I have issues with it the low percentage of flavorings not a bad thing just personally most recipes like this end up tasting very muted to me what would you recommend to up percentage just a bit..
User: Slushy Score: None Entered: 29 days ago
Its looks tasty I'm just curious how the pistachio comes into play..
User: Slushy Score: 5 Entered: 22 days ago
A fucking coincidence or did you peek in my steep cabinet I have been chasing this flavor for some time my first commercial juice I purchased was by Indigo vapes "Anolog Ice" a perfect tobacco minty menthol juice. My take was Kentucky blend @ 2.5% and Flavorah cool menthol around .25% for standard base still looking for the right tobacco to pair with Kentucky
User: Slushy Score: 5 Entered: 22 days ago
Looks like a good take on Charlie's pistachio ry4 nice
User: Slushy Score: 5 Entered: 21 days ago
This looks nice I'm going to mix this.. very classy name BTW...😎
User: Slushy Score: None Entered: 14 days ago
This looks promising...
User: Slushy Score: None Entered: about 7 hours ago
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