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Strange, true. Good, also true. Cactus, in a candy... meh, it works.

I just wanted to make a good cherry candy. I did. Probably could do better with a few changes, but that's for another mix.

Another one for someone with horrible taste, LA Watermelon is nasty, and mixing fruit and marshmallow is just wrong, but...

Really wanted a quick SnV desert tobacco. Connecticut Shade's chocolate/coffee notes lend well to blending with the chocolate mint of CdM, and they all work with cinnamon. Added some Australian Chocolate to make the chocolate the predominant non-tobacco flavor, and then the Red Burley and Native tobaccos to make it clear this is a tobacco vape.

Bonus for anyone who thinks they deciphered the acronym. And as always... use PEG or PDO if you're gonna mix at the suggested ratio, I don't need to end up on a Throat Offenders Registry because someone thought I meant they should vape that much PG.

An attempt at turning out a good tobacco version of one of /u/ID10-T's 123 recipes.

Another one of those that should never be mixed unless you have exceptionally wrong tastes, this was made for someone who requested something just totally wrong.

Based on a drink of the same name. Was popular with alpha testers.

Blackcurrant version of the original. For whatever reason, this takes some time to come together, so not a SnV. Cooling and sweetener are, as always, to taste.


Hell with it. I can probably make it better, but it's pretty good. So if that beta snowflake matthewkokanda can release recipes early, so can I.

Note for such low VG i strongly suggest the use of PDO or PEG400.


GIGI Is Grack Improved.
(Specifically, the bad parts - meringue, dragonfruit, and especially strawberry - have been replaced with better alternatives.)

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User: COB Score: 5 Entered: about 1 month ago
Well, ok. It's probably not the best cranberry sprite that could be made, but it's probably the best that can be done with the 1-2-3 format restriction. Although honestly, I wouldn't want to leave a can/bottle of cranberry sprite on the dash all afternoon before drinking it... but cooling would break the 1-2-3 rule...
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