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(FA) Cookie

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After quite long time vaping the first version of the recipe, https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/126001 , I decided to give it another shot and aim for a reformulation and a fresh twist. I always liked cheesecakes and I tried to blend a Cheesecake with a Banoffee. Why not? So the return in Monkey Island is the birth of the Cheese'noffee. I 'd rather say it's not for a Three Headed Monkey, cause, bananas are not quite in the front line. Cheesecake notes and a rich caramel toffee win the game but the banana cream is holding up and works as the foundations of the recipe, alongside with the cookies.

So this recipe was inspired immediately after smelling Country Apple (PUR) for the first time. It is just a perfect baked apple with plenty of sweet caramel goodness. After months of development I am finally satisfied with this recipe. To me it represents the profile pretty well. Mix and Enjoy!
P.S. I have a string of Ice Cream recipes that I am nearly finished with so look out for those if you're a fan of those profiles.

Flavor Comments:
County Apple (PUR): The star of the show! This is without a doubt my favorite apple flavor and it is the perfect fit for this profile. At 3% it is perfectly incorporated throughout the whole vape. Pairs perfectly with Cinnamon Danish Swirl to give it an apple pie profile.

Cinnamon Danish Swirl (CAP): This flavor is used to give this recipe it's apple pie character. Works well with Country Apple and gives it some spice & caramel notes.

Cookie (FA): Gives this a sort of pie crumble taste. Lacks the texture I was looking for. I'll have to revisit that later.

Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (TFA): The main Ice Cream flavor for this recipe. Everyone loves VBIC and now I understand why. Though I do find some off-notes with it at high percentages.

Vanilla Ice Cream (LB): Used in conjunction with VBIC (TFA) to give it more creamy texture.

French Vanilla Icecream (HS): Adds just a bit more cream and just enough butter to enhance the apple pie.

WS-23: Cooling agent. Feel free to leave out if you prefer.

This recipe has 2 purposes: to meet the Mixinvixens photo challenge in a quirky delicious way, and honor the passing of a great flavor from DIY Flavorshack, Angel Food Cake.
Update: Joey from DIY Flavor Shack let me know that there will be an angel food cake V2 flavor available soon!
I am so happy! It can still be found here in the meantime:

(You can save 20% off all DIYFS flavors with my affiliate code:LianazVapin20 too.)

This is a great authentic angel food cake flavor, that has no typical frosting notes! It is just a light, fluffy, and spongy angel food cake, pure and simple. When this flavor is no longer available, I will edit this recipe with a more commonly known angel food cake, and possibly eliminate or reduce the frosting, since it is already in all the other angel food cake flavors I know of.

For my cake base I also used WF Fluffy Whi1te Cake SC to give it a heavier more complete cake profile than the angel food cake did alone. The FA Cookie was used as an accent for more baked cake texture.

My quirky cake flavor is LB Rainbow Sherbet. I did not want to do another strawberry, and just felt like challenging myself to do a unique flavor profile that would fit the photo. After all, as rainbow sherbet melts, it makes for a strange ambiguous pink.color. It took me several tries to get the percentage right, so it was an actual cake flavor and not cake with sherbet on the side.

FLV Frosting made the simple white frosting that I needed it to be here, with a rainbow sherbet drizzle on top.

All this was sweetened with my go to combination of NN Monk Fruit Extract and NN Stevia in a 2:1 ratio and very low percentages. My sweet-tooth is satisfied and my coils stay cleaner longer. Of course, they may be subbed with a sweetener of your choice or not at all.

I doubt the judges will actually mix this recipe up and try it as is, but if you have some DIYFS Angel Food Cake in your stash, give this Broken Angel Wings cake a try? Feedback welcome.


First of all, I want to address the first 2 bad reviews, they were made just a couple of hours after I posted this recipe which has a 7 day steep time. The first out of them, is not about the recipe, but targeted on me as a person by someone who doesn't like me personally and thought that by putting a one star review on this recipe he will punish me or something. He says that it is bad that I made recipe on a flavor profile that he already recently attempted too. This is not a copy of anyone's work, I worked really hard to make a cookie recipe exactly the way I personally wanted it. If you didn't like the recipe, low rating reviews are more than welcome, but please leave me constructive feedback so I can become better. Thank you for reading this paragraph, even though I did not enjoy very much writing it.

Back to the description:

I know this recipe seems a little bit too complicated for such a simple profile, but this is my take on a well baked, buttery on the inside, crunchy on the outside cookie.

FA Cookie + FA Meringue + VT Biscuit Base + FLV Biscotti is a great start when making a well baked cookie. More than enough to provide with the required cookie notes and crunchy feeling, but they can get harsh and lack the heavy buttery mouthfeel needed.
TPA Peanut Butter is added to bring a different dimension to the crunchiness.
Trying not to create a cookies and cream, VT Pudding Base works wonders bridging the crunchiness of the cookie layer with the mouthfeel and creaminess of the rest of the ingredients.
VT Devon Cream is added as it is a soft buttery cream, taking away some of the harshness of the cookies, and VT Butter Toffee Base brings all the heavy buttery goodness this recipe lacked, along with some caramel notes that pair nicely.
Finally the sweetness part is addressed using just a touch of VT Golden Syrup and a bit more than a touch of FLV Milk & Honey to bring out a dark, brown sugar like sweetness from inside the cookie. CAP Super Sweet is needed here to help with sticking all these flavors to the mouth while vaping, and I really think that a cookie profile needs a fair amount of sweetener.

The come back of peanut butter inside of a delicious cookie with a lot caramel. I give it 7 days steeping and its ready. Enjoy!

"Very clever to make a similar profile of cookies like mine, i hope you the best and number one with pushing the stats up.Grats once again!" Thats what i wrote to collectron after he decided to get online a recipe with similar profile like mine. You dont have to do much or to say much, just go 2 recipes up and you will see that he uses cookie, butter toffee base, pudding base and dx peanut butter! Yes its all a coincidence and i am attacking this person cause i dont like him personally! Big LOL . Next time he uploads a recipe must be more carefull cause now he seems that he didnt have to use his skills enough but just change some %. I think he is impudent and that is why he got 1 star from me and a small text and a second friend that i dont know him supported me and cheers for him. I wont let again something like that happens to my recipes and that is the end of stealing and asking not to even mention it. Ty for reading the wall of text here and whoever liked this recipe i send him my love. Peace!

Kourabiedes is a delicious traditional Greek treat, packed with the aromas of fresh butter and roasted almonds and garnished with luscious layers of icing sugar. Hopefully when you eat this one you don't cough from inhaling all the icing sugar like I always do in real life!!

Top: Powdered Sugar, Frosting
Bridge: Almond Cookie,
Body: Biscuit, Cookie, Shortbread Cookie, Golden Butter, Almond Custard
Accent: Toasted Almond

Steep 6 days or more.

Best suited for RDA.

A delicious bread pudding with custard.

In my honest opinion, this really does taste very authentic. The light eggy baked bread leaving a lovely sweet raisin coating on your palette with the back notes of vanilla custard.

My favourite childhood dessert just how I remember it, but in vape form 😁

That Game of Scones show was so much fun everyone ! Mine turned out soft and sweet and I love it !

FA Cookies/Cap Sugar Cookie = they make a nice scone, buttery yet still a little dry. Let it steep a week for it to really come out.

FLV Milk & Honey/FA Honey = a really nice and sweet honey for drizzled on my scone.

CAP Horchata = for that little roughness you get on the back of your teeth when you eat a scone and that lovely milky cinnamony goodness in my scone.

Enjoy, be Queer and vape on !

[Photo Credit : peegorevapes ]


Ok so this was my first foray into the realm of Custard. I decided I wanted to make a Clafoutis, which is basically a dessert with cherries and custard with a bit of a crust to it.

Everyone knows cherries are a bit of a bear, so I didn't want to bite that off with my first custard. I decided to go with a Pluot Clafoutis. A pluot is a plum/apricot hybrid. VT Blood Plum/FA Apricot make the pluot and the liquid amber helps to add that "cooked" vibe. The shisha vanilla is what it is, a vanilla accent, the FA cookie makes a light crust. I used a OOO Powdered Sugar to add a sprinkling of powdered sugar. That last part is the custard which is the main part of this profile. I started with INW Custard, but I felt it was too weak. Not creamy enough and not enough body. I asked @alfredpudding for help and as usual, he was game. He suggested I add 3% CAP NY CC, which @ediblemalfunction uses in his Custard. This was the missing piece, I'm really enjoying this right now.

I revamped this recipe with Flavor Creative Custard Premuim, and I also lowered the maple, because this rich custard is so sweet.

So, when I initially saw the Mixinvixens photo challenge, I thought it was a treacle tart, and never having actually eaten one, I went online to look at the ingredients. The ingredients of the food recipe are a basic pastry pie crust, eggs, bread crumbs, golden syrup, lemon juice/zest, molasses, and a Devon cream dollop. Being extremely new to mixing, I had to individually research each flavor and how to use them. I had to order flavors, and they literally arrived on Saturday, and the recipe was due on Sunday. So this was a daunting task for a noob. I even had to ask @lumentum to help me check my percentages, which he kindly did without trying to change my recipe; I wanted this to be all my creation.

Both the crust and bread crumbs in the filling were made using acetyl pyrazine, IN Biscuit & FA Cookie. I was looking for a good texture, and the yeasty properties of the bread crumbs in the filling.

The filling is sweetened by FA Maple syrup. I may give golden syrup a try when it arrives. WF Molasses is darn good, and not as overpowering as I thought it might be. The maple turned out to be a bigger concern, but I was able to balance them out, and the result was a recipe that doesn't need sweetener.

The choice of lemon was easy, FE Lemon has staying power and the strength to cut through all this richness.

I like VT Devon cream, and at such a low %, any possible chocolate notes from it were buried in this recipe. I tried CC Devon Cream, and it just wasn't what I wanted for my dollop.

So there you have it. This was a fun. I look forward to the feedback and learning more from the knowledgeable ladies that make up the MIXINVIXENS, and the rest of the DIY community.

Flavor Notes