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DIY E-Liquid Recipe

G2G. 5 day steep.

Based on ID10-Ts Simple Simple Sugar Cookie.

Added FA Caramel and adjusted the percentages to taste.

The Caramel takes away a bit of the sweetness from the sugar cookie but gives a nice dense vapour.

Derived from Simple Sugar Cookie by ID10-T.
% Vendor Flavor
(FLV) Caramel
(CAP) Sugar Cookie
(CAP) Vanilla Custard
Total flavoring: 13.0% Steep Days: 5 Best VG: 0% Temperature:
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User: cdaniell30 Score: 5 Entered: about 2 years ago
This is just damn delicious. The caramel is present but not overpowering, and is enough to take some sweetness off the cookie, turning it into something different and amazing. This will most likely be in my ADV rotation this winter.