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(TPA) Vanilla Cupcake

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA)
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Obviously,a creamy tobacco mix.I hope you mix and enjoy this!

Vanilla cupcake with Vienna cream and chocolate chip icing on top

The Blondie base is the cookie and the cupcake, adding in the FA Torrone to add the darker creamier nutty notes that represent the walnut (which is the level of nuttiness that it adds but also brings a creamy note that adds into the blondie base.) FA Vanilla Gelato for the ice cream topping, with white chocolate chips sprinkled on top with a drizzle of butterscotch and maple. Straight forward. This is pretty sweet on it's own, but you can easily add a touch of sweetener to taste so that the level of sweetness reflects what you like. I'm on an anti sugar diet kick right now so I can't do sweet juice for very long, and this is super sweet to me without sweetener.

This started as a personal mission to create an AYV... Yes that's intended to mean an "all year vape."
I love custards, and so I started with some key aromas, added one variable at a time, and came up with this.

Cap Vanilla Custard - No intro needed

DIYFS - Holy Vanilla - If you haven't tried it, do not pass go, do not collect $200... JUST BUY IT.

RY4 Double & Caramel Candy - Add a sweet, thick note.

TFA Vanilla Cupcake - The variable that I ended with, I kept coming back to this one. I tried other vanillas, Cap Vanilla Cupcake, and a few others. This one just makes the recipe what it is.

Mix it. Steep it (at least 3 days). Comment/Review.

Thank you.

Attempt at a hot glazed doughnut with a Caramel topping

There is little to no cake aspect to this mix, add your own preferred cake/doughnut base to this recipe if you want. 2% FW Yellow cake is brilliant, but i love the icing the most when I'm having a glazed doughnut anyway. 5 day steep minimum.


banana, butterscotch and brittle - cant go wrong, this is just yummy. I am a fan of Banana nut bread - it is just a fantastic flavor and i wanted to use it as the cupckae base. if you like more of banana you can add additional banana cream . it is a solid cake/ bread base with a light banana back note and some nutty texture, that becomes more prominent as you increase the %. The vanilla cupcake is a very light cake with a strong vanilla icing note, that works with the butter cream . The butterscotch ripple adds a creamy butterscotch top note that I wanted along with the vanilla brittle which adds some more of that dry nut note to the finish. Over all this is a really yummy simple vanilla bananna cupcake . Best after 7 days
if you like that the sweet tooth rattling type of cupcake frosting then feel free to add sweetner
If you want more of a heavier butterscotch note feel free to add to it.

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Simple. Flavorful. Delicious.

JF Yellow Cake needed a slight kick in the pants to become more 'cakey'. TFA Vanilla Cupcake filled that role perfectly. Without TFA VC, this mix is 'flat'.

It took me awhile to settle on the right combination of strawberries for my topping. I wanted the taste of pie filling, as well as fresh strawberries. TFA Strawberry Ripe with TFA Tfa Strawberry works EVERY time.

TFA Whipped Cream is used here, not just for it's authenticity, but also because it allows the layers to stay in place. CAP VWC tends to obliterate layers. Yeah, it's amazingly delicious-but I wanted to keep the layers in place here.

TFA Marshmallow is something I've always found not present in most DIY Shortcake recipes. I just love it. Not only does it lend to the "mouthfeel" I was imagining...it also adds a special 'surprise' for your mouth!

If you mix this up as is(meaning no substitutions) please consider leaving an honest review under the 'review' tab.

This is quite good 'fresh', but after 5-8 days, the marshmallow, whipped cream & cake begin to pop.

I have a hard time keeping this in stock. As soon as I make it I vape it. Very difficult to steep. 'Fresh' the liquid is clear. At 20 days, it becomes a very pale yellow.

I've not tried this in a tank, as I usually use RDAs. If you tank it, and like or hate it...please leave an honest comment/review stating so. Feedback is considered very important to me.

I'd like to thank my entire crew at #EJUICEMAKERS for their constant support. Without them...I would not be mixing today. Love you all!!

Please do not use this recipe for commercial profit. Please do not post to other eliquid recipe sites without asking permission. Thank you.


Back with a vengeance! I've been playing around with a realistic carrot cake mix for a while now. This mix replaces my initial release, that was far from a final recipe. This mix is feeling very polished now. The two aspects that are very difficult in this profile are the carrot, and the icing. The carrot needs to taste well incorporated, whilst the icing needs to be distinct and slightly separated.

The idea of vaping carrot is hideous, and on it's own it lives up to just that... It's weird and confusing. My original mix used only Vt's carrot, but using it as the only carrot ingredient was't working. Just upping the percentage on parano carrot just tasted unpleasant. Adding a small amount of Flavorah carrot boosts it perfectly. Then i layered it in with a fluffy cake base that makes it very familiar and incising. Fa labyrinth, Fw yellow cake (because it's just awesome), and Tfa vanilla cupcake are such a good combination. If i wasn't going to add a icing element, vanilla cupcake wouldn't have made it in here, but it's perfect for this mix. Labyrinth is a different choice to the norm, but i believe it's one of the key ingredients entirely necessary to tie the carrots and the cake together. To date, i'm yet to find a icing/frosting concentrate that can do what Lorann's cream cheese icing can, that's why its here. So now I've linked the carrot to the cake, and the cake to the icing, and the reason i'm happy with this recipe. the only subs for ingredients would be Capella cinnamon danish swirl for Vt cinnamon doughnut. And Capella super sweet for Vt sweet mate. There are no other subs for a reason, I've tried them... Enjoy!


This is a baked custard filled pie that's wrapped in a sugar cookies rather than a pie crust. I got the concept from the holiday pie they sell at McDonald's. It's nothing fancy, but damn is it good. That new custard is pretty much CAP V1 but without the sharp vanilla. If you sub it out here, this will still be good but it's not close to the same thing. The actual pie isn't full of vanilla, it's just an egg custard with sugar cookie and that's why this FA premium works wonderful in this mix. It fills out the INW and takes that dryness it has out and leaves you with a rich egg custard with a full body and buttery back note. If you like custard you need this new custard for sure

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