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(INW) Am4a By Inwera

By: Inawera (INW) - Buy Direct
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Used in 137 recipes at an average of 2.164%.


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Based on a suggestion by @Fear on Noted, on how great a (INW) Am4A mix with some apples could be, and he was absolutely right. I gave it a bit of a punch, so it is not overly sweet.
INW Am4a - the base of the sweet tobacco for the recipe, wich calls for apples naturally
FA Apple Fuji - a great apple, but can be too noticeable or evident
FLV Sour Apple - another good apple, drier and green
FA Pear - gives the apples some juice
INW Absolute Virginia - Was afraid it might be really strong, but as it is an extract I find it really subtle (needs steeping!)
FA Black Fire - gives the spice, some great smoke (non ashy) without dominating all
Needs to steep 4 days (a week better) so it all comes together!

Blueberry Trinity Tobacco.
The BlueTrinity is more of a darker, real Blueberry taste (no candy here!), and it doesn't reveal itself untill at least 1 week steep (for 70% VG).
Other tobaccos tend to overwhelm (will post when satisfied) but this mix of sweet (INW) Am4A and (INW) Absolute Virginia pairs nicely, keeping it sweet and gentle, letting the berries shine through.

Mixing up an exotic bakery. Decided on an Arabian date filled cookie.

Yeah, I go chocolate/Cinnamon/tobacco quite frequently. It's a combo that works tho so why not. Am4a is good by itself, as is red Burley, but together there's just that extra layer of complexity. And DNB just to bring it all back to a pipe tobacco more than a dessert tobacco.


My Idea here was to get a bold Strong tobacco without it being dry or scratchy on the throat or exhale but still leaving a strong tobacco after taste.

It was a bit difficult to soften the harsh/dryness until I found:
Holy holy Grail, Such a nice smooth and Thick profile to 'cream' up a stronger tobacco in this case taming the Kentucky and Burley down a bit without taking form their profile.
The Shisha vanilla adds a further smoothness and 'warm' feeling while with just a tough of sweetness (a soft vanilla Sweetness, not sugary sweetness)

This has been through Many versions so far and is now at a point I would share it, BUT.......Its not done yet!

Let me know if you like it!

This is a recipe that I mixed up so many times but could never get it right to where I liked it.
My Wife tested it the one day and when I got home, there was a new version. She used the tiniest adjustments and additions, but made it work Very Well!! I like this as part of my Tobacco rotation

A simple smooth tobacco

I Shake n Vape EVERYTHING, But this as all tobaccos only gets better with time

A full flavored aromatic blend. INW Am4a makes a really nice topping to the FLV tobaccos. It’s usually a bit strong for me above 1%, but after about 3 weeks here it’s perfect.

A simple Am4a recipe. Decided to boost the rum and cocoa notes of Am4a, and added Dark Vapure to give this a nice darker body. It can use a good steep, but it is very enjoyable as a shake and vape.

INW Eggnog yc is not needed, the recipe works without it, but it helps blending the body and the top notes.


A dry, robust tobacco with hints of dried fruit, spices, and cocoa.

Connecticut Shade, Red Burley and Native work together to make a bold tobacco. Connecticut Shade is a leafy, dry tobacco wrapper that has some coffee and cocoa notes on the exhale but used to give a true cigar wrapper feel. Red Burley and Native are the tobaccos that fill that cigar. Red Burley brings depth to this tobacco layer, darkening it up and providing some nuttiness and cocoa. In my tobaccos I usually will use Cured, Native, or Kentucky depending on how much I need to dry it out. Native is the nice middle ground to dry it out and add some spiciness.

AM4A is a very nice tobacco that only gets more complex as it steeps. On it's own it is a spiced, woody aromatic tobacco with some dark dried fruits. I personally pick out some raisin, figs, and mostly dates in the background. I choose to use this flavor because it can be very different for most people and changes in many situations.

Milk & Honey is here to bring forward some of the richness of the tobaccos as well as smooth it out. .5% is a good place to start and if it is too dry than you can take it up as far as 1%.

This is great after 1 day, and then at 2 weeks it's even better. But if you leave it for 1 month you really get something special from the AM4A.


INW Western: I hated it at first. Probably my fault for testing it at 5%. Got rid of it a while back and picked it up again more recently, but this time tested it at .5%. Muuuch better. Instantly became my favorite “western” flavor. Leathery tobacco with some cocoa notes.

WF Vanilla RY Custard: Can’t really say I get the “custard” part very much, but it is a good vanilla with just enough of an RY kick to be satisfying.

Those two flavors are what I really wanted to be the focus of this recipe, and I think I got them to work pretty well together.

Decided to give it a little southern twang, so I went with some Kentucky Bourbon because other bourbon flavors hurt my throat a little bit without a decent steep.

The Am4a is there to add a bit more depth to both the cocoa notes in the Western and the booze notes from the bourbon. The best way I can describe it is a cocoa liquor with some mystery mixed in. It’s unique and keeps things interesting.

Red Oak just doing its thang to give some oak to the bourbon and it plays nice with tobaccos.

FA Shade has an interesting top note to it with a bit of a less aggressive tobacco taste. I needed some more top notes because it was mostly only getting the tops from some of the Am4a, and that one is still more hearty than it is top heavy.

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