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(TPA) Vanilla Cupcake

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA)
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After getting involved with the DIY_EJUICE Monthly Clone Challenge, I ordered some Titan from the good people at Blue Dot Vapors. Upon trying it, I feel it taste very similar to Amalfi by Bigglesworth Labs, which I've been working on cloning for quite some time. Titan definitely has a lovely spice on the finish of the exhale, whereas Amalfi is more jam-like and consistent across the vape.

I've had a multitude of Amalfi clones, and recently been taking it in my own direction. Once I tried Titan, I simply removed FW Tres Leches and replaced it with CAP Gingerbread. I also excluded FA Liquid Amber. I'll tell ya what, even fresh, this tastes like it's going in the right direction. Although I obviously haven't had a chance to see how it steeps, based on the previous iteration I expect it to be as delicious if not moreso, as the Gingerbread really adds the extra dimension of flavor.

INW/FA Apricot- I must say I'm a big fan of LA Apricot, but FA seems a bit tangier, juicier, and punches through longer during the exhale. INW lends that soft, almost peach-like quality.

FA Torrone/Almond/Meringue- While I used TPA Almond in my Amalfi attempts initially, FA's offering is less sweet and seems to be a bit more "musty" which works well in bakeries. The Torrone adds almond as well, as well as a citrus zest that helps the Apricots poke through. Also when combined with FA Meringue, it steeps into a beautiful sweetness that seems intrinsic rather than sitting on top of the other flavors.

FA Tanger- While this is a new addition to this recipe, I don't really know how it will play out during a steep. A bit forward at the moment, but definitely well in the ballpark and adds a nice zing to the Apricots. This may end up being reduced to .75%.

AP/TFA Vanilla Cupcake/JF Yellow Cake- This was my base for Amalfi (+FW Tres Leches 1%) and seems to be a fine fit here. Initially, I used FructoseWild's Yellow Cake, but changed to JF because even though I don't mind, others may not wish to consume that concentrate. TFA beats CAP Van Cupcake with a little extra sweetness, and a shorter steep time. I feel the AP helps with seperating the layers of flavors, so fruit over bakery instead of fruit + bakery x blender= bleh.

CAP Gingerbread- Again, a new part of the recipe that, at least fresh, seems like it will be in the right direction.

DISCLAIMER- This is not meant to be an outright clone, just a modification on a similar recipe. That, and my tastebuds are like that Turkish neighbor of yours that wears sunglasses at night, buys large amount of black trash bags, and drives a Chrysler Sebring convertible...AKA on the Not To Be Trusted List. If you people knew what I put my tastebuds through...


My all day, everyday vape. I've been through several different recipes and revised this one several times but I finally have it where I want it. The blueberry is light. Not overpowering. The cheesecake blends so well with the icecream with only a note of the graham crust and the icecream is delicious with the addition of sweet and bavarian creams. I've made it in the past with tpa sweetener but it doesn't compare to caps super sweet IMO. I love this mix and I hope you will too!

Forest Berry, cookies and cream...creamy goodness. I also make this with just a couple of different blueberries and more of a Milkstone like base for variation. Tasty :)

No Description.

Cream, Cake, Fluff, Sweetness. Might Be better, might be just perfect :) It lacks that little something....maybe a bit of Joy would do this recipe nice.

This is a nice creamy Chocolate and peanut butter vape. Must use TFA peanut butter and inw MILK CHOCOLATE for the best results. Nothing else compares. It's such a great vape. If you like banana add about .5 to 1% Loran's Banana cream to it and call it Elvis. Great as a nice sweet tooth vape. Pairs well with coffee or just to take that sweet craving away.


This is a clone of Adirondack Vapor's Sagamore. This was my intro to Tobacco vapes. I was hesitant to try but it's so rich, creamy, and delicious. Not overly sweet.

From their description:

"An RY4 (Vanilla, Caramel, Tobacco) shines in Sagamore, but is followed up with notes of bakery cinnamon, and a bit of cake and cream to give you a satisfying, full flavored experience."

TFA RY4: Obvious choice here. Delicious vanilla-y creamy tobacco.

TFA VBIC: This flavor is so versatile and delicious. It was pretty well detectable in Sagamore to me.

CAP Cinnamon Danish Swirl: A solid bakery cinnamon pastry. Fits well in this flavor profile and seemed to me to be the exact cinnamon note used.

TFA Vanilla Cupcake: This was my last addition that really brought the recipe together. The picture and description really clued me in that there was some sort of cake ingredient, and after trying a few others, this was the closest. It's possible they use FW Yellow Cake but I know that's a no-no in DIY for many.

CAP Sugar Cookie: For that unmistakeably awesome mouthfeel and bakery richness that it brings.

FW Butterscotch Ripple: This one just adds to the depth of the RY4 and compliments and accentuates the Caramel.

FA Soho: In my first iterations I found RY4 not to deliver enough of a tobacco note, and boosting it with a comparable counterpart did it some good.

CAP Butter Cream: Adirondack juices are all so rich and creamy, and this really brought it all together with that wonderful aftertaste in the mouth of sweet buttery cream.

A simple yet delicious vanilla cupcake with strawberry icing.

Strawberry icing initially with a cake-y finish- leaves a lingering sweetness in your mouth wanting more.

sub 4% cap ny cheesecake or 4% tpa cheesecake graham crust if you don’t have fw
sub 1% tpa graham cracker clear if you do not have fw
double chocolate clear and double dutch chocolate create a milk chocolate/brownie type taste that won’t overpower the cheesecake base. I have found that this combo of fw cheesecake and fw graham cracker create my favorite cheesecake base closely followed by cap ny cheesecake. Due to the chocolates this one can be a bit of a coil bunker but not too bad. tpa sweetener is I feel a necessity when using chocolates to keep them from going more towards the cocoa/bitter taste.

sub 4% cap ny cheesecake or 4% tpa cheesecake graham crust if you don’t have fw
sub 1% tpa graham cracker clear if you do not have fw
I am a inw raspberry molina junkie. in my opinion there is not a better single raspberry. it is sweet and authentic of a very ripe raspberry. as with most ink flavors (especially fruits) they are authentic to the point that some may even get the greens/leafy hint as if the fruit was eaten directly from the plant. the raspberry runner up for me is definitely tpa raspberry sweet, its like the raspberry sibling of tpa strawberry ripe. I find that it helps keep the raspberry balanced from being either too authentic or too artificial with its tart and sweet properties.
once again fa custard used for its slight lemon note that helps keep fruit flavors prominent even after a steep especially helpful in heavier cream type recipes. fw lemon meringue pie also helps to add to the texture and sweetness while assisting the raspberry brightness. if you do not yet have cap vanilla whipped cream just get it. it has replaced fa whipped cream not only because I think it tastes better but also because it is very readily available. i like whipped cream on any and all desserts and cap whipped cream gives me that dollop of sweet fluffy dairy goodness.

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