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(FLV) Brulee

By: Flavorah (FLV)

Used in 17 recipes at an average of 1.353%.


2 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

A Scottish Berry Creme Burle, This brûlée is mixed with a yogurt to give it more of a creamy feel, perfect for breakfast. The. Flv Pastry Zest adds a lemon zest that is needed for the authenticity, it also adds a touch of sweetness and cinnamon.
I love the series ‘Outlander’. I wanted to pay tribute to my favorite show by creating a Recipe for the area. As I am definitely considered an Outlander to Scotland, I am sure my recipe may not be quite authentic for The Scottish, but I can say it’s delicious, even if it turns out to be a Outlander

This is a simple Caramel Brulee frappuccino you would receive from your local barista at your favorite coffee house.


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