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(FA) Breakfast Cereals

By: FlavourArt (FA) - Buy Direct

Used in 195 recipes at an average of 1.68%.


22 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

I’ve been toying with this idea for awhile now but every time I tried to create this complex recipe I always felt their was a vital flavour note missing until recently I stumbled across VT SOY MILK,this concentrate is VITAL in all cornflakes recipes imo. This recipe is modelled from A bowl of Kellogg’s cornflakes drenched in a butterscotch infused fresh milk! I mean Jesus fuck! It sounds delicious and despite never actually having it I new exactly how I wanted it to taste and this is it!!! 💯 feel free to add 0.25% cap super sweet to send this recipe into the stratosphere, personally I do however like this equally without the sweetener. Please mix it up and leave your feedback it’s always appreciated to hear your thoughts on my work. Can be S&V if your impatient but giving this 3 days let’s the cereal 27 smooth out and work more into the milk. Happy mixing 💙

Golden brown puff pastry swirls, filled with chocolate cream! This really needs 3-4 days of steeping to shine, I hope you like it!


Chocolate Clusters where my favorite breakfast cereal, but since I am still going strong on my new year's resolution of no sugar in 2019 I tried my best to make a juice that tastes like them.
Needs some steep to get extra yummy, so please be patient.

The ingredients:
Bavarian Cream TPA + Milk FA + Meringue FA + Irish Cream FA create thick creamy milk, with very slight cocoa/chocolate notes, just like the milk that cocoa cereal have just been dumped on.
Breakfast Cereals FA + Cocoa Rounds TPA + Peanut Butter Cup FW gets you cereal that are coated on both cocoa and chocolate!
Hazelnut FW tastes exactly like the white nut clusters that this brand of cereal uses.

Don't skip the Super Sweet, you can even get it higher if you have a sweet tooth!

A homemade delicious butterscotch and ice cream pie.Yummy and ready to vape from the first day.
If you like a hint of chocolate,use vta's vanilla ice cream @ 1.5% and add vta devon cream @ 1.3%


A moist lemon cake with coconut butter cream.

• This is my cake, but it also is used as a part of the butter cream, as it is very heavy on the butter. I needed something to bring out the cake part of it and here i used

• 0.75% is just enough to give the angel cake the texture without tuning it into a cereal. Works like a charm 😊

• the coconut in this reminds me of the sticky’s coconut you get from a bounty chocolate bar, but it also has some sort of “vibe” to it. A fruity vibe, whitch go very well with the lemon. The creamy custard ish taste in it, makes the buttercream along with the buttery note from the angel cake.

• gives the coconut a slight toasted flavor making it less sticky, so what you get is more of a desiccated coconut type, with a light toast too it. And THAT is what I want in my butter cream!

• this works as i wanted it to. I get the lemon part of it that i was looking for, and the pie and meringue part just helps the butter cream and the cake part. WONDERFUL!😊

• 1% just to brighten up the lemon a bit. Its just not strong enough lemon without it.

Thats it. Hope you will enjoy it as much as i do. This was a fun Challenge.

This is a solid sweet cookie biscuit. that has a nice buttery cookie taste with some dark sugary notes


A light creme brulee on a buttery digestive biscuit base.

I wanted to go for a creme brulee with my own twist so hope you like this offering. It's great as an ADV as it's not too rich yet still satisfying if you like custards with a biscuit bite.

2.25% INW Creme Brulee and 1% INW Custard make up the brulee layer. INW Creme Brulee is a light semi-custard with promising hints of caramel but lacks body. INW Custard was used to boost things but kept low at 1% as it's too buttery and eggy higher up so clashes with the buttery biscuit base. Finally, to top off the brulee layer, 1% FA Caramel adds a hint of that burnt, gritty, brown sugar glaze.

To add a light unobtrusive biscuit base, I went with an old-school formula, 1% FA Cookie and 0.50% INW Biscuit. Wanted to avoid CAP Sugar Cookie as I'm sugar-cookied out of it at the moment and also rely on it too much. Normally, FA Cookie or INW Biscuit wouldn't be my thing as individual flavours, but they work well together when you want a hint of buttery biscuit in your mixes.

As it stands, the biscuit base is semi-biscuity but still mediocre. It needs a kick so add 0.25% FA Breakfast Cereals and it tastes like a light nutty digestive biscuit. It's an extremely versatile flavour so well worth having in your mixing arsenal.

Overall, the biscuit layer is light and sits in the background but manages to add butteriness and texture to the brulee without making it too rich.

Finally, since it's a dessert and should be sweet, 0.35% FLV Sweetness.

This is lovely the next day but best after 3 days minimum; that's if you can hold out that long.

This is a healthy cereal bar with cheerios, peanuts and dried cranberries with a bit of honey to sweeten. The liquid amber does a pretty good job of turning flv cranberry into dried cranberries and the cereal 27 backs up the breakfast cereal a bit while adding some honey sweetness.

I know this is a busy recipe and trust me I tried to simplify it but I just did not get my intended result with less ingredients.

To me the picture represents a healthy version of a rice crispy treat. To make the HoneyO's part I chose a combination of TFA honey circles because it has an delicate honey and Cheerio note, and accented the wheat notes with some FA Breakfast cereal. The picture has what looks like nuts cranberries and some other berry. For theruit note I used a combination of FLV cranberry and FLV boysenberry and pushed the red berry note with a little FA Raspberry. Cap toasted almond and Kinako Soy for the nut in lieu of peanuts because i find that peanut butter extracts can easily overpower and add a cream note that I was trying to avoid. Please note that it is important to use Cap Toasted almond because TFA version would be a bit too dry for this and a little more bitter. I used marzipan as an accent to the almond and as a sweetening agent for the cereal. Vanilla swirl and meringue stand in as the marshmallow and honey for two reason. First off Honey to me has a terrible outer vapor odor that I do not enjoy and would be hard to balance in a short amount of time without a long steep and because in an actual cereal treat you wouldn’t actually taste the marshmallow but rather it’s used to keep the cereal together with its sugary goodness. FLV Sweet dough provides some brown sugar, caramel and gooey notes in the recipe, and acts as a binder between the cereal and the creams.

Sweetener Recommendation: Brown Sugar instead of any other sweetener because it simply works in this. But If you have an extreme sweet tooth throw in some FW sweetener 1% lol

This is a healthy cereal bar with cheerios, peanuts and dried cranberries with a bit of honey to sweeten. The liquid amber does a pretty good job of turning flv cranberry into dried cranberries and the cereal 27 backs up the breakfast cereal a bit while adding some honey sweetness.

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