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(FA) Booster (tiramisu)

By: FlavourArt (FA) - Buy Direct
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15 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

A generous scoop of vanilla ice cream drowned with a shot of espresso and a trickle of chocolate...

The Espresso
Although my coffee base is strictly speaking not an espresso, I believe that this combination provides the full bodied coffee base which encapsulates the very best coffee has to offer. Until such time that someone creates a better coffee/espresso alternative, this will remain my go-to...
MF coffee, to me, is the pinnacle of all coffee concentrates and provides an authentic, robust coffee taste, boosted (pun intended) by a touch of FA Booster (tiramisu). I fell in love with this combo when I fist experienced Marietta by @RuntDastardly and have never looked back!

The Ice Cream
My go-to combo of LB VIC and HS FVIC is the perfect adornment to receive the dark, rich and smooth coffee shower. This combo combined the very best of CAP and TFA VBIC and unites them in a creamy, scrumptious union... Period.

The Chocolate
MB Glamour chocolate is the final touch and it sweetens our ensemble just a tad... The cocoa notes in the chocolate compliments the natural cocoa notes in the coffee beautifully and balances the overall taste experience.

This baby requires at least a 2 week hibernation, more if possible, for the coffee to adequately meld with it's new friends...

MF Coffee - Not recommended but FA Dark Bean (espresso) at 0.5 or INW Coffee at 2% can be used as an suitable alternative
MB Glamour Chocolate - JF Milk Chocolate at the same %

This is a simple recipe for mtl or pod devices.

A strong and bold coffee with melty caramel.

My vaping style completely changed to mtl.
So after a few years of mixing, i changed my mixing style to mix simple recipes specifically for mtl/pod devices.

The % of flavors is much higher than normal recipes.
But This works great in mtl/pod devices. The flavor is nice and bold.
Mix at 50/50 with desired nic strength.

Smooth wake up vape.add sweetener if you wish or raise the vanilla whipped cream for sweeter taste.for a coffee freak like me this is just fine.15 days steeping..enjoy!

Going for a strong, but smooth and creamy coffee (Espresso).

A simple straight forward White Chocolate Mocha.

Vanilla Pudding does a great job holding up the white chocolate flavors to make a thick, frothy base for the FLV Mocha and FA Tiramisu to follow up with a bright Mocha/coffee flavor.

I'm not a very big fan of tiramisu but this thing absolutely change my mind. (FA) tiramisu is the best tiramisu IMO. (FA) Tiramisu is a light coffee flavor and in order to make a tiramisu cake, weight and thickness need to be added. (CAP)Vanilla cupcake seems to do the job and with VBIC, it creates a nice ice-cream cake. (FA) Chocolate is there to help boost the tiramisu. Its very creamy and delicious, I hope you all enjoy!
*If you're not a fan of (FA)Chocolate, (TPA) Double Chocolate Clear could also be replace at 2% or any chocolate you prefer.
*For a more authentic taste 0.5% of Jamaican Rum could be added

Please Excuse my Grammar : )

No treat is more beautiful than an strawberry dipped into a bath of rich white chocolate. Strawberry White Chocolate e-juice is the next biggest thing!

A smooth Starbucks coffee with cream and nuts.
Starbucks coffee is a little on the bitter side, I was able to replicate this with WF smooth cappuccino cream and balance it out with osdiy lotta latte and fa tiramisu.
I used FW Bavarian cream for sweetness and FA cream fresh for its ability to round everything out. Topped it off with some delicious nut flavorings to create that flavored syrup.
This is an amazing all day Vape coffe lovers will be mixing very large bottles at a time

This is a perfect vape for your coffee in the morning, would make a good vape for dark beer as well. Needs about 1-2 weeks to steep before all the flavors mesh together nicely & the Tiramisu to tame down. You could possibly use .5% Tiramisu if you're not a huge coffee fan, but I find this % perfect to give it that nice roasted flavor. Enjoy <3

Up in Vienna is a simple creamy coffee with Cinnamon accents.
Up was an interesting coffee flavoring i liked from the beginning.

I chose to layer some Booster on top of UP to give it a tad bit of a darker coffee feel.
Also with the cereal grainy notes in UP i thought some Cinnamon Crunch by FLV would do well with Cinnamon and cereal.

If i had FA condensed milk or had an idea of what it tasted like i probably would have chosen it over Purilum condensed milk.
I wanted to start off with a sweetened base so i layered with some PUR Condensed milk and Vienna cream to add a rich, thick slight vanilla cream with some fresh cream to fill it out.
Please let me know what you think. i'm happy where it stands =)
Enjoy! Kame

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