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A sweet and smokey tobacco, with hints of vanilla and Honey πŸ‘Œ

Nothing fancy, but sure is delicious.


So I wanted to create a simple cheap and delicious strawberry and cream and this is it.

Equal amount of tpa strawberry ripe and liquid barn vanilla ice cream.

Add your prefered sweetener

Your welcome πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‹

So I wanted to do something different and something with flv bourbon..

So this is a spiced bourbon whiskey with blueberries and vanilla.

The flv bourbon is such an incredible authentic flavor, and I wanted primarily to showcase that, but I also wanted it to be vapeable, so by adding som fresh blueberries and some creamy vanilla it calms the bourbon β€œharshness” down, making it a soft but yet spiced vape. I’m really enjoying this.

We got Mango. We got Guango. We got Gringo, we got Pango and now PEANGO 😊

A peanutbutter with Mango.. Oh yes. It works, and it is gooood.

I think the recipe talk for it self.

Mix it up. Rate it if you feel like it 😊

Week 5

Flavor Pro Challenge:

All I could see in this weeks picture was Delicious soft whipped cream, so this is a whipped cream recipe.

Whipped cream is... the whipped cream.

Cream cheese icing gives some depth to the cream.

Sweet coconut adds creamynezz and a slight accent of sweet coconut to the cream
Which make this recipe not that boring to vape πŸ™„πŸ˜

Butter Adds some needed grease, that i get when eating whipped cream out of a bowl. The fat that coads your mouth and lips πŸ˜‹

This is probably not a all day vape, but could be used as a whipped cream base.


A moist lemon cake with coconut butter cream.

β€’ This is my cake, but it also is used as a part of the butter cream, as it is very heavy on the butter. I needed something to bring out the cake part of it and here i used

β€’ 0.75% is just enough to give the angel cake the texture without tuning it into a cereal. Works like a charm 😊

β€’ the coconut in this reminds me of the sticky’s coconut you get from a bounty chocolate bar, but it also has some sort of β€œvibe” to it. A fruity vibe, whitch go very well with the lemon. The creamy custard ish taste in it, makes the buttercream along with the buttery note from the angel cake.

β€’ gives the coconut a slight toasted flavor making it less sticky, so what you get is more of a desiccated coconut type, with a light toast too it. And THAT is what I want in my butter cream!

β€’ this works as i wanted it to. I get the lemon part of it that i was looking for, and the pie and meringue part just helps the butter cream and the cake part. WONDERFUL!😊

β€’ 1% just to brighten up the lemon a bit. Its just not strong enough lemon without it.

Thats it. Hope you will enjoy it as much as i do. This was a fun Challenge.

ITS A 1️⃣2️⃣3️⃣ A-🐝-πŸ‘€



πŸ‘… ENJOY πŸ‘…

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