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2 week aging needed, ooo cream milky undertone is the flv rich cinnamon of creams imo, it's just a perfect milk.


This is a version of my sweet blueberry lemonade that has a more natural or "tart" taste to it. Replacing the more sweet CAP Lemon Sicily with its more natural FA counterpart and adding a touch of FA Bilberry to help flesh the blueberry out. Replaced TFA Sweetener with Ethyl Maltol to cut the "sugar on the tongue" taste of the sucralose while still brightening the berries. EM is more optional in this version than the TFA Sweetener in the original. 2 Drops Koolada per 30ml or to taste. Overnight steep to help the FA Lemon Sicily and Bilberry settle in.


No nonsense sweet blueberry lemonade. Shake and vape. Optional 2 drops koolada per 30ml or to taste.

Reddit write up: https://m.reddit.com/r/DIY_eJuice/comments/54j0oj/hearts_alive_sweet_blueberry_lemonade/

Blueberry doughnut

70/30 vg/pg, 12% flavor, 6mg nic, shake and vape or steep 1-2 days. Enjoy!

Version 2 definitely more vanilla and custard I felt the original was good just not great. This one truly is something to be proud of.


Guanabana (soursop) Milkshake. Guanabana is an exotic fruit and best way I can describe it is a mix between a pineapple and banana. Sour yet Sweet.
Full notes https://m.reddit.com/r/DIY_eJuice/comments/53xeu2/batido_de_guanabana/?ref=search_posts


I wanted to create a fruity simple vape with a slight creamy fizz to the whole experience basically something on the lines of a cream soda punch.


Tfa Juicy peach

I choose Tfa Juicy peach as I wanted this to be the main player in this recipe. I think it does this well in its profile granted it's not to everyone's taste basically down to its harshness that some experience but hopefully the obaoba calms it down I feel it does somewhat. Juicy peach just works for this recipe it's candy like profile suits the recipe it takes on that peach profile we are looking for here thus it's sweet has that candy like gummy sour profile and it's not to realistic so it doesn't fall away from the fun profile that it's participating in.

Capella sweet Strawberry

So with the peach taking the star role I wanted a fruit that sits side by side something that accompanies the peach and Strawberry does this very well. They play along with each other and this flavour is just noticeable in the exhale of the vape. Sweet Strawberry again is one Strawberry that suits the profile it's candy properties again work well in it not mimicking a natural Strawberry. The recipe requires some sweetness and this plays well. A natural Strawberry just wouldn't work remember this is a fun recipe.

FA Fuji

This is this magic touch a fruit that you think shouldn't be there but along side the other fruits it kicks it in another direction. FA Fuji is a great flavour it works in whatever its trying to be whether a complicated recipe that requires dimension or as fun factor. It sits nicely at the rear just adding that tart apple after all that sweetness. It's bold and even at a small percentage it will tell you it's there. It definitely completes the whole experience.

FA obaoba

Now the magic if it was just the 3 fruits it's still going to work but I felt it needed something. Like some sharpness or fizz not sweetener Yeah I could of added that and it will turn it up all that fruit needs a little sweetness but obaoba does that to a degree. It adds some citrus to it like some bite it tears through the fruits but it also comes across like a cream soda think like marshmallow but with some sparkle or fizz. It really is a magical ingredient and I'm glad I found it.

Steep time... Good as a shake and vape 2-3 calms the peach somewhat
Mix 70vg 30pg

A delicious creamy vape.

A sweet apple and pear pie on the inhale and a delicious creamy custard on the exhale. The flavor lasts in your mouth a long time after exhale and leaves you believing you have just eaten a delicious pie and custard.

The Fuji and FA pear really bring a sweet fruity taste to Flavor Arts excellent Apple Pie . The custard needs to be at this percentage to compete with the strong FA flavors.

Try and Enjoy.

Mixed at 75VG / 25PG
Long steep - 3weeks