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Quick and easy 1-2-3 Strawberry Cheesecake.

Thanks to the LB Strawberry Cheesecake, this can pretty much work as SnV. I suggest give some steep over night, and you're good to go.
It's heavy on the strawberry, with exhale notes on the NY Cheesecake.
Good to go if you're in a hurry!

This is a Guava-styled yoghurt drink, with hints of pineapple, lime and a splash of vanilla.

It's pretty fresh and summery, the type of yogurt drink I would probably gulp down on a hot summer day!

Main star is FLV Pink Guava - at 2.5% I felt it was fitting perfect. Previous version I had it at 3% and it was too overwhelming!
The guava is gently backed up by JF Pineapple to add a little diversity and a little sweet n' sour.
VT Shisha Lime - well, it's a damn good lime and at 1.25 it's not too overpowering or taking the lead.
The vanilla swirl is there for the yogurt part, but Vanilla Swirl has two jobs - Backing up the vanilla and adding smoothness to the yoghurt, where the bavarian cream adds a little fattiness to it.
VT Yoghurt drink is the main player for the yogurt, and at 1.25 it backs up the lime, as VT Yoghurt Drink has hints of lemon in it.

All in all, it's satisfying!

Give it a 3 day steep and it should be good to go. Can be used as SnV too, but after 3 days the vanilla starts to appear along with the creams.

Feel free to add your choice of coolant. I tried a version with WS-23 in it at 0.5%, but I didn't care much for it as I'm not a cooling kinda fan.

Screwing around on the DIY_eJuice Discord, spitballin' with OdieDoodah.

So I present to you! Uncle O's Runny Nose!
It's a quick (considering 3 day steep) pineapple-berry-vanilla "smoothie".

Heavy on the pineapple, backed up by the sweetness of the berries.
I used a mix JF Pineapple and TFA/TPA Pineapple, as that combo gives you the sour yet sweet sensation, that I feel like this recipe needs.
The vanilla is there for the accent and gives it a little warm feeling and the milk is for the creamy part of the "smoothie".

So, a sweet n' sour mix - quick and easy.
Let it steep for 3 days to get the INW vanilla activated.

You can add in your choice of coolant if you like.


Been wanting to make a good licroice vape for a while.
I have tried some good commercial ones, I have tried to really awful commercial ones and now I want to make my own.

The star of the show here is CAP Licorice - it's from their Euro series. I feel it adds exactly what a licroice should add. A little salty, not just another word for an anise flavor. It's exactly what licroce in Europe kinda taste like.
To assist the licorice and add some texture and boost the sweet and salty flavor, I decided on VT Salted Caramel. It was either that or FW Salty Caramel, but FW Salty Caramel has a habit of turning everything into a sweet mess, so choice here was VT.
The ice cream part is basically LB Vanilla Ice Cream. It's assisted by TFA/TPA Vanilla Swirl to give it some smoothness and FA Milk and TFA/TPA Bavarian cream for a rounder flavor.

You can leave out CAP Super Sweet if you want a less sweet mix, but I think it fits in perfectly.

To make the creams blend in well, I suggest a 5 day steep, but this mix can be used as snv as well. It'll get creamier over time, but don't leave it for too long as the licorice will start to fade slightly.

Some credits goes to mlNikon for the inspiration and Humanpuck as we have discussed flavors (he's making his own version - http://alltheflavors.com/recipes/145179)

The idea here I got from mlNikon when she once mentioned a croissant with jam she had made (https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/95371#raspberry_jam_and_croissant_by_mlnikon).
I decided, that since I love jam and since I love croissants - why not make one too!
The choice of the jam was tricky, as I'm generally pretty tired of strawberry and raspberry this and that. I wanted something dark and deep.
So my obvious choice was blackberry, blackcurrant and boysenberry.
FA blackcurrant as it is potent like hell, so I keep it low and let VT Boysenberry do a little legwork.
In an attempt to make the "jam" a little more... jammy? I have set my heart in FA Maple Syrup. I feel it adds a little texture.

The FA Apple Pie has only one job and that is to bring a little crust to the croissants butter goodness.
CAP Graham Cracker is there for a little texture.

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Very, very nice and fresh. Good mouth feel. Love it!
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