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Funfetti cake with frosting.


Strawberry and vanilla ice cream, coated with shortcake crumbles.

User: NotCharlesManson Score: 5 Entered: over 2 years ago
Absolutely incredible! It's a little harsh the first day, but really comes together after the second or third day, so be sure to give it at least a couple days. The CDS isn't too overpowering and lends its pastry qualities to combine with the Cereal 27 to work in a really unique way. I never would have thought to add TFA Pie Crust to something like this, but it works so well here. I feel like it's that one flavor that changes the profile from a cinnamon cream pastry to the Cinnamon Toast Crunch flavor we all know and love. The Toasted Marshmallow brings just enough malt to the profile to keep it from having too much of a straightforward milk/cream feeling, while providing that sticky, lingering mouthfeel I love. Rage definitely has a talent with balancing flavors to create a profile I keep coming back to, and this is going to be something I'll be making a big batch of to make sure I won't run out anytime soon. Really impressed with this recipe (if you couldn't tell).
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