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(FLV) Frosting

By: Flavorah (FLV)

Used in 738 recipes at an average of 1.209%.


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She lives life on the edge, she is unafraid to break free, she is a
"Wild Woman"

This recipe is dedicated to all the woman who don't conform to societal constraints and unashamedly live their lives wild & free!

This is reflected in this recipe by jumping free & using magical flavors to bring together what I think is the most beautiful & unique recipe I have ever created to date.

The Concept :
I set out to simply create a mix that seemingly sparkles with sweetness and loveliness that while it is kind of a hybrid style recipe still maintains a the sole purpose of being a delicious and a magical experience.
I think I have achieved this here.

The Sparkles of sweetness in this profile are carefully considered and positioned in this recipe.

The Flavorah Frosting has a wonderful textual sweet edge & a delectable vanilla that blends though this profile.

The Musk Candy & Rainbow Sherbet together bring some of the
"pink magic" flavor here and they are great friends.

The LB Vanilla Ice Cream offers a lovely full bed of clouds that assists to not only smooth out any high notes here but also adds a lovely fullness to the over all profile.

The FW Wild Berry Cobbler brings in another dimension of sweet berry notes that contrasts against that "pink magic". It also helps to bring some extra body to the overall vape.

The FLV Sugar Orchid is the magic wand of fairy dust here that delivers a unique and magical sweetness, but she is a wild one to use and restraint is the key to success when using this flavor.

Off the shake - I get a full bodied base of the ice cream with a wonderful separation of flavor over the top of that base that I can only describe as a delectable & sparkling fairy dust. I know that sounds insane but this entire profile is. However it just works and is not just a recipe to enjoy, rather it is an experience of textual & unique sweetness that I simply can't describe fully but you will understand when you mix this.

She's Magic ! She's Wild !

Give it a go and let me know what you thought of this!

I am really looking forward to seeing how this steeps out in the coming weeks and days to see how if she tames or stays wild ! lol


I tested on a Wotofo Recurve DUAL RDA 0.14ohm SST coils at 65w

I hope you enjoy this just as much as I enjoyed creating this recipe, but let me know what you thought in the comments below.

Seriously if you like a solid recipe that works give it a go!

Cheers for reading this far, now go and get mixing!

"Together, Let's Discover!!!"

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See the creation of it here:

Mixin Vixen's recipe for week 76 -- I think this is going to need a good 3 to 4 week's steep. At the time of testing it at 4 days, it's still got a ways to go for the DAAP that is in it. The berry layer seems to be in about the right position, the crust is still steeping out along with the creams.

Back in "the commercial days" one juice K liked particularly was a strawberry cupcake vape by Blue Dot. I've never tried it myself but I do know how to make a tasty cupcake!

Just an easy & tasty Strawberry Frosted Cupcake. Cap vanilla cupcake with some support all around.

Gonna layer this one from the top down:

Top of the cupcake: Taking the bit of frosting from the cap cupcake and building it up with a nice layer of flv Frosting. Cap I feel almost mixes from the top down. I mean that as in use lower for almost all frosting, start cranking it to get the body of the cupcake.

The Strawberry: a combo of candied strawberry sweet & the thicker slightly jammy RF Strawberry SC. This is my favorite combo of strawberries at this time. Little cap super sweet to brighten these a little bit as well as being a general sweetener. Besides, what kind of sick Nazi wants an unsweetened cupcake?!
Cap Sweet Strawberry will work alright as a sub if you don't have jf. Flv sweetness at double duty for less gunk.

Cupcake body: once again cap is good for this part as well but also needs some help. Bolstering it with tasty jf yellow cake, which also needs a little help. Awwwww....friends helping friends. This is also tasty af with fw yellow cake, same %.

The steep: Good at 3 days when the strawberry sweet calms down & everything starts to come together. But shines at 5+ like most bakeries.

Enjoy 😎💨💨
Remember feedback good or bad helps us all as mixers especially since comments aren't working :)
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Sweetener: Preferred level is 1 chubby gorilla drop of cap ss\10ml to sweeten & help the strawberry. Use your personal favorite sucralose based sweetener @ 2 times recommended % as cap is strong af & the only one I measure by the drop.

Subs\other uses: Many.
Take out the strawberry & replace with your fruit of choice. Leave it out & add .25-.5 cap cake batter or (unsure percent) fw cake batter dip (sugar warning) for a nice plain cupcake.
Sub flv Frosting for la cream cheese icing, NR Vanilla Frosting, Vt\wf buttercream frosting, you get the idea.

