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DIY E-Liquid Recipe

1 week aging/steeping.

% Vendor Flavor
(INW) Biscuit
(FLV) Caramel
(FLV) Pistachio
(CAP) Sugar Cookie
(FW) Vanilla Bean Ice Cream
Total flavoring: 11.75% Steep Days: 0 Best VG: 0% Temperature: 0
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User: TheDrStore Score: 5 Entered: over 1 year ago
I love the way this all plays so well together. The pistachio comes through nicely and works well with the sugar cookie and biscuit, cone base. The caramel is fantastic with the vbic. Awesome stuff!
User: Smoky Score: 5 Entered: over 2 years ago
User: Thadentman Score: 5 Entered: over 2 years ago
Wow flv pistachio ages nicely! Very thick mouthfeel, A very nice complete recipe without extra bullsh$% to confuse the taste buds. Good one Jbird!!!