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INW Lemon Cake tastes like an authentic lemon cake that has been burnt and dried out. So here is a better lemon cake version.

Slightly Buttery(Cap Golden Butter) With a little hint of fresh lemon(FA Lemon Sicily) and a sweetness (FA Cookie) added to the original lemon cake.

This a good standalone but also works as a good lemon base for other recipes.

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v4 is available here: https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/22318#shurb_by_captaincannibal

captaincannibal's SHURB clone.

"No steeping required, though a day or two will really help it out. Otherwise, shake until it turns white and your arm becomes a noodle and then enjoy the smooth, dark, enigma that is Shurb."

"v4 is already in the works. I've got some great suggestions and ideas for it. I already have a lot more notes written up and I'm fairly sure I figured out the cream base's percentages finally. Expect to hear more sometime next week if my new flavorings arrive."



Fairly simple rendition of a fruit loop recipe. Tastes fantastic S&V.

Meringue is fairly optional, meant to be the frosting on the fruit loops adding some sweetness, along with the Vanilla Swirl.

Bavarian Cream with Vanilla Swirl creates a nice milk/cream for the fruit loops to sit in.

Optional: Add .5-1% of FA Fresh Cream for a nice airy mouthfeel. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !!


My clone of Propaganda's Subliminal, a take on sweet and sour raspberry belts. This started out pretty complex but after trying to hit all the right notes it wound up being simpler than I would have expected. I want to continue tinkering and getting feedback but I'm happy enough with this that it's ready for public consumption.

It's ok as a S&V but really comes into its own after 2 days and it incredibly badass.

Steep 2-3 days. Mix at 70VG / 30PG. Based on Wayne Walker's STRAWBERRY YOGURTS, this is my go to strawberry yoghurt. I replaced CAP Sweet Strawberry with JF's, because for me, it has much more flavour and is just the perfect strawberry syrup. I've also added CAP Marshmallow for creamier and sweeter mouthfeel. FW Hazelnut combines so well with FA Caramel and adds another depth.

A bit different guys from a typical pudding. I had some hard time trying to put this together. One of the reasons, was having the right bread pudding flavor to start this recipe. In our country this bread pudding and it probably sounds weird, but is made with the oldest left overs pieces of bread that you can get. It needs to be very decomposed and hard for the pudding to turn out absolutely flavorful. I'm also missing the raisins that is a must have in this recipe. All the flavors in here are in the actual recipe on way or another. I'm not an expert on this, but I'm trying my best for this mix to be successful and for who ever that wants to vaped becomes enjoyable in there daily rotation. I'll keep updating you guys as I get results. This is my first shot at it, so hopefully we have the right percentages in. I'm looking for the Vienna Cream to blend with the Custard and give me that hint of sweetness, creamy profile. I added a bit of brown sugar which is totally up to your pallet, to add some more sweetness to it. I'll think that the Salted Caramel will hide a little bit of that. The Condensed milk will help to round off all this creams, at least IMO. The clove and the anise should be pronounced, you must feel that hint of them in it. Last and not least the Vanilla Custard will surround all this aromas to not let the other flavors overwhelmed the mix. The Bananas are pretty straight forward, Banana Nut Bread and Banana Cream I think they are delicious flavors. I just need to find out how well they lay out with each other. I'm expecting for the Butter Cream to do some great things in here. So here it is guys, some Budin from the heart of Puerto Rico Typical Desserts. Any comments or suggestions are always welcome people. I hope you enjoyed as much as I will! Thanks...

Steep: I figured at least 3 or 4 days with the help of the Ultrasonic or what ever you want to use. I want to know as soon is possible, that's why I use this method + a really good shake.
Mix at: 80VG/ 20PG
Bath in ultrasonic cleaner: 1/2HR Cap off
Nic: 3mg
Breath Time: 5 1/2HR Cap off

A easy creamy horchata. At least 3 days of aging makes it bueno.


A surprisingly realistic vape. Nice lemon cookie flavor with sugar on the exhale and remaining ever so lightly on the palate. Good as snv, improves with age.


A sweet cinnamon danish, with hints of blueberry on the exhale. Great as a shake and vape, but best if left in a cool, dark place for a few days.

No catchy recipe name or extensive notes or meticulous master crafting here. Threw a bunch of tropical flavorings together to see if I could get a tasty shake and vape. And voila, it's pretty damn tasty. Even better after sitting over night. If you have he flavorings and the hankering for a smooth/sweet tropical fruit/mango juice then definitely give this baby a shot. Also could replace TPA meringue with FA Meringue at 0.75%