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(TPA) Orange Cream

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA) - Buy Direct
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I wanted a richer, more complex version of a dreamsicle, like something you would find in a quaint little cafe that makes theirs from scratch served in an orange peel bowl.

This was mixed at 70VG/30PG.
Steeped 5 days.

For me, the vanilla ice cream base needed to be rich to support such a complex array of orange flavors:

LB Vanilla Ice Cream for a base, FA Vienna Cream for a sweet rich fill, and the DIYFS Holy Vanilla, so the vanilla will stand up to the oranges. After I had let this batch steep, I wanted it just a bit richer, so I added HS French Vanilla Ice Cream.

The orange flavors I chose gave me the complexity depth of deep, middle, and high zesty notes I was craving:

FW Blood Orange for the deep notes. FA Orange filled out the mid range of orange flavors. FA Mandarin brings some high notes and a bit of zest. TPA Orange Cream worked as a bridge between the oranges and the cream.

WS-23 was for that hint of coolness. Adjust to taste or try Koolada.

Sweeten how you want, or not at all. I used NN Monk Fruit and Stevia in equal parts as sweeteners.

This noob would appreciate any and all feedback.
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An overdose of vitamin C with cream. I hope you like it and give some feedback. Enjoy!

I wanted something out of the ordinary. Lol. The citrus brings out the spices in the tobaccos. The tobaccos are giving off a sweet spicy darkness. Almost a caramel. The orange cream really helps it all come together.


Here is my take on the April 7th episode of Mixin vixens.
It is a very simple recipe, the ice cream base is my favorite at the moment kudos to @RockyHarlow. The LB vanilla ice cream and TPA Vanilla Swirl combo is a winner.
For the Orange part I use FW Blood ORange, CAP Sweet tangerine and TPA Orange cream. I try different Orange combo, but this one is the best for this one. We have a bright, sweet and creamy orange with a touch of blood orange.
For my taste, no need to add some sweetener
Feel free to add 0.25% WS23 for the cold effect.


just getting for spring time and what a great way to start with a nice orange dreamsicle bar mix up and enjoy

A delicious change of pace mix. A Crispy rainbow sherbet. Closes I have come to a real rainbow sherbet without using a sherbet concentrate. Those are coming soon though. Enjoy!

Moving this over from ELR. Doesn't taste like anything else, hence the Disney name. I was going for something one might drink on vacation and I think I got there. This has to steep for a minimum of 14 days but is way better at 21 days. I wish I was better at writing rhapsodic flavor descriptions, alas I am not that eloquent.

4 fresh oranges, peeled.
2 cups ice.
1/3 cup milk (your preference – regular, soy, coconut, etc.)
1-2 tablespoons honey (or agave or your desired sweetener), if needed.
1 teaspoon vanilla extract, store-bought or homemade.

Day 3 - "To ME" this is a Orange Julius, from what I remember getting in the malls at the big city's in the 70-80's. I have not had one since then. At the moment I am getting a perfect Orange and Milk combo. This is a layered depth of flavors. I did try it the simple way, but it does not even come close to this, so much difference. Was worth the extra work. This is a ADV and I always keep 60 ml. of this in the cabinet. 3 days is good, 7 days is heaven.

MB Mango is Frandy Flavours mango

A juicy grapefruit and mango ice cold coctail

The FLV Guava is straight up grapefruit, and that's what I'm going for here.

The citrus notes are there as a bed for the grapefruit accent to lie on top of. The juicy lemon is a light sharp accent to bump up the grapefruit.

The mangoes are there as a second accent, but also to smoothen the sharper notes from the citruses

The orange cream can be left out if you don't have it. The mb juicy orange can be substituted for for capella's at 1%

The sweetener and WS23 is of course entirely optional.

I would give it 3 days for the fruits to blend and the citrus to settle.

Photo from https://www.anniesnoms.com/2015/01/27/mango-grapefruit-and-banana-smoothie/

Something between an Orange Julius and a mango lassi. Twangy and yummy. The Orange Cream and Sweet Tangerine meld well with the mango and almost overtake it, so add more if you feel it needs it. Would love any criticisms, if you please. I want it to be perfect!

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