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This is the pie that my mom used to make for holidays. It is made up of pistacho coolwhip with pineapple chunks, in a graham cracker crust. I know some people use cottage cheese too, but that shit is gross. I have spent 3 months dialing in this recipe. for the rest of the description i am going too act like conradvapes and not use any punctuation and misspell hope you enjoy this too guys mix this up guys thanks

This is my version of a well balanced blueberry cheesecake. The combination of blueberries need no explanation, and I switched up the combo of cheesecakes by using OoO vanilla custard cheesecake instead of cap ny CC. I first tried this without sweetener, but it was kind of dry, and the sweetener fixed that.


As I awoke from an old man Van Dusky's "sleepy time tea" induced coma in the woods, I saw a volunteer sheriffs department officer out of the corner of my eye and grabbed his attention. He had informed me that my mother was worried sick and he would bring me back home asap. Once I saw my mother, she cried and said she would take me to Wendy's. On the way to wendy's she told me "the bad man wont hurt you anymore, and a vanilla frosty would make it all better"


A simple 3 ingredient pistachio ice cream, not too thick, heavy, and sweet like most of the commercial ones. I chose FW Vbic because I like the bright vanilla and good but not overbearing cream flavor. And used HS cream just to add a touch of heavy cream, I suppose FLV cream would work also.

User: DumHed Score: 5 Entered: about 2 months ago
How has nobody thought of this??
User: DumHed Score: 5 Entered: about 1 month ago
Brilliant, truly a masterpiece and a great discovery.
User: DumHed Score: 5 Entered: about 1 month ago
This is pretty darn accurate. A more pronounced cream finish would be nice, but I dont think it can be done without it messing up the cereal base. Great job!!!
User: DumHed Score: 5 Entered: 28 days ago
Excellent, masterful, and damn good.
User: DumHed Score: None Entered: 11 days ago
Wheres the tpa graham crust and ny cheesecake?
User: DumHed Score: 5 Entered: 5 days ago
You done good boy!!! I dont like chocolate vapes normally, but this one is perfect, dry crumbly texture just like an oreo, and ZERO band-aid off notes. This is my new ADV, thank you. Im going to try this with JF bavarian cream and see if it makes it even better.
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