(TPA) Meringue

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Simple yellow vanilla wafer cookie.

TFA marshmallow and meringue creates a sweet creamy middle filling
TFA vanilla custard and FW yellow cake create the vanilla front
TFA GCC is gonna help with sweetness and will create the cookie base

A delicious cream filled donut with sweet raspberry jam.Good shake&vape even better after a few days.


I took Wayne's Cuprian recipe, replaced the Creme De Menthe with RY4 Double, adjusted some stuff, added some stuff and god damn was it tasty as hell..
Even a shake and vape tastes good so just try it, will ya!
Basically, it tastes like a caramel chocolate bar with a light tobacco finish. Like for reals..

Warning This was made originally using the old version of INW Milk Chocolate, the formula has since been changed. Sub with Jungle Flavors Milk Chocolate instead

As the name describes it, it's my take on a Creamy RY4 with some nuts

No catchy recipe name or extensive notes or meticulous master crafting here. Threw a bunch of tropical flavorings together to see if I could get a tasty shake and vape. And voila, it's pretty damn tasty. Even better after sitting over night. If you have he flavorings and the hankering for a smooth/sweet tropical fruit/mango juice then definitely give this baby a shot. Also could replace TPA meringue with FA Meringue at 0.75%


MIX AT 60VG // 40PG
STEEP: Shake and Vape

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