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A decadent butterscotch caramel cream custard. A nice thick, sweet, rich and creamy dessert vape. The longer it steeps the better it gets! Steep at LEAST for 1 week. It does taste good as a shake and vape, but the layers really open up the longer you wait.


So here it is, my very first completely from scratch recipe. I have been talking about this damn thing for

I got the idea from one of Wayne's live mixing streams while he was talking about how he wanted to make a black currant lemonade one days. So I shamelessly stole the idea. hah.

I never made anything from scratch and simply mixed other people's recipes so this was a pretty fun experience. The idea was to get a sweet black currant lemonade with the lemonade being abit more dominant instead of just black currant in the face.

Flavourart Black currant: I used this because out of the few black currant flavorings I tried this was simply the best. FA just make some of the best authentic fruits out there and black currant is no exception. Using this was a no brainer. Billberry is there to just enforce the black currant after the recommendations from the mixers collective. it just worked really well.

Flavourart oba oba: This is a flavoring that randomly got added but somehow worked. Darren cole's timebomb recipe used it and he mentioned it giving a citrus flavor and I put it in the lemonade to test it and it really worked. For some reason.

Lorann Lemonade: another no brainer. LA lemonade is just a delicious basic lemonade. I added CAP lemon lime to boost the lemonade.

INW cactus: I used this simply for it's "wet" feeling.

TFA sweetener: Lemonade needs to be sweet.

70/30 VG/PG

Steep: 2-3 days

I have no idea how to do any of this so I apologise if this is abit rough and amateur looking. I have vaped about 60ml and I really enjoy it. it's a nice black currant with a strong lemonade kick to it. I hope people mix this up and give me their opinion so that I can grow and learn.


This is a spin off of MBV Thug juice and I like it 100x better. Juicy cactus, jungle juice vape. After about a week the cactus comes to life.
This is great for cleansing your pallet. My go to juice when I get vapor tongue.
I highly recommend trying this juice. If you don't like thug juice I know you will enjoy this.

Edit: you can adjust koolada to taste.

Jungle juice + cactus is magical the cactus totally enhances the jungle juice with the juicy effects also adding the cactus flavor making it delicious. Koolada for a chilled effect and you can adjust it to your personal preference.


So this is the first stop on trying to clone one of my favorite juices. Its not quite 100% there yet, but it's definitely close and a very good vape. I love that it straddles the line of being a bakery, but also a crisp refreshing flavor. Works well as a shake and vape, but the Apple really comes out in 3-5 days. The lemon-lime and lime tahiti pair nicely to compliment the fuji and create a very nice top note that's extremely bright and refreshing. Normally I use sugar cookie at a higher percentage because, well.......it's sugar cookie. One of the best and most versatile flavors around. It's here just to boost inherent sweetness and add a bit of graininess. The graham cracker and sugar cookie the base of the crumb note and is boosted by the liquid amber. I'm almost positive that amber isn't in the original, but it works so well getting the profile where it needs to be. Lastly a dash of meringue is used to round out the harsh edges and work as a bridge. Hope you enjoy!

Steep Time: 5-7 days, but can work as a shake&vape if you're in a pinch.


After single testing JF Honey Peach, I thought that I might want some whiskey with it. I have similar thoughts about a number of things. I like how this recipe highlights the bottom-note sweetness of the peach, so I figured I would share it. I like this best after a few days. I chose INW Lemon Mix for my tart contrast because I wanted to explore it a bit more, but try some FA Lemon Sicily or some other tart lemon or INW Grapefruit or FLV Pink Guava or FA Aurora or...


I derived part of this from EF vapes on Youtube but still had to change everything due to the fructose in FW Yellow cake and the sucralose that he added also. I subbed the sucralose for Tfa french vanilla creme and TFA marshmallow. JF yellow cake to replace the FW yellow cake but still need EM to blend and sweeten all the creams. This is an awesome recipe that from the moment you mix it you CAN VAPE IT! And you wont stop until the bottle is finished, Enjoy this awesome recipe and know that it will NOT kill your coils or wicks. Keep in mind I vape max VG around 90 watts so if you need to turn down everything by 20% that's totally fine. ID10-T this ones for you my friend, Thank you for the Miami Vice I will vape that on my deathbed some day.

A Sure-Bet - A creamy orange sherbet... | Steep: 5 days | Final version. I dropped FA Cream Fresh from the mix as it in addition to the other creams were causing too much muting. I have also opted to replace TFA Rainbow Sherbet w/ FW Rainbow Sherbet, which I've found to be a lot less harsh than TFA's offering. IMO it's just a better flavoring overall. Hope you enjoy should you choose to mix this one up!

Oh, that smooth caramel skin... Let's put that in a bottle, yeah? I took the cream base for "Ginger Sauce" and augmented it a bit to make a caramel cream that is sure to knock at that sweet tooth. FA Caramel and FA Catalan Cream were made for each other, and a quick sniff of the two is plenty enough to tell anyone that. I took out the CAP Graham Cracker v1 and CAP Vanilla Custard v1 out of "Ginger Sauce" and kept the cream base for this recipe. It's fairly straightforward. I hope you enjoy it.

"Crush" it out of Camden Yards with the Deputy! Orange, tangerine, and creamy goodness. I took the cream base for "Ginger Sauce" and augmented it a bit to make a delightful orange and cream. Despite a large amount of citrus, it's not harsh at all. CAP Sweet Tangering and FW Orange come together to make a beautiful orange/tangerine combo that is not overly sweet or harsh. The CAP Sweet Tangerine sweetens the harshness that you usually find in orange flavors, and the FW Orange balances out that sweetness with tart citrus goodness. The addition of FA Marshmallow help to add a little mouth feel and to smooth out the cirus combo a bit more. TFA Vanilla Cupcake is added to add a hint of a bakery note that nigh undetectable. It works with the creams extremely well in this small percentage to make the vanilla pop just a little bit. The cream base itself is derived directly from my "Ginger Sauce" recipe. I simply took out the CAP Vanilla Custard v1 and the CAP Graham Cracker v1, and voila! I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I have. I searched for years for a good orange and cream juice, and I was never truly satisfied. This is that orange and cream for me. As a side note, this is not intended to be a dreamsicle.


A delicious double vanilla custard with a hint of graham cracker. Creamy and delicious. A perfect all-day-vape for vanilla or custard lovers. Original flavor notes at https://www.reddit.com/r/DIY_eJuice/comments/4utw60/ginger_sauce_a_recipe_made_by_a_ginger/