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(JF) Honey Peach

By: Jungle Flavors (JF) - Buy Direct

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33 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found


This is a rich vanilla ice cream with a sweet sticky peach sauce all over it. I took eyemakepizza's delicious ice cream trinity and topped it with my own peach trinity and what you get is a beautiful, sweet, very commercial like recipe that is universally tasty. This will be delicious no matter what you vape it in whether its a tank or a flavor rda, you are golden! Big thanks to Alfred Pudding for working on the peach trinity part with me.

Pete Dunne Rulz!

A peaches and cream tobacco!

I pulled a Leilani Maneuver with the peach, apricot, persimmon combination (my favorite peach flavor by a long shot)

Cream is cream.

Tukish is spicy while sweet and smoky adds that savoy smoky sweetness.

Butter Rum Peach Tobacco

Stixx Mixx Butter Rum Cavendish is the star of the show here. One of my favorite NET tobaccos.
This is a delicious peach tobacco, and the peaches taste slightly cooked because of the golden syrup.

Delicious. 💜

A warm, satured mango and peach catalan cream. Perfect rainy day vape.

I used a combo of Cap sweet mango and jf honey peach for the main profile. The combination of the juicy sunripened mango and the syrupy sweet honey peach creates a rich stone fruit layer.

For the custard base i wanted a rich and deep brulee-base (inw brulee and fa catalan creme) but with timid eggy tones courteousy of the Cap custard. Stole light carmalised sugar tones from the tfa caramel original and the soft, warm vanilla tones from the inw shisha vanilla.

I needed a light touch of sweetener to carry the profile.

I am half way through the bottle off the shake... I recon a moddest 3 day steep will help tame the mango and peach and allow It to settle in a bit

Just a laid back Peach and Cream , if you got the flavors give it a mix, if not, well go get em. It's smooth and creamy, with authentic peach flavor. A all day vape for me when I want something smooth and peachy. sweeten to taste, but it's good as is.




I have been on the quest to sort out flavors I can use vs what needs to be gotten rid of to make room for all the new stuff and this little gem was born.

ONE PEACH - Weak but pleasant canned peaches in heavy syrup. No throat hit for me from this one.

TPA VB GELATO - Vanilla creamy non eggy goodness. Adds some mouthfeel as well.

VT HONEYCOMB - This is used to add some Caramel type of a flavor to darken the cream a little and add some sweetness

JF HONEY PEACH - Love this peach. Sweet kinda dark with a little honey note. For me I prefer this one after a steep.

FLV CREAM - Just a great cream for all this peach to hangout in.

FW SWEETENER - This is my goto sweetner as of late feel free to sub whatever your preference is.

FA ARMENIA - This adds some Juciness helps brighten the other peaches adding and there layer to the fruit.

Chilly Peachy Lemonade, plain and simple.

I know, I know, LA Lemonade and FA Lemon Sicily is the top dog for lemonade juices. But, trying out new things is too fun!

"Shared recipes require a description of at least 10 words." is exactly ten words.

That's crazy ironic.

Why you counting the words when you should be mixing this up. hrmm?

When your stuck on a desert Island and need a nice juicy vape to quence your thirst and brighten your day with it's delicious flavor...

JF Honey Peach: a nice sweet ripe juicy peach.

WF Island Mango: a delicious juicy ripened mango that seems to encompass the whole mango flavor including the peel as it seems to have a interesting (but not off putting) funk to it that sets it apart from all the others out there.

INW Cactus: for added juiciness and hey, what else would you find in a desert? 🌵

FA Apricot: to help bridge the peach and mango while adding even more juiciness to help quence your thirst.

I don't have alot of experience with these flavors since I just picked them up over Labor Day weekend sales... I think that it's turned out pretty damn well for just picking flavors to go together... Mix it up, quence your palate, and let me know what you think... Hope y'all enjoy! 😎

Using the one and only lemonade combo you'll ever need, add a combination of fresh white peaches and sweet peach syrup. Drink up!

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