Version notes for those that like those:
V1 with cupcake at 3.5 cake 1.5 RF straw 2 jf straw 1.5 -
k: so good, better than blue dot's version!
Mills: really good, totally dig it but could use a little more cake & it may be me but I want to try taking a little off the RF.
V1.1 Just trying this to get a little more cakiness and eliminate that tiny little bit of green that occasionally pops up in RF straw (seems to be at higher wattages). Added .5 yellow cake & .5 to cupcake, reduced rf strawberry by .5, bumped jf by .5
V1.2: Public version. Cupcake was fine before, but leaving in yellow cake bump. Strawberry back to v1.0 minus .25% RF strawberry (just better with the edge given to RF)

This is taking my Bourberry Jam Recipe and adding 3 ingredients to make a delicious Pound Cake with a touch of icing.

Give this about 5 days for the fruits and creams to all come together, and have a delicious, dark berry jammy cake. This was tested on a Hadeon @.18 ohms 50 watts, and I have been vaping this on my topside with a recurve single coil @.25 ohms 50 watts.

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Mixing in the Kitchen:
Ωhm Grown Alchemy:


Is it ice cream?
Is it a vanilla milk shake?
Is this just a better vanilla cream?
This is a little recipe that can be what you want it to be!

This is "The Vanilla Unicorn".

A delectable balanced little recipe to vape just like this or ready to be transformed towards anything you like eg Chocolate Ice-Cream, Berries & cream, maybe even a shamrock shake with a little of your preferred Creme De Menthe, it's only limited to your imagination!!
Make it Magical!!

IMO this is a very pleasant and enjoyable vape on a single coil RDA at 60W with a SST single coil at 0.2 ohm

Steep Time 5 Days for best results.

I hope you enjoy this just as much as I enjoyed creating this little recipe, but let me know what you thought in the comments below.

Seriously if you like a solid recipe that works give it a go!

Cheers for reading this far, now go and get mixing!

in 3-2-1, "Together, Let's Discover!!!"

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Kourabiedes is a delicious traditional Greek treat, packed with the aromas of fresh butter and roasted almonds and garnished with luscious layers of icing sugar. Hopefully when you eat this one you don't cough from inhaling all the icing sugar like I always do in real life!!

Top: Powdered Sugar, Frosting
Bridge: Almond Cookie,
Body: Biscuit, Cookie, Shortbread Cookie, Golden Butter, Almond Custard
Accent: Toasted Almond

Steep 6 days or more.

Best suited for RDA.

This ones taste really good may need a bit more cinnamon but good the way it is

I love this trio of cheesecakes! they go so fabulous together! I wanted a little extra creaminess like my mom's cheesecake so I added the bavarian cream with flv frosting for a touch of sweetness and a hint of caramel toffee. oh this is so delicious!! it's my number one right now. definatly give this a try if you like cheesecakes.

you can also add your favorite fruits in here but its delicious just as is.


Loops flavored icing on the inhale followed by a delicate cake donut on the exhale.

Donut base: - WF Glazed Donut SC and FW Cake (yellow)

Bridging note: FA Metaphor - this really ties it all together with a light and crispy creamy cake with vanilla and citrus fruits cake notes. I am a big fan of this flavor that I believe is very under rated. Damn, I could just mix this with fruit circles and a bit of sweetener and be happy enough.

Body: CAP Silverline Fruit Circles- a relatively weaker flavor requiring some support.

Supporting flavors: FW Fruit rings with the lovely WF Lemon Orange Rice Candy that brings some soft orange notes to the loops.

Icing : FLV Frosting provides minimal vanilla compared to other frostings.

Tested on RDA 0.28 Ohms, 55Watts

This is a pretty simple profile of a bright candy coconut on the inhale that transitions to a fleshy creamy coconut on the exhale. It is a solid shake and vape but best at 5 days tested on a relaod RDA with alien coil.15 at 55 watts

So coconut Ice is a real thing it is a creamy coconut type candy that is usually made with condensed milk, coconut and icing sugar. Sometimes cream of tartar is used for a slight citric acid . The pink coloring is just food coloring.

The coconut candy is a bright candy type of flavor that is supported by the VT desiccated coconut for that bit of coconut body
Frosting is used for the icing sugar note and works well here with a touch of vanilla
The condensed milk and vanilla swirl working to add the creamy texture of this mix, with out overpowering the coconut forward notes
The Sour lemon is just to add some brightness and pop out the sweetness in this mix, it not meant to be noticed but is an accent here , some actual recipes will use a cream of tartar in the actual candy creating bit of citric acid in the mix
it is pretty sweet so add sweetener to taste - but it is a candy and I would recommend using cap super sweet at .30 to .50

SUBS: condensed milk is pretty much the only condensed milk I can recommend - but you could use a heavy sweet cream, like FLV sweet cream, Cap Sweet cream or FLV Cream. If you like more of a punch of coconut you can use FLV sweet Coconut. VT sour it is not really needed here but you could use TPA tart and sour at around .30 to .50

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