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(TPA) Meringue

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA) - Buy Direct
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Used in 1876 recipes at an average of 1.119%.


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Imagine taking a deliciously moist piece of lemon cake topped with meringue and dipping it in a glass of milk before each bite. That's what you get with Pounded In Milk.


this is my version of a chocolate milkshake with alil touch of almond added into which makes nice and rich & at the same time got a little thickness to it which I enjoy so guys mix this up and 70vg 30pg and tell me whatcha think guys and keep mixing & venge on



You might not want to buy FW Cake Batter Dip to make this. It's got fructose in it, it will destroy your wicks relatively quick even at just 1%. It might be bad for you, too, burning sugars can release carcinogens. But if you have some already and want to use it, maybe give this a try. Unfortunately, I don't have a sub for it, it's unique. And it perfects the sweet cereal that's been baptized in milk and is starting to return to its doughy origin.

TFA Lucky Leprechaun has some oat puff cereal hiding in there with a somewhat weird (possibly emulating the taste of artificial coloring?) crisp cereal-type marshmallow. I used CAP Cereal 27 to draw it out of hiding. Took some work to make it happen without turning puffed oat into corn or multigrain cereal, but I think this gets it down. OoO Cream Milky PG helps with that, sort of wraps around it and keeps that cornflake pyrazine taste from being too assertive while also doing a fine job as a cereal milk. If you're lucky enough to own some FA Milk, you can add that at 1% for an even milker cereal with whole milk. TFA Meringue in my opinion is a slightly better option for sugary, toasty cereal and cereal milk perfecting than FA Meringue, which is a more authentic meringue. But if you only have FA Meringue, you can sub that at 1% instead of the 1.5% TFA Meringue. Although Lucky Lep is mostly a cereal marshmallow flavor, cranking it up high enough to really make the marshmallows stand out just gets too chemical-tasting and weird for me. FLV Marshmallow + FLV Whipped Cream finish putting the charms in Lucky's Charms. These two flavors are so similar that if you don't have one of them or are just too lazy to get them both out, you could make this with 1% of either instead of 0.5% of both. The difference will be how long you let the marshmallows soak in milk. All Marshmallow = No soak, just teeth-squeakingly crunchy mallows. All Whipped Cream = Marshmallows are getting milk-logged and have a slippy, gooey outer layer, but still have that crisp sugar center. I just happen to like a happy medium.

No flavor company executives' feelings were harmed in the making of this recipe.

Okay making for someone who doesn't care for custard - so it will be a cookie instead of a pie - Naturally need lemon and cookie and I am adding a small bit of meringue to round it out and marshmallow as well to make it more candy-ish as opposed to pie-ish.

I don't see a FA spearmint so I put FE whatever that is - OKAY this is for the Flavor-Pro The Year of Mixing Challenge http://flavor-pro.com/the-year-of-mixing/ -The only melons I have are watermelon and watermelon candy so naturally I went with them LOL. I am adding Jackfruit to back up the sweetness and pomegranate to back up the sourness - then meringue and whipped cream to round it out. - then spearmint and koolada to create the kooler part - we'll see how she performs hmm?? :)


okay looking for inspiration I was checking out y'all's recipes and came across 'member berries from vix (thank you!!!) and even though he says you need all these ingredients I am not going to buy more flavors when I have a ton already - so here's a take-off from that - thanks for the inspiration - thanks so much - it looks great!!! Also wanted to finally use bubblegun - it says Loranns but there is no bubblegum from Loranns in the list so I put RF

This is the closest thing to the OG derailed from Suicide Bunny. If you are sensitive to the Peppery notes from TFA custard you can mix it with Cap Custard but I would lower the % to somewhere between 3% and 4%. This recipe benefits from added PG I'm not exactly sure why because I'm not a chemist but there is a difference when I made it max VG. Steep time is minimum 2 weeks. but best after 4 weeks.

Just wanted to see what it would be like to make a lemon/lime custard pie as opposed to just lemon or just lime.

I wanted to make something with a bite in it with ry4 as it always seems so cloying to me. So added pomegranite and cranberry and then for a base creme and merengue and biscuit and pie crust and then added some toasted almond to make it more interesting and lemonade cookie because I figure cranberry needs a citrus with it but nothing necessarily strong. I think this probably is going to be too sweet for me and now I'm wondering why I needed to put cremes in this LOL Those might be cloying on their own. I think I will start over - but this is where I keep my recipes and who knows maybe this will be great.

lemon cream sweetener meringue - used cookie as crust - darn okay ran into a prob TPA lemon doesn't show up and the cream is plain old CREAM by liquid barn and I don't see that.

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