(TPA) White Chocolate

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my goal was to make a milk vape that imitates high end coffee creamer, the milk I used was TPA DX Milk ( did not have that option when entering recipe)

FW Blueberry and FA Bilberry are a great combination.

TPA White Chocolate, and Cheesecake (graham crust) add an extra layer of flavor, making this more then just a blueberry mix.

I hope you enjoy.

This recipe was on a whim.. I had a request for something different from my wife for juice so I came up with this.. It is not super over powered for the chocolate due to the Glamour Chocolate being used.

So it's Cuprian with white chocolate instead of milk chocolate... yay!!!! I'm awesome and soooo creative! Shit is good though.


merry Christmas everyone and this is what I will be vaping on sunday and Monday guys mix it up and enjoy

I will probably update notes*** Time crunch

Fraise Blanc- a white chocolate truffle with graham crumbs and strawberry filling. I am feeling this one and can't put it down!!!

White chocolate, VBIC, meringue and marshmallow make up the candy shell. Juicy strawberry, strawberry ripe and creamy yogurt pair well as the filling. Graham cracker topping to accent.


After finalizing White Choconut¹ I added Sugar Cookie & Biscuit to get the wafer layer of the famous confection I do not want to name. Dress in all white and enjoy this vape at a tropical beach near you.

¹ https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/75663


White chocolate coconut cream with a touch of almond. Tastes like the filling of a famous spherical confection.


this is a very creamy white chocolate fudge with some candy canes broken up into little pieces on top great for this time of yr mix it at 70% vg and enjoy


this candy is from one of the most popular schenes from willy wonka and the chocolate factory when he told all of the kids too lick the wall and one of the flavors was supposed to taste like fuckin dicks or dildos so guys & gals give this one a mix if U wanna know what dicks really taste like. lol

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