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(FA) Pear

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Nice refreshing blackcurrant, apple & lime mix. Pear was added to make it nice & juicy. WS-23 was at 30%


Based on "Lung Sauce" this is a blackcurrant candy flavor. Fairly tasty, sorta like the FA Pazzo King but obviously not a 1:1 clone

recipe for fresh and friends Saturday show

Wanted to use FLV elderflower in a mix and recently had a pear martini while on vaction that had elderflower in it and and I loved it !! The elderflower is very front forward in this mix with the pear and honeysuckle coming through on the back end.

The pear and apple work to provide that sweet fresh juicy pear note

FLv elderflower is a pretty strong flavor and will take a mix over would recommend to use it under 1%. it is a floral note with a bight honey sweetness

Honesysuckle adds some sweetness and body and a slight sruyp mouth feel

Blood orange champagne adds a bit of citrus and top notes to this mix , and compliments it perfectly


The creamy pear recipe that no one asked for.

As soon as I started mixing I set out to create a clone of Akina Oil by Thick Oil. This is one of my failed attempts at it. I mixed my 3rd 30ml today so I figured I'd share, just in case someone craves pears as much as I do.

If you grew up eating canned pears, like me, cause your dad wasn't around, try this out.


I've been lurking in the /r/DIY_Ejuice discord lately and watching folks talking about the 1,2,3 formula for simple recipes. I've been vaping this, or small variations of this for around 2 years pretty consistently. I don't need to spend a long time explaining how 1,2,3 works it's just a simple format for making easy pairings.

FA Raspberry: At 1% it's enough to come through the whole recipe, but without it's very prominent floral note taking over. You could easily use TPA (Sweet) Raspberry with slightly more, or INW Raspberry with half as much.

TPA Key Lime: At 2% it's a bit strong after the shake but it does suffer from some fading as is common in most citrus flavors. You could sub this with another lime fairly easily, but the ranges in potency are much wider in citrus flavors so use cautious judgement in choosing which ones.

FA Pear: at 3% this is really the main body of the flavor. It provides a juicy sweet centerpiece that carries both accompanying flavors easily without being forced out of the picture. I sometimes use an additional .5-1% of INW Pear if I'm really wanting a bit of extra flavor.

And that's it! Quick and easy. If you like bold lime you can vape this fresh, but I usually leave it a day or two to let the lime settle a bit.

Steep for at least a week. I hope everyone enjoys this one!

I was working with another mixer, leptest, on a raspberry/currant profile. He went another direction. This is what I ended up with.

FA Blackcurrant is dominant here, turning the raspberries darker and highlighting the show. It sits on top here very well.

INW Raspberry/TFA Raspberry Sweet gives us a pretty potent Raspberry with a little bit of sweetness (EM) to tone down the floral notes a bit. If you're sensitive to INW Raspberry you can dial it down to 1-1.5% if you want. I can vape it straight all day long at 2%. Some people can't.

INW Shisha Strawberry brings more berry sweetness to the base and keeps the mix interesting, giving it that certain something.

FA Pear is here for juiciness and to lighten things up. I find that it keeps a leash on the syrupy side of Shisha Strawberry.

FE Lemon here in a tiny amount helps to lift and brighten the berries just a smidge.

I like this without sweetener and/or coolant. This mix is really great with a little koolada or WS-23 though.


Impropriety + Papaya + Tea

A refreshing iced tea with sweet papaya syrup.

SkiddlzNinja did it first. Check out his Tenacious T recipe. It was the inspiration for this though I haven't tried it yet; I just wanted to try a simpler mix of papaya and tea first. When I saw Tenacious T, the combination of TFA's Sweet Tea and Papaya looked like a stroke of genius, just imagining the way they'd taste together. But possibly a mild challenge to pull off, since one of those is a brutal bully that can easily get way too funky and the other is a shrinking violet. This is just a simple recipe that celebrates that combination.

I'm surprised there aren't more recipes using TFA Sweet Tea out there. Is my taster broken? As best I can tell, it does a fine job of emulating that sort of fast food drive thru sweet tea flavor. The only problem is that it's ridiculously weak in more ways than one. First, it takes about 6 or 7% of it to taste like much of anything at all. I could easily see needing 15% in a recipe. But at TFA prices, I'm not terribly worried about that. A bigger problem is that it can easily get almost completely obliterated in a mix. "I know I put a ton of Sweet Tea in here, where'd it go?" Accoutrements must be added carefully .

TFA Papaya is the opposite, much stronger in concentration than most TFA flavors and prone to pushing other flavors around. And getting violently FUNKY. Just like a real, ripe, papaya. Careful not to spill it on anything. Papaya for weeks if you do. Starting at 1% and working up 0.1% at a time until it's too much, then backing down, is my approach to taming this beast. Even at 1.4% it mostly overpowers the tea, but so would putting papaya syrup in a tea unless it's a hearty brew.

FA Apricot does a fantastic job of propping up the Papaya fruitiness without increasing the funk or calling too much attention to itself. FA Pear/INW Cactus 0.25% each just a touch of sweet and wet juicy goodness, but not too much of either.

Optional: Add Sweetener and/or Coolant to taste. I've been enjoying this with 0.25% FW Sweetener but I live in the southern USA where sweet tea is SWEET. Speaking of the South, WS-23. It's so hot and I needed another cool, refreshing recipe. I like it with this at 0.75% as an "over ice" type versus "frozen solid" amount of coolant, but coolant tolerance varies from one person to the next.

Give a mix and let me know what you think Or better yet, use a ludicrous-looking amount of TFA Sweet Tea and relatively small dose of your fruit of choice and make your own fruity sweet ice tea to help get you though the rest of summer.

\\Steep Time: 3 Days
\\Mixed at: 70vg\30pg

About 95% my mixing life all I have worked on is bakery/dessert style recipes, usually with some sort of fruit note (Ruby's Oatz, Key Lime n Piel, etc). Making something that revolved around just a fruit profile is something I have always wanted to put some serious effort into, so why not start now? This is the "fruit" of that labor. It's still a bit in the dessert department, but this is a Melon slush that I think you will really enjoy for the rest of summer.

Fruit Mix: When I SFT'd PUR Watermelon it was pretty dang tasty, but was more of a candied watermelon. I played with LA's as well; but I arrived at a combination of PUR Watermelon, CAP Cantaloupe, and JF Honeydew Melon for the melon mix. Honeydew helps give a sort of natural melon base, with CAP Cantaloupe bridging the gap between them.

Some Slushiness: I played with VT Fizzy Sherbet in a few different recipes. For those that want a good baseline of VT Fizzy Sherbet in a recipe, check out The Spider by StarsandClouds or 7 NUP by pgl55. It really helps imply that effervescence of a soda-type drink. To add a bit more juiciness to it, I added a bit of FA pear to try and make a basic slush base. I'm sure there are better out there, but I like this one personally since Pear will accent the other fruits well anyway. WS-23 helps bring it all home with that nice and cool throat hit.

You can probably get away with a 1-day steep on this, but I like to give it 3 just to let everything settle. I hope you dig it!

This is a melon fruit vape created on Mixing With Me Mates it is sweet,cool,and refreshing.

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