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(FA) Catalan Cream

By: FlavourArt (FA) - Buy Direct
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Bright yellow apple drenched in honey with a light caramel butter.

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Made on diy DOWNUNDER 4/27/19 blah blah blah 10 words needed. Blah blah

A warm, satured mango and peach catalan cream. Perfect rainy day vape.

I used a combo of Cap sweet mango and jf honey peach for the main profile. The combination of the juicy sunripened mango and the syrupy sweet honey peach creates a rich stone fruit layer.

For the custard base i wanted a rich and deep brulee-base (inw brulee and fa catalan creme) but with timid eggy tones courteousy of the Cap custard. Stole light carmalised sugar tones from the tfa caramel original and the soft, warm vanilla tones from the inw shisha vanilla.

I needed a light touch of sweetener to carry the profile.

I am half way through the bottle off the shake... I recon a moddest 3 day steep will help tame the mango and peach and allow It to settle in a bit

Been fiddling with this one for awhile now finally got something that I am happy with the balance of fruit and tobacco. The Catalan Cream ties them both together. Really needs the 2 week steep for everything to fully come together.

This is my 3rd and final version of this profile/Recipe

FA Zeppole and Wf cinnamon pastry for inside of this delicious donut
FA Cookie to add a little more bakery and crispness to the outer part of the donut
FLV Apple filling to add a nice spicy apple taste, more in the back, because I was not going for an apple filled donut
FA Catalan cream for a little more spice and mouth feel
FW Butterscotch ripple for the drizzle, along with FLV Caramel to add a brown sugar note and contribute to the drizzle

Very much enjoying this recipe. Please leave feedback if you decide to mix it up

FW Sweetener is optional, but I feel it contributes to the donuts authenticity

This is my take on Buffalo trace cream bourbon . it is a sweet creamy vanilla , caramel bourbon beverage.

JF bavarian cream and Holy vanilla create that sweet cream dairy base with a nice full mouth feel and some subtle cramel notes . The key with using these flavors is creating a dairy note that provides a sweet creaminess with out being overtly a bakery cream.
Catalan cream and Devon cream add some of the additional notes of dark chocolate, caramel and spice.
Holy vanilla ** adds a creamy milkiness and come vanilla bean notes .
**FLV milk and honey
add that thick dark sweetness that I wanted as the base.

VT bourbon is slightly fruity sweet bourbon which brings some boozzie notes . The alcohol note falls off after a steep with the cream. TPA Kentucky Bourbon adds some of the bourbon body that is lacking in the VT bourbon

Looking to learn more about how to make your own mixes - Check out what DIY Downunder has to offer:

Original by Botboy141, copied from - https://www.reddit.com/r/DIY_eJuice/comments/3yzu1e/vicious_vanilla_happy_new_year_everyone/

For more flavor, boost percentages of each by 10% (for a maximum of ~12.5% total flavoring)

Cannoli shell with a smooth and creamy filling. The little bit of chocolate really shines and brings everything together.

Delicious caramel mocha coffee with a hint of tobacco....whats not to like?

As with most Italian pastry deserts they are not overly sweet and that is what is what I wanted to capture here, more of an authentic Cannoli I grew up with . This is really good and ADV for me. The use of catalan cream and hangsen Italian cream will bring more unique flavor profile without overwhelming sweetness or vanilla notes - if you are looking for a sweeter more american cannoli then you can use Vienna cream, a dash of a vanilla ice cream and cheese cake of you choice for the filing

australian chocolate - smooth, somewhat sweet, dark chocolate. used low up to 1% - if you go higher it does not bring you more flavor but more a chalk mouth feel - this is more of a accent chocolate to me in a recipie and does that well here ( VT dark choclate could also be used )

Burlone (Joker) FA Pazzo - is a spot on cannoli shell with a dash of cinnamon and powered sugar - you get that fried dough crispiness for sure ( very much like Zeppola) . I can see this being used in many many combinations of cream, chocolates, and fruit . I can see this working well with a brandy cream filling or a vanilla burbon RY4 cream filling

italian cream/ Catalan cream / lemon sicily - these are used for the filling - catalan cream is a niche type cream to me it is weak on the cream texture and body but has some flavor profiles that are needed in this mix - most notably the citrus, vanilla and cinnamon . The cheese cake and the Italian cream work to create that thick type of ricotta cream filling. NY cheese cake needs a little more of that "cheese" note and Italian cream does that - it a thick tangy cream that really bring that unique note almost like a mascapone cheese - it has a low ceiling to to me and needs to be under 1%

The torrone is used for mild powdery sugary almond and citrus back note - used low to support the exhale

Made for Mixin in the kitchen episode "leave the gun take the cannoli" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Es07SSpD-Ow

